Some of the top ten supernatural powers a human can have are mentioned in this article. Top 10 Supernatural Powers a Human Can Have, How to Cope With Being Less Smart Than Others, How to Stay Organized with a Moleskine Planner. Bones can easily break, taking away our ability to move freely for months. SUSPENSION OF GRAVITY: Levitation, walking on water, even flying is sometimes mentioned under this category of powers.

Ability to run faster than the speed of light is something which most of us want in order to reach places in time. Are you just pulling my leg or is it your way of saying that these do not exist?’. As mere mortals we humans have limited powers, and where those limits end, supernatural powers begin. However, with such powers we will obviously have to be more careful and …

But being a thinking, reasoning and calculating machine, it is very good at slipping in suggestions which go towards augmenting your Name and Fame. VISIONS OF OTHER LANDS: Hearing conversations in different languages, seeing certain events from this and other worlds.

Image Courtesy:, Cell Regeneration A fictional character Wolverine is known to have such a skeleton. Going into meditation in search of any supernatural abilities is the clearest of indications that you are heavily caught in the cobwebs of your ego. Taking lead from this concept, US Special Forces use thermal imaging to see through walls in order to pinpoint the exact location of living objects. Ability to see through walls is a great concept, comic character Superman is perhaps the only super hero born with this power. As mortal humans our strength is limited, which means we need machines to do the heavy lifting for us. To proceed with any chance of solving the riddle of your life, you have to keep this “Yes, the super powers do exist” tightly wrapped into the following. There may very well be a way for one to gain supernatural powers in the future, but for … As mere mortals we humans have limited powers, and where those limits end, supernatural powers begin. 1. Since the dawn of mankind on this planet, flying has certainly been the main focus of attention; however, humans still haven’t figured out a way to be born with flying abilities. Image Courtesy:, Super Speed 2. POWERS OF HEALING: Bringing about miraculous, supernatural recoveries from serious chronic illnesses or ailments. What is absolutely inevitable and necessary on the path to awakening, however, is this attitude: “Whether I seem to go backwards like a crab or soar across the plains of many a mystical world, may I continue sitting humbly and earnestly as a solid unmoving mountain.”. However, being born with super strength will give us the ability to lift loads and punch through walls with ease.

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