Order Code: BATT-LPE6M/CAM cMP 5.1 2x3,46/96GB/2x2TB 860pro/4x4TB HGST/SSD7101A 4x2TB 970evoplus/HP1344/BMD4k/Radeon VII. PS. (I guess you are not wearing glasses or contact lenses)….In regards to stabilised lenses, I’m yet to see one that can compete with IBIS on the same level of stabilisation. You can read more and also download the original 6K BRAW files from the camera over at Blackmagic Design. Hi Scotty Carlson.No article from our side. The place for questions about shooting with Blackmagic Cameras.

Is there an article that shows the process? I don't understand your point. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera lets you get the same high end image quality of a Hollywood feature film on any budget! The ISO just pushes the midtones up or down. I did start with a shoulder mount and base plate and then I added the V-lock plate and two D-tap batteries for the monitor and camera. Codec Blackmagic RAW Q0, Blackmagic RAW Q5, Media Hagiwara 128GB, SanDisk 256GB, Wise 256GB, https://downloads.blackmagicdesign.com/videos/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera/workflow/real_estate/vamkj2lv5n/BMPCC_Real%20Estate.mov. It’s sad that establishments like you who have much clout with camera companies who can put silly ideas like this ibis in their minds for them to implement it on future cams. You are absolutely right regarding recorded file sizes. and our next family trip for kids’ horse riding is set! Because the sensor is 16:9 I shot at 2X squeeze which allows for any stabilization or reframing in post. Filming in such a demanding real-world environment is anyway not easy, so dealing with large amount of data/power consumption/focusing issues was not an option for me. Potential buyers can even see out through the windows while watching the clip. It’s like having a video assist built in! But it's not true between ISO circuits. If it does what it supposed to do and does it well, BRAVO! During my shoot, lighting conditions kept changing. Excellent post. This extra range lets you manage and massage the image to get you into a really nice place. 6K Frame Grab – click for full 6K resolution image. “I shot this test at Temecula in California, shooting from dawn until midday. Having something that we can work with in really low light like this, means you can still get really great results with any type of ambient light.”, Olympus Pro 17, 25, 45, 1.2 micro four thirds lenses. Their camera test of Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K includes sixteen scenes, which they cut as a trailer for a pretend Sci‑Fi movie. With this mount, you could use FF lenses directly or add a focal reducer (AKA Speed Booster) to restore their original FF FoV if desired. But for a test project like this, 5:1 was fine. I would probably shoot it at 4k Pro Res and just enjoy the sensor and features and think that the 6k is giving me a little more future proofing, although I realise that the technology is moving fast. I am not sure if it’s technical limitation or if there’s a marketing reason behind it. Get 25% off your next music license with code C5D25 (valid for one use per customer). Now you can conveniently power your Pocket Cinema Camera from a variety of different power sources. Even the audio pre-amps are acceptable and I use mine coupled to 2x Rode WirelessGO receivers fed through a Boya BY-MP4. (The best $30 you can spend if you are editing in Premiere). Order Code: CINECAMPOCHDXBT You don’t want to fiddle with menus, but still have buttons that you can quickly navigate with. You can even shoot windowed 2.8K resolution video at up to 120 frames per second. Which is very good when you are using hard lights, because you have detail well into the shadows under leaves and things. I think of ISO more like a gamma preset, which can be adjusted in post. I think the EF mount was a good choice when there are only a few RF mount lenses available currently. In this example, the 6K model was used with EF mount and Atlas Orion 35, 65, and 80mm cinematic lenses. I had enough of those to use and a place to charge when they got empty. Both are self confessed ‘pixel freaks’ who are totally into their image quality. On the other hand, it’s also an odd choice because this mount is completely outdated, even to the point that Canon themselves deserted it already by introducing the RF Mount for their mirrorless cameras. I have already crank up to f 4.0 (max on the lens I'm using), and with Aputure 300X at 100% and fill light, the still image look noisy in mid shadow area. Well, as an old fashioned guy, give me a good EVF instead of a huge LCD and make me happy! A lot of people know this bridge in Manchester so I wanted to use a different angle so it wasn’t so obvious. He is also a co-owner of CineD. The footage coming out of this camera is simply beautiful! 3:1 RAW 4K DCI, 24fps Project / 60fps Off-Speed frame rate, ISO 400/1250/3200/5000, DJI Ronin-S, Samsung T5 SSD, Metabones Speed Booster XL 0.64x, Contax Zeiss MM 35/f2.8, 50/f1.4, 85/f1.4, 135/f2.8, Hoya Pro ND.

Combining robust acquisition codec(s) with an attractive price makes people “forgive” some lacking features that would be useful. The detail I got was incredible. You get a box. “With the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, they have an anamorphic option to shoot 60fps at 3.7K 6:5 anamorphic (3728 x 3104). Please share your thoughts with us below. It’s easy to understand, it’s logical to operate and there is no need to dive into ocean of pages and sub pages to find what you are looking for. Our production world is constantly changing and what was great before might not be good enough anymore. I absolutely disagree with ibis on a “Cinema” camera. We had a really nice sunset which then became pretty overcast, so we decided to try shooting in the underground car park. I found it a great 4K sensor and really good compromise for a small camera that still gets really, really good looking pictures.”, Olympus Pro 25, 45, 1.2 micro and Olympus Pro 12-100 F4 zoom micro four thirds lenses. 16 posts • Page 1 of 1. You also forgot to mention LucAdaptors MagicBooster for this camera which will seriously beef up the cameras capability. Blackmagic Design recently showed off some new 6K Blackmagic Raw footage shot on the BMPCC 6K by Manchester-based DP and camera operator Dima Kalenda. The light areas are around 70% expose (according false color) and crank it up in post? Using Braw I have never understood why the false colour and histogram change when the iso is changed, for each of the two gain settings there is only one saturation point of the sensor. Is it my impression?

2- Recording Codecs: Blackmagic Design is the ONLY manufacturer who gives the filmmaking community a budget tool to record with proper codecs internally. It is great value for money. The bar was actually having a celebration the night we needed to shoot, so the owners let us sneak in for just 30mins to get all shots done in that location; so the setup time was really critical in this shot.”, “The hacker scene was actually shot in Chris’ living room, which we filled with computers and any other stuff we could find to fill the space. Both are highly hyped and could be completely avoided if manufacturers took the initiative to do so, because alternatives exist.

But it's not true between ISO circuits. It absolutely makes sense in low light situations to switch to the higher circuit. With regards to frame rates, it is nice to see that the camera allows for a lot of flexibility in order to unleash creativity to its full potential or help with potential client requests. In fact, we were really surprised that the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K could make such a crisp clear image given we were shooting on anamorphic lenses.”, Blackmagic RAW Constant Quality Q0, ISO 3200, 6K (6144 x 3456) 50 fps, Atlas Orion Anamorphic T2 32mm @ T4, EF mount, “In shooting the close up scene of the eye we had to use a spherical lens with a macro adapter, so we could get really close up. A necessity for me: a proper EVF on the camera. Blackmagic has made the original files available so you can color grade them yourself. More information about their ridding school can be found by clicking here.

Ltd. 2019, all rights reserved. “When Blackmagic gave me this new camera to test, I wasn’t asked to use any specific features of the camera.

If there is anything I’m learning to dislike in our industry it’s H264/H265 and external recorders. ), might be a useful thing to have. Nevertheless, many shots have extended parts that are useless. Huh? When it comes to powering the camera, I used a bunch of original Canon LP-E6 batteries and that was just OK.

Which raises the question: Can you turn the screen off on this thing to save power? But because of the price, it all seemed a little too good to be true. Download Camera Original File (7.57 GB)

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