Created in 1980, the annual Right Livelihood Award honors efforts that the prize founder, Swedish-German philanthropist Jakob von Uexkull, felt were being ignored by the Nobel prizes. The international jury also chose Alan Rusbridger, Asma Jahangir, Bill McKibben and Basil Fernando as recipients. Nigussie, who has been blind since the age of five, was one of the first three blind female law students in her homeland of Ethiopia. However, those activities are precisely the focus of her journalism career.

You can find more information in our data protection declaration. 25th Anniversary Conference in Salzburg, Austria. The Swedish author, beloved around the world for her children's books, was handed the award for" her unique authorship dedicated to the rights of children and respect for their individuality." Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who has defended activists, opposition politicians and women prosecuted for removing their headscarves, was given the award “for her fearless activism, at great personal risk, to promote political freedoms and human rights in Iran.”. We encourage people to share this news for two reasons: 1) Globally, the struggle of indigenous forest peoples in Nicaragua is a little known and under-addressed issue and 2) Nicaragua has one of the highest rates of murder and kidnappings of human rights workers and journalists in the world. Foundation Head office: OAEC serves as a retreat center for networks, public agencies, foundations and other groups working towards social and environmental change. OAEC offers the longest consistently running two-week Permaculture Design Certification course in the West. It was created in 1980 by Swedish-German philanthropist Jakob von Uexkull to honor individuals whose work was being overlooked by the Nobel committee. The Right Livelihood Award is nicknamed the "alternative Nobel Prize." Stephen Gaskin, founder of the non-profit Plenty International relief agency, was chosen for "caring, sharing and acting with and on behalf of those in need at home and abroad.". The 40th Right Livelihood Award is presented at a gala. Cunningham has also fought to uphold the human rights of indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants, protecting them and their livelihoods from armed settlers.

She also works to educate youth on how to formally demand respect for their human rights and report violations.

It has become widely known as the 'Alternative Nobel Prize' and there are now 182 Laureates from 72 countries. Jakob was alarmed by the disconnect between the urgency of global problems and the way the international community was dealing with them. (See the Prize Announcement describing Lottie’s landmark legal work below.). She is undeterred in fighting for the rights of her people and will never stop until that has been secured.” Lottie is the President of partner organization CEJUDHCAN in Nicaragua, ally of the Five Forests Alliance which supports and defends the rights of the indigenous Miskito community as self-determined guardians of one of the most biologically important and truly intact forests on earth from violent land grab, community dislocation and resource exploitation. The 57-year-old Sotoudeh was arrested in 2018 on charges of collusion and propaganda against Iran’s rulers and eventually was sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes. The network has over 200 domestic centers and fights for the rights of the most vulnerable in Indian society, including ethnic and religious minorities. Read more: Disability advocate Yetnebersh Nigussie receives Right Livelihood Award, Nigussie has fought for better inclusion for the disabled and blind, both in Ethiopia and worldwide, Send Facebook Twitter google+ Whatsapp Tumblr linkedin stumble Digg reddit Newsvine. The Right Livelihood Award was established in 1980 to “honour and support courageous people solving global problems”. Through her legal activism, the 35-year-old has fought for the rights of the disabled, women and young people to ensure that "no one is left behind." Western governments criticized the trial as politically vindictive. We use cookies to improve our service for you.

Co-recipients: the Participatory Institute for Development Alternatives, Sir George Trevelyan, Eric Dammann and Anwar Fazal. (AP Photo/Dmitry Brushko, File) PGP Public Key: 42031047 Despite constant harassment she continues to push for accountability and transparency in the oil-rich former Soviet state. Kajsa Övergaard The 1996 award went to Greek teacher and practitioner of homeopathy, Georgos Vithoulkas, for his "outstanding contribution to the revival of homeopathic knowledge and the training of homeopaths to the highest standards." The winners will each receive prize money of 1 million kronor ($110,100) and will be honored during a virtual award ceremony on Dec. 3. The Right Livelihood Award first presented in Stockholm. The four awardees were selected from a pool of 102 nominations from 51 different countries.

The 41-year-old has rubbed Azerbaijani authorities the wrong way on multiple occasions with her reports on backroom deals and governmental corruption involving the family of President Illham Aliyev. Blogpost published on: Friday, October 2nd, 2020, We are thrilled to announce that OAEC partner Lottie Cunningham Wren, Miskito women and human rights lawyer for indigenous Nicaraguans, has won the 2020 Right Livelihood Award, often referred to as the “Alternative Nobel Prize”, “for her ceaseless dedication to the protection of indigenous lands and communities from exploitation and plunder.” Lottie joins three other 2020 Laureates: imprisoned human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh from Iran, U.S. civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson, and human rights activist Ales Bialiatski and the non-governmental organization Human Rights Centre “Viasna” in Belarus. 15th Anniversary Conference in Cologne, Germany. She has been instrumental in ensuring legal protections, including initiating the process of demarcation and titling of indigenous lands in Nicaragua. Maison de la Paix

F: +46-(0)8-70 20 338, Geneva office: Contact “Defying unjust legal systems and dictatorial political regimes, they successfully strengthen human rights, empower civil societies and denounce institutional abuses,” said von Uexkull, the foundation’s executive director and nephew of the founder. A fierce advocate for her people, Cunningham has also advanced the rights of indigenous women, including establishing programmes to reduce domestic violence and pushing to create space for them in decision-making bodies. Despite threats and intimidation, Cunningham remains unwavering in her commitment to empower and protect indigenous communities from external forces engaged in the exploitation of their lands.”, Fall Nursery Sale November 7-8 & 14-15 Everything 20% Off! Establishment of the Swiss Right Livelihood Award Foundation. Indigenous communities around the world – but especially in Latin America – face a multitude of threats, from land grabs and exploitation of their natural resources to violence, endangering their very existence. OAEC’s Kendall Dunnigan who contributed significantly to process of nominating her to the Right Livelihood Foundation says “Lottie is the most driven, focused, and committed person I have ever met. Income from the sale of stamps generated sufficient means to kick off the prize but ever since the Right Livelihood Award has been receiving its funding from private donors. Although it is promoted as an "Alternative Nobel Prize", it is not a Nobel prize (i.e., a prize created by Alfred Nobel).It does not have any organizational ties at all to the awarding institutions of the Nobel Prize or the Nobel Foundation, unlike the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, which is not technically a Nobel prize but is administered by the Nobel Foundation. Three years ago, American former CIA employee Edward Snowden won the award "for his courage and skill in revealing the unprecedented extent of state surveillance violating basic democratic processes and constitutional rights." First presentation of the Right Livelihood Award in the Swedish Parliament. Gonsalves legal work has set precedents in India, Robert Bilott has dedicated his legal career to strengthening environmental law and achieving justice for American citizens affected by corporate chemical pollution. US economist Herman Daly and the committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia and the People's Science movement of Kerala were also recipients that year. She has played an important role in supporting the mobilisation against the planned Nicaragua Interoceanic Grand Canal, a Chinese-financed government project to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Right Livelihood Award received a lot of attention when it was presented for the first time in 1980, one day before the Nobel Prize.

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