When you read all those storys,you will find out all the hints direct to a really horrible story among the students(Just like Lord of the Flies maybe)...Every bears has her own secret which she will never want to be mentioned. By activating her third skill, Rosa is also able to immobilize enemies for a long duration, which is extremely helpful in most stages. First story is about Gummy. Though they haven’t recovered from that traumatic experience, they dream of a better future in Rhodes Island. First story is about Gummy. A war known as the "Bloodpeak Campaign" is seen as a turning point of the Ursus history; while the outcome of the war is unknown yet, it is known that the Emperor of Ursus at the time of the Campaign died afterwards with his successors seen to be much less competent, allowing the nobility to gain more influence over Ursus' politics with many military leaders arrested and executed. In addition, players are able to acquire Information Fragments in the exchange shop that are used to unlock event stories, which showcase the students’ past in the Ursus Student Self-Governing Group during the Chernobog incident. Absinthe, empowered by her talents and skills, is super strong against low-health enemies. If you never played the game, now it’s the time since Yostar Limited is rolling out a new update dubbed Childer of Ursus. Press J to jump to the feed. Situated in Tokyo and Shanghai, Yostar Games has rapidly become the top publisher and developer of the anime genre in China and is striving to become a global leader in the gaming industry. The event brings brand new narrations about the Student Self-Governing group and their stories back at Peterheim Middle School, how the past influenced and shaped them into their current personalities. By clearing the stages available in the Children of Ursus event, players will be able to collect event items. About Ursus Event, why did Istina feel so guilty about what happened to her? That is not how I expected someone to develop Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The largest country in Terra which borders Kazimierz, Leithania, Sami, and Yen, Ursus is famed for its military might and the physical prowess of its mostly Ursin inhabitants. The Infected of Ursus once mounted an uprising called "Great Rebellion", but it was crushed. Nothing describes her more than the term "avid gamer". I'll move on to TLing new operator archives. That's why Gummy " Gummy has a habit: If she chops. Zima and Istina are her habits. knew the agatha christie novels were definitely foreshadowing. By now there's another summary being written, so I'll stop here. As the result, the once powerful Ursus military had been weakened, though it remains a formidable force to be reckoned with. September 29, 2020 – Shanghai, China – Strategic RPG Mobile Game, Arknights has launched a new side story event — Children of Ursus with a series of stories, maps, and operators. Along with the new event, there’s a new six-star operator Rosa, who is arriving on the battlefield. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Russia's common personification as a bear, https://mrfz.fandom.com/wiki/Ursus_(country)?oldid=36169. 1: Habit-Gummy is the second to wake up. All Ursus students agree. (When Istina in idle,she will talk about Murder on the Orient Express,she says... all the passengers on this train are murders!). That is why she will play pretty much all games thrown at her. If not... ", and she bite anything, include Humans, that's why she lost her mind and had a bite on another operator. to Dur-nar, Gitano, and Courier.-Gummy didn't have breakfast, so she's hungry.

It’s a pleasant time to re-decorate the dorms and create a tidy clubroom for the operators to gather. Otherwise, this one's heartwarming and funny, though it implies future pain.

Founded in 2014 and publisher of Azur Lane, Yostar Games specializes in game development, global distribution, investment, and video game IP management. The last sentence is Gummy having a safe heaven under Zima and Istina's lead and they become key to her survival like the habits or she developed these habits following these two's orders. she chops twice. you're welcome! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's been 1 year since they're in Rhodes Island.-Summer comes, they eat together.

Chaos and lack of food?

Download and play Arknights now: Click here. It implies about drinking blood or bone marrow when there's no water left. Her story will be revealed in the vignette series. If she chops thrice, the chopping board will break", it is just dismenber others. The story in Arknights just got a bit wider as the latest update, Children of Ursus, gives us a new perspective on the lives of several operators in the game. Event Period: September 29, 2020, 10:00(UTC-7) - October 9, 2020, 03:59(UTC-7) Unlock condition: Clear Main Story 1-10 Event Drops: Best-Selling Peterheim cookies , materials. Like Stories of Afternoon, I'll be summarising Children of Ursus event. Besides, there will be two new five-star casters Leonhardt and Absinthe, and a four star supporter Podenco joining  the game. when she's alone or in the darkness, her true self shows. Hopefully next time Poca will be here.-Ceobe gatecrashes.-She comes back to give cookie since Gummy gave her one earlier. She decides to wake up or it will be late.-She wakes up, finding a note from Istina and Zima, saying they're out.-Gummy sighs, thinking they're treating her like a child-She starts her duties of delivering food. Hera enjoys nothing more than a relaxing time at home playing games... maybe for the entire day. It's worse outside school than in school. she chops twice. Children of Ursus consists of 7 stories of different Operators who have survived from the tragedy at Peterheim. The costumes will be presented from September 29th to October 13th in the store. Prior to the Arknights' timeline, Ursus is different than what we know today; while it still treats the Infected harshly, they are not subject to callous discriminations and forced labor, but rather confined into quarantine zones. Someone mentioned in weibo about the toothpaste thing. I thought that last line was adorable. Summer tried escaping but Mephisto and Faust let her off after saying a few words. My problem is that the entirety of story for the Ursus Event was well crafted but Istinas story seemed to be out of place.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Otherwise, this one's heartwarming and funny, though it implies future pain. The subreddit for Arknights - A tower defense mobile game by Hypergryph. you'll see when more summaries are up. She's here to slay beasts... or plant some pineapples... or get on with some virtual hunks. She's also 50% human.

So yep, this whole event is just sad. In total there will seven stories for players to experience, with each telling a tale about a different Operator who managed to survive the tragedy at Peterheim.

RM might just be protecting the students, as per Patriot's intention. She wants to ask what's up, Istina says there's no need-They should get ready.

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