Safe and suitable person means a person whose prior record, including but not limited to criminal record and/or NDR record, provides no information indicating that his or her character and habits of life would support the belief that permitting such a person to serve under the MMC and/or endorsement sought would clearly be a threat to the safety and security of life or property, detrimental to good discipline, or adverse to the interests of the United States. (2) The Mississippi River's tributaries, South Pass, and Southwest Pass, to the navigational demarcation lines dividing the high seas from harbors, rivers, and other inland waters of the United States; (3) The Port Allen-Morgan City Alternate Route; (4) That part of the Atchafalaya River above its junction with the Port Allen-Morgan City Alternate Route including the Old River and the Red River; and. The officer endorsement serves as the license and/or certificate of registry pursuant to 46 U.S.C. (1) That the Coast Guard has officially acknowledged in writing that the material or process at issue meets the applicable requirements; (2) That the Coast Guard has issued an official policy statement listing or describing the material or process as meeting the applicable requirements; or. The variable-flow hydrostatic drive system allows for infinite propeller speed control in port and starboard direction. 1/3 horsepower. These personnel may also be referred to as members of the hotel department on a large passenger vessel. (3) From a port or place in the United States or its possessions and passes outside the line dividing inland waters from the high seas and navigates on the high seas, and then returns to the same port or place. Harbor assist means the use of a towing vessel during maneuvers to dock, undock, moor, or unmoor a vessel, or to escort a vessel with limited maneuverability. chapter 303. Heartland Barge Management Barge supervisor or BS means an officer restricted to service on MODUs whose duties involve support to the offshore installation manager (OIM) in marine-related matters including, but not limited to, maintaining watertight integrity, inspecting and maintaining mooring and towing components, and maintaining emergency and other marine-related equipment. Unlimited means an annotation on an MMC authorizing service on vessels of any tonnage or any propulsion power. Gross register tons or GRT means the gross ton measurement of the vessel under 46 U.S.C. Thrustmaster Corporate Brochure On MODUs, this excludes time spent ashore as part of crew rotation. Qualified Assessor or QA means a person who is qualified to evaluate, for STCW endorsements, whether an applicant has demonstrated the necessary level of competence in the task for which the assessment is being made. (a) With respect to part 16 of this subchapter only, if the definitions in paragraph (b) of this section differ from those set forth in § 16.105, the definition set forth in § 16.105 applies. Disabled vessel means a vessel that needs assistance, whether docked, moored, anchored, aground, adrift, or underway. ISM means the International Safety Management Code. All Rights Reserved. IMO means the International Maritime Organization. Tankerman assistant means a person holding a valid “Tankerman-Assistant” endorsement on his or her MMC. Fail-safe mechanical connection with force monitoring. Able seafarer-engine means a rating qualified in accordance with the provisions of Regulation III/5 of the STCW Convention. Section 10.107. Our ATBs make use of the Intercon Coupler System to mate the tug with the barge. Document of Continuity means a document issued by the Coast Guard to seafarers who are unwilling or otherwise unable to meet the requirements of § 10.227, for the sole purpose of maintaining an individual's eligibility for renewal of an endorsement. Articulated tug barges (ATBs) consist of a tank vessel (barge) and a large, powerful tug that is positioned in a notch in the stern of the barge, which enables the tug to propel and maneuver the barge. Articulated Tug Barge (ATB) 30304). Boundary line marks the dividing point between internal and offshore waters for the purposes of several U.S. statutes and, with exceptions, generally follows the trend of the seaward, highwater shorelines. Periodically unattended engine room means a space containing main propulsion and associated machinery and all sources of main electrical supply which is not at all times manned under all operating conditions, including maneuvering. Senior Marine Structural Engineer/Designer, Robert Allan Ltd. Develops a Comprehensive Design Package for ITB Marine Group’s New ATB Push Tugs, Robert Allan Ltd. Mate means a qualified officer in the deck department other than the master. Rest means a period of time during which the person concerned is off duty, is not performing work (which includes administrative tasks such as chart correction or preparation of port-entry documents), and is allowed to sleep without interruption. Z-drives are available from 250 to 10,750 HP (185kW to 8.0MW) with a wide selection of reduction ratios and propeller/nozzle diameters to suit the application requirements. Given the unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 virus and our responsibility to protect both our employees and our community Robert Allan Ltd physical offices will be essentially closed for the time being until the crisis abates. Undocumented vessel means a vessel not required to have a certificate of documentation issued under the laws of the United States. This includes a voyage to nowhere that returns to the originating port.

Overriding operational condition means circumstances in which essential shipboard work cannot be delayed due to safety or environmental reasons, or could not have reasonably been anticipated at the commencement of the voyage.

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