If you are looking for blood and guts, then it will not be for you. So just to be clear, there's no actual ghost or demonic presence in this movie at all. Having recently seen Emily Rose, I would have to say that this film was much better and would highly recommend it. Both of these actors played their part well and if it weren't for such a terrible story and generic scare tactics, they may have been able to save the movie. The way in which it was shot just sort of gave it a kind of eerie feel, which really added to the suspense. It really stays with you, which I think is the sign of a good film. One note I intentionally left out was that in the beginning of the movie it opens in 2006. The actors, I thought, did a great job. She was hurting herself because the abuse was so painful. My guess, is they don't have the talent or the guts that the filmmaker had -- not to mention the cast; or the composer for that matter. It's 1817 Red River, Tennessee. And An American Hauntings twist. Why did the producers feel the need to turn it into a completely different plot/ending?

I have heard this wasn't the original fact based story that comes from Tennessee, but I am just telling you this is what happened in the movie. one of the scariest movies I have seen in years! I really like suspense and this film had a whole lot of it. It jumps around between dreams and reality faster than Ricky Williams' in a Marijuana haze.

She finds a letter from 1848 by the previous occupant recounting the tale of the Bell Witch. I'll tell you what this movie was about, since some people seem confused.

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I did not see Peter Pan, but for 14 years old, she put on a restrained and haunting performance which she should be commended for. Ghostly things beginning happening to Betsy, the daughter. I hope you understand the movie better now. Mostly these confrontations happen in dreams.

The frights are few and the moment of horrific revelation is a big letdown in writer/director Courtney Solomon's cinematic treatment of Brent Monahan's novel "The Bell Witch: An American Haunting.". As soon as dad kicks the bucket, the little girl no longer turns black but in fact turns bright and it is her, confronting herself. A young teenage girl is in the woods, chased by a ghost and runs to her room. All of it leads up to a conclusion that is baffling, illogical, and very stupid. Throughout the movie we hear or see the girls mother reading the story, with this look on her face like "Yea, right..this is stupid". The twist is one of the least sensible of its kind in recent memory, as there is nothing in the film, up to that point, to warrant such a move.

That was literally every scene. First, I have to say that Rachel Hurd Wood was fantastic as Betsy. This is a movie about child abuse and the "possibility" that the abuse caused extreme stress resulting in Poltergeist activity. Out of sheer curiosity I was offered to attend a screening of the world premier of 'American Haunting" -- so I went assuming it was going to be just another kind of scary -- kind of twisted -- kind of blasphemous -- kind of whatever -- kind of films -- WoW I was completely wrong in more ways than I can possible say! Based on truth or not, this is one of the stupidest films I've ever seen.

Repetitive, generic, and most of all mediocre. Copyright © Fandango. Its worthy to note that he was once quoted as saying - "I'd rather face the whole British Army, than face the Bell Witch again". Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Forgot your password?

It was not until a manuscript, found in 1998, details the horrifying answer to what caused the haunting. In fact, if I was a descendant of John Bell or Betsy Bell or any of the people referenced in this movie (and there are lots of them), I would be appalled at the way they portray John Bell as a child abusing rapist. Since the Sixth Sense directors feel the need to add a twist.

An American Haunting purports to be based on a documented event, although most of its inspiration has been drawn from the empty well of "The Exorcist" and its progeny. The mother sees the spirit of the little girl, and instantly runs out after her daughter, because the spirit of the little girl only appears where there is a child being raped/molested.

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