Ok, so first let’s understand that how powerful can this neecha bhanga raja yoga be? For ex: moon is getting deliberated in Scorpio, aspected by mars (should be in strength). Serious Problems are part and par. As we feel differently at different places (environments), depending on our character, inclinations, likes, preferences etc in the same way planets also feel the same when they enter & stay in different signs. For example deliberated Venus is getting in paraivartan (exchange) with its naisargik and functional friend mercury in Libra, Especially for Virgo, and Capricorn Ascendant. (Venus is in Pisces in Navamsha). 5) When a planet (in strength) aspects its own rashi in which a planet is getting deliberated, neecha bhanga occurs for that planet. Navamsha is Dharmaamsha it shows blessing we are getting from Lord Vishnu based on our past karmas. . Right ! Planets and their sign/point of debilitation (with other dignities) : We want to connect your logic with astrology, and make you go WoW! You need to see all the shad bal and non shad bal factors for that.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. 27 Nakshatra creates 12 rashi or signs in Bha-Chakra. a.Lord of the sign where Sun is placed, Venus. So even these 4 rules will give neecha bhanga to moon OR suppose this neecha moon is: a) Exalted in Navamsa (will add to sthan bal of moon), b) have aspects of Jupiter and Venus (will give drik bal to moon), c) Moon have complete dig bal (directional strength), d) Placed in quadrant (kendra bal , part of sthan bal). Assume mercury is getting deliberated in Pieces, Pieces lord Jupiter is also getting deliberated in Capricorn now if Jupiter gets a strong neecha bhanga then mercury would also get a neecha bhanga. (Like in case of Sun its 10 degrees of Libra), Let me also list the applicability of this Raj yoga as per other sources (right from various forums to blogs to books to general articles on Internet or as per my little humble experience). d) Strength which comes from Pushkar Navamsa and Bhaga concept. 2) When a deliberated planet simply goes in the paraivartan yog with its friend (naisargik and functional both). Understand like this, there is a native who have all the qualities to become successful in life, right from hard work to intelligence to compassion to patience etc, but still due to some or the other unavoidable circumstance in life, he always gets tested. c.The lord of the sign where Sun gets exalted, Aries: Mars. But if we look at the case of sun and Saturn (in Aries for sat and in Libra for sun), [out of the these cases sun neechbhang would be more powerful as Saturn is a more malefic planet as compared to the sun and is also the inherent enemy of Sun. The answer is big no, some are more powerful and some are less, let’s understand why? (Mercury which is exalted in Virgo is in kendra from the Moon). There is NOTHING hard and fast in astrology only understanding of all the concepts is essential. Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan – 5th August – Inauspicious Date ? (Like mth lord in nth house). Iyer added that if a debilitated planet is Retrograde at the same time or the sign dispositor of that planet is in very good condition like Exalted or having DigBala (directional strength) and be in Kendra (angle) house can significantly eliminate the Neccha effects. Extending this theory further, the outcomes ascribed to Neechabhanga Raja Yog are so profound, that it can make a person Maharaja (Emperor). There are few other rare conditions of neechbhang Raj yoga which are hardly listed anywhere. b) Conjunction of an exalted planet with a debilitated planet(like sun and Saturn in Libra and Aries, Jupiter and mars in Capricorn and cancer…etc) What More I can say. The rulers of the debilitation and exaltation signs are in mutual kendras. In other words, if you are trying to apply neecha bhanga raja yoga or for that matter any Raj yoga, then also you need to use the principles of shad bal and non shad bal factors Now what do I mean by this: See when a planet gets neecha, then it looses its uchh bal , right ! (For example: Mercury is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is in Gemini). © 2020 aaps.space All Rights Reserved. Here you can see that both Moon and mars are getting debilitated but still in this case a kind of neecha bhanga is happening due to the exchange of rashi’s happening between them. Cancellation of Debilitation of a Planet Due to the motion of the planets in the Zodiac, they pass through certain degrees of constellations and Rashis (Signs), they acquire or loose strength or power. Hence initial 15-20 years of his life was just like experiencing NEECH effect, but he took his struggle as a challenge and decimated the hunger of lakhs of people later in his life, which EVEN A KING/Minister WAS NOT ABLE TO DO. Tag: cancellation of debilitation in navamsa. Jupiter and Saturn are having parivartana or exchange and are giving Dharm Karmadhipati yoga. Feel my words to feel the power of this yoga. Signs are environments with certain definitive activities going on. Read my articles on, dear Tmr sir thanks for the reply. its sign lord moon is very very very strong HENCE see jyotish holistically, everything will become clear to you all. Neecha Bhanga Raja Yog is a condition in the birth chart in which not only debilitation of the planet gets cancelled, but that planet very strongly overcomes the neecha state and other factors for that debilitated planet are so supportive that it gives rise to a Raja Yog.

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