Terms in this set (28) Advantages of a Big Business-greater efficiency-economy of scale -manager system-productivity studies (Frederick Taylor) Disadvantages of a Big Business-unfair competition practices-corruption and bribery-destroyed labor union movements. Divide into groups of __3-5_____. View APUSH TERMS.docx from APUSH 101 at Roselle Park High. representations for your SFI list (5-7+ visual representations for EACH Create an SFI list for each of the following categories and then find/create non-linguistic An important factor in the rapid development of industry in the United States during the last half of the 19c was? We know that sometimes it's hard to find inspiration, so we provide you with hundreds of related samples. Kellie Bowden Mr. Strough APUSH 1 April 2013 During the period of the Civil War, the typical American business was a small, family owned company and it usually produced goods for a smaller, regional market. 1895; "Sugar Trust Case"; U.S. Supreme Court held that Manufacturing is not considered an area that can be regulated by Congress pursuant to the commerce clause; limited government's power to control monopolies; capitalist thinking; Herbert Spencer (British economist); Laissez-faire; "survival of the fittest" applied to humans and business; William Graham Sumner, religion; God's approval that wealth isn't bad; Christian duty to accumulate wealth; should not help the poor; Russell H. Conwell (founded Temple University); article written by Andrew Carnegie, "Wizard of Menlo Park"; electricity; light bulb, American Dream; writer; Protestant "work ethic"; work hard means good life; self made man, railroad workers striked v/c of unfair work conditions; spread and turned into national issue; violent, "Tweed ring" in NYC; political machine; jailed for corruption, took down Boss Tweed with political cartoons, Carnegie; help poor; inequality is good and inevitable, Grant's corrupt president; shallow glittery life; characterized social and political life; coined by Mark Twain; politicians avoided fundamental issues, employees agree not to join a labor union, employment place where one is not required to join or support a union, union security agreement; employer hires members of union; employees must remain members of union to stay employed, Terrence V. Powderly; workers labor union; 8 hr workday; workers' cooperatives; worker-owned factories; abolition of child and prison labor; increased circulation of greenbacks; equal pay for men and women; safety codes in workplace; prohibition of foreign labor contract; abolition of National Bank, Haymarket Square, Chicago; peaceful striking workers; someone threw bomb; police fired and people died, American Federation of Labor; skilled laborers; represented workers in matters of national legislation; maintained national strike fund; evangelized cause of unionism; closed shops; prevented disputes among craft unions; mediated disputes between management and labor, founded AFL; joined Anti-Imperialist League; against immigration, Iron and steel workers strike; Carnegie sends in Pinkertons and Scabs; strikers oppose; governor sends in help and stops strike, unsuccessful b/c government injunctions; mail delivered by Pullman Cars; Government (Grover Cleveland) stops strike; Pullman, Illinois; a "company town"; because of wage reductions; led by Eugene Debs, who got arrested, U.S. Supreme Court decision; government had right to regulate interstate commerce and ensure operations of Postal Service, single tax on land; wrote "Progress and Poverty"; inequality of industrial economy, "How the Other Half Lives" 1890; muckraker; photographer; tenement/slum living, "Looking Backward"; Utopian novel; socialist; influential writer, 1890s middle-class reformers; settlement houses to help immigrant families adapt to U.S.; give college-educated women meaningful work, Hull House in Chicago 1889; women's suffrage;rights movement, Carrie Amelia Moore Nation; member of the temperance movement, American architect; father of modern skyscraper; form follows function, American architect; pupil of Sullivan; "Prairie House" school of architecture"; function follows form; Guggenheim Museum, American Jewish Poet; wrote "The New Colossus"; forerunner of Zionist movement, Civil Service Reform; government jobs given based on merit; created U.S. Civil Service Commission; Chester A. Arthur administration, Congress required U.S. Treasury to buy a certain amount of silver and put it into circulation as U.S. dollars; Congress overturned Haye's veto, U.S. Treasury must buy $4.5 million ounces of silver per month; government deposited most of the silver into the U.S. Treasury rather than circulation, Railroad business crashes; economic depression; railroad overbuilding; shaky financing which led to bank failures, Protest march of unemployed workers led by Jacob Coxey; "Army of the Commonweal in Christ", 1896, 1900 and 1908 democratic candidate; "The Great Commoner"; for silver; revivalist style of oratory; the "Farmer's Friend"; his platform included tariff reductions, free silver, income tax, stricter control of trusts, 1896 republican political manager William McKinley; "The Front Porch Campaign" for William McKinley; gold and silver, Speech given by William Jennings Bryan; advocate bi-metalism, People who support gold standard; popularized in 1896 election; McKinley supporters, movements promoting political and social reforms through government actions or sometimes revolutions, California journalist; wrote articles exposing connections between respectable businessmen and corrupt politicians; "The Shame of Cities", Teacher turned journalist; revealed ruthlessness in John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company, wrote "The Jungle"; exposed the horrors of Chicago's meatpacking industry; a muckraker, crusade against child labor; member of first generation of college women in U.S.; Hull House resident; argued for child labor laws, nurse; one founder of American Birth Control movement; wrote "The Woman Rebel" and "Family Limitation"; 1921 founded the American Birth Control League which became Planned Parenthood Foundation in 1942, Quaker from New Jersey; leader of group that broke from NAWSA called National Women's Party (NWP) in 1916; picketed and chained themselves to fences; militant tactics, efficient administrator and organizer;devised strategy that eventually gave women the vote; joined Iowa Woman Suffrage Association; 1915 became president of National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA); state campaigns, Pragmatist; established philosophical foundation for reform; said schools should be child oriented, not subject oriented; movable chairs; education reform movement; schools should be instruments for social reform; wrote "The School and Society", 1880s became chief engineer at Midvale Steel Company; 4 principles of scientific management: centralized planning, systematic analysis of each job; detailed instructions and close supervision of each worker; incentive wage system to encourage workers to work harder and faster, co-founded the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World); international labor union; candidate for Socialist Party for president of U.S.; became socialist after reading the works of Karl Marx in prison from the Pullman Strike of 1894; Socialist Party Platform, government ownership of railroads and utilities; guaranteed income tax; no tariffs; 8 hour work days; better housing; government inspection of factories; women's suffrage, labor rights movement leader; activist; feminist; leader in IWW; founding member of American Civil Liberties Union; advocate of women's rights, women's suffrage, and birth control. 17 - Rise of Big Business - public advertisement growth led to the press becoming a ... Ch. Nation’s first big business: combination of business leadership, capital, technology, markets, labor, and government support led to labor union, 600k members, pushed social reform.

Spell. This period sees the United States starting to get pulled onto the world stage in a big way for the first time. The big concepts for this period are: Industrialization and the growth of big business (and all the good and bad that came with that) Migration: immigration and urbanization ; Racial tensions and segregation; Period 7: 1890-1945. Advantages of a Big Business-greater efficiency-economy of scale-manager system-productivity studies (Frederick Taylor) Disadvantages of a Big Business-unfair competition practices-corruption and bribery-destroyed labor union movements. 2. 17 - Rise of Big Business - magazines began ... and advertisements. 17 - Rise of Big Business - ... became prominent in pennsylvania, Ch. Ch. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 17 - Rise of Big Business - women were assigned secretary and ... Ch. Start studying APUSH Chapter 17 - The Rise of Big Business.


17 - Rise of Big Business - ... led to migration of immigrants looking for jobs, Ch. product should effectively describe the economic system of the Gilded Age (1865-1900). written by Andrew Carneige to explain why philanthropy was important, when a business controls all or most of the supply of the product, when several businesses act as on under the control of a board of directors, when two or more businesses join to become one larger business, business which exists in order to control other businesses as a parent company, type of monopoly formed by controlling all of the same type of business, monopoly formed by controlling businesses related to primary business, -donated millions, but still had 100s of millions, Illegal for a trust to interfere in free trade, “The Great Railroad Strike” Baltimore and Ohio Railroad protest wages; strikes spread to others, unions combining all workers of an industry, -violent strike between workers and owners, Free online plagiarism checker with percentage. National Labor Union.

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