[70] The Court also referred to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights protection of freedom of expression in article 19 and to article 20 which states that “advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law” [para. Lockdown restrictions in certain countries imposed limit of practitioners attending a religious ceremony. 61].

Dear friends, “People in prison are likely to be more vulnerable to the risks and impacts of COVID-19. After consulting her union, Mottu showed up for her shift wearing a bikini top with a tank top and a sweater on top. With at least 25 prisoners lying on the floor of a single small cell, the prison is claimed to be extremely overcrowded and violates physical distancing requirements. Accordingly, the Court held that section 10 of PEPUDA was unconstitutional and ordered the legislature to redraft the provision. Here are three cases of workers who did make formal human rights complaints about dress-code related discrimination.

[47][48][49], Border service of Turkmenistan received an online training on "management of border crossing points (BCP) in the context of the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic". After a journalist had published a homophobic article, the South African Human Rights Commission argued that the article amounted to hate speech under the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act. Urgent appeal: victims need your support! 45].   Democratic Freedoms. ", "Ministerstwo Zdrowia chce kontrolować wypowiedzi wojewódzkich konsultantów medycznych", "Turkey detains 19 people over 'provocative' coronavirus posts", "Coronavirus Has Started a Censorship Pandemic", "Turkey builds more hospitals as coronavirus cases spike", "Turkey plans prisoner release, excluding those jailed on post-coup terrorism charges", "Turkey: Imprisoned journalists, human rights defenders and others, now at risk of Covid-19, must be urgently released", "Turkey releasing murderers – but not political opponents – from prison amid coronavirus pandemic", "Turkmenistan government outlaws any mention of the word 'coronavirus, "Facebook Deleting Coronavirus Posts, Leading To Charges Of Censorship", "YouTube reportedly censors videos about novel coronavirus by removal or demonetization, company says they fall under 'sensitive topics, "Coronavirus Pummels Wuhan, a City Short of Supplies and Overwhelmed", "Italy's Health Care System Groans Under Coronavirus — a Warning to the World", "Course of coronavirus pandemic across Libya, depends on silencing the guns", "Libya War Escalates as Health Care System Crumbles", "Has coronavirus prompted rise in racist incidents across Europe? [4][5] There were criticisms that the epidemic was allowed to spread for weeks before efforts were undertaken to contain the virus.

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