4.Minerals and metals beneficiation will constitute a very firm, sustainable and labour-absorptive industrial process, which will feature both import-substituting and export-led industrialisation. Our third non negotiable cardinal …

SOE and private sector compliance with the state’s developmental targets should not be voluntary, but a mandatory, crucial factor around which the state should be able to use a carrot-and-stick system to enforce. This should be radically expanded to a minimum of 10 000 students sent annually to various countries to attain skills, education and expertise on different, but critical, fields by 2016. Oct 29, 2016 Opinions, Politics Comments Off on Jesus Christ would join EFF – John Henry Holloway 266 . Comments Off on Jesus Christ would join EFF – John Henry Holloway If you do not have this, we can not accept your membership. 6. As part of holding public representatives accountable, they shall be made to commit and sign the Thomas Sankara Oath, which commits them to using public facilities and providing quality service for all.”. As concrete steps forward, which the state should initiate, establish and give strategic and financial support to, are the following: a. You know this thing of leaders that don’t want to listen to others and those Regional leaders that they don’t want to give Branch leaders an opportunities to lead and manage their own matters or affairs within their branches is killing this organization. EFF 2014 Elections Manifesto Fundamental campaign document of the radical South African political party Economic Freedom Fighters.

EFF will be the vanguard of community and workers' struggles and will always be on the side of the people. I am wondering kgore are there any EFF branches around Elspark in Germiston because as a young scholar I believe that the ANC has already played its role in the fight for revolution. The economy of food production needs well-structured protection mechanisms and subsidies in order to protect jobs and safeguard food security. 1. This, obviously, should include the development of trade corridors that link up the entire African continent and create capacity to consume goods and services produced on the continent. Those applying for licences will be granted licences for a maximum of 25 years, renewable on the basis that the land is being used as planned.

The state should further regulate housing finance through providing housing finance that does not exceed a period of 10 years. Expropriation of land without compensation for equitable redistribution. All political parties should be obliged by law to publicly disclose their sources of funds in order to avoid political coup d’états financed by greedy multinational corporations and criminal associations that seek to have access to South Africa’s resources. Building State and government capacity, which will lead to abolishment of Tenders. The State Bank will also provide enterprise finance, housing finance and vehicle finance for all South Africans in a manner that promotes development, not the narrow pursuit of profits. Open.

How do you tackle the issue of inequality and racial discrimination at work, for example where find you that all position and decision are reserved for certain race especially white people? The areas that need immediate focus include, but are not limited to mine workers, farm workers, private security guards, domestic workers, cleaners, petrol attendants, waiters and waitresses, and Retail stores workers. 4. EFF WC Provincial Secretary 2.The ownership of mineral wealth should be considered through various means, prime being the expropriation of the current minerals-production processes in South Africa, and the commencement of extraction, processing and trade on new land. Guys, look at how many people here are saying things like “we need forms, when are you visiting, what’s taking so long….” doesn’t that tell you something????? By the viture of joining not future the EFF members agrees to be bound by all Democratically valid decisions of the organization apologies fighters not mother tongue linguafranca salute, It is in the first NPA in Mangaung Bloemfontein 16 December members of the EFF are accordingly expected to study the theoretical line of the organization being Marxist Leninist and fanonian philosophical thought and tools of analysis in a living way If there is to be a Revolution there must be a revolutionary party without a revolutionary party without a party build on Marxist Leninist theory and Marxist Leninist revolutionary style it is impossible to lead the Proletariat’s and the broader masses in defeating imperialism and it’s running dogs members of the EFF must be willing and able to unite with the vast majority Including those who have been wrong in opposing them but are sincerely correcting their mistakes and hence showing Remorse for their previous mistakes however members must vigilantly guard against the elements of unrepentant opportunism reaction and revisionism so as to prevent such bad elements from infiltrating the leadership of the EFF this is a necessary prerequisite to ensure and guarantee that the EFF remains always in the hands of the Revolutionarist unity is a paramount Principle in the EFF and the sowing of disunity within the ranks of the EFF will be severely dealt with by the future of joining the EFF members agrees to be bound by code of conduct and all Democratically valid decision of the organization we have two non negotiable Principles which guides this code namely Democratic centralism and Revolutionary discipline 1 it is an offence to bring the organization into disrepute 2 breach of EFF Constitution it’s policies and principles 3abuse of power or office 7corruption and self enrichment 8 sexual harassment 12 meeting out with any form of physical violence against any other member of the EFF A member must be bold in making internal constructive criticism and self criticism without fear or favour let us use the Constitution of the EFF as adopted by NPA highest decision structure in the EFF rule 23 code of conduct it is an offence to undermine or disobey decisions of highest structures or officials It is a duty of a member to be loyal to the EFF to strengthen promote and defend the EFF popularise it’s politics policies and programs.member must conduct himself or herself honestly honorably in dealing with the EFF and the broader public and not bring the EFF into disrepute or ridicule.Remember it is our ultimate aim to realise socialism through people’s power and establish state that respond to the needs of its people and not forgetting to establish and sustain Society that cherishes revolutionary cultural values and to create conditions for total political and economic emancipation prosperity and equitable distribution of the wealth of the nation freedom chater the mineral wealth beneath the soil banks and monopoly industry shall be transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole.housing all people shall leave where they choose be decently housed bring up their families in comfort and security unused housing space shall be made available to the people rents and prices shall be lowered food plentiful and no one shall go hungry freedom chater as adopted in 1955 kliptown forward to socialism fenced locations shall be abolished slums demolished new suburbs build where everyone will have transport lights crèches and social centers vote EFF 2019 Asijiki Amandla Sankara ward 48 katlehong✊, Capitalism has outlived its usefulness it takes necessities from the masses and gives luxuries to the classes forward to Nationalisation cooperation tax solution socialism a road to democracy Karl Marx we want to Govern south Africa by the freedom charter that was compromised in 23years of the so called freedom in South Africa Be conscientised Political freedom without economic emancipation is meaningless We were expelled in the ANC for championing free quality education economic emancipation in our lifetime for reprimanding the government of Botswana for treating the people of Botswana the way they did then accused of contravening rule 25 of ANC Constitution ridiculous do you violate by being Pan Africanist our secretary his soul RIP in the youth league Sindiswa said all youth league members must support our leaders then we embraced the mentor then CIC with colleagues who were championing freedom chater launched the upright movement called the EFF on the 26 of July 2013 CIC Invoked all members and office bearers to emulate values of Thomas Noel Sankara the youngest President in Africa Marxist Leninist Pan Africanist he governed for 4 years and was assassinated Sankara wanted his people to be self reliant brave and proud he wanted to free women from the age old domination he wanted to free the youth from the York of lethargy the burkinabe to believe in themselves first and no outside power for their development for this reason Imperialist and their Lakey’s in Africa and Burkina feared him he was Demonised in the West but his People loved him and that matters most Africans let us love ourselves and Azania we are going to expropriate the land they like it or not question of food security is nonsense it is said by those in comfort zone those who don’t sympathize with those less privileged before solution give African child agricultural education and business economics be prioritized like maths and science we are tired neocolonialism kwame Nkuruma RIP said the highest stage of capitalism we must be self reliant values of Thomas Noel Sankara and abolish exploration by Imperialist EFF the last hope for South Africans Africans and the oppressed of the

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