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GST registered taxpayers are required to maintain all business related records, including but not limited to sales made at the standard rate, sales of zero-rated supply, sales of exempt supply, tax invoices, and credit and debit notes. Completion of MQA approved Level 3 qualification in a related field. Visa is approved and informed via email, the original form set of the copy of the applicant (PDF format), Supporting Airports - Airports in Maldives, Maldives, Travel Guide, Airports, B2B Listing Portal Business DMC MALDIVES. d) Persons providing Tourism Good or Service given under section 15 of the GST Act. To register for GST, MIRA 105 (GST Registration) form along with documents listed therein must be submitted. The online library is also accessible outside Maldives Business School so you can do your research on the go. International Airport could pay to the Immigration Office at Gan International

GST registered taxpayers must be able to issue invoices/receipts to their customers, in particular “tax invoices” in accordance with Section 42 of GST Act to other GST registered parties when requested. Alternate Entry: 18 years old and 1-year work experience AND passing of communication and language test conducted by Maldives Business School. To register with MIRA, MIRA 101 (Taxpayer Registration) form along with documents listed therein must be submitted. Foreigners subjected to arrive from Gan Persons registered for GST in the General Sector must charge GST at the rate of 6%, while persons registered for GST in the Tourism Sector must charge GST at the rate of 12%. General Entry: Successful completion of Grade 12 with 2 A’Level passes OR General Entry: Successfully completed grade 10 & achieved minimum of 3 O’Level passes. Continuously monitor the internal and external environment for the tourism sector and proactively strive to minimise challenges and maximise opportunities within the industry through engagement and mediation.

Other individuals and bodies must register within 60 days of receiving a business permit or, if a permit is not required, within 60 days of the commencement of the business. Once you apply to Maldives Business School, our staff will contact you before the next intake. Examples: Coffee Shop, Computer Sales & Repairs, Retail Clothing Shop, Consulting Firm, Selling Goods & Services Online. Search by username. The forum will focus on three key aspects of Marketing; Strategy, Technology and Psychology. GST registration is compulsory for persons who meet one of the conditions listed below. Deferral of rent …

This Completion of an MQA approved Certificate Level 4 qualification in a related field OR enhancement to the application process enabled the submission 24hrs a day, via [email protected].

Our students portal is available for all of our students, you can submit your assignment, check your attendance, talk with your professor, view class resources, and check your grades. Business Profit Tax (BPT) is a tax charged on the taxable profits that exceed MVR 500,000 in a tax year. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a tax charged under the GST Act on the value of goods and services supplied in the Maldives by a GST registered person.

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