The Endangered Species Act (ESA), the primary—and often only—means in the United States to prevent extinctions, is justly celebrated as perhaps the strongest model for endangered species protection worldwide. �����W� 3���� OHBA supports appropriate environmental protection and clearly delineated responsibilities. Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority: Regulation of Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses. Hamilton Region Conservation Authority 7. OHBA recommends that agreements for the delivery of non-mandatory programs and services need to clearly and publicly define the roles and responsibilities of CAs and municipalities to ensure that CAs can be held accountable. Under the previous government, OHBA responded to a number of consultations with our recommendations focused on Conservation Authorities, including: While CAs have an important role in watershed management, OHBA has become increasingly concerned that a number of CAs have extended their reach well beyond a core mandate related to natural hazards (PPS section 3.1) and watershed management. Last amendment: 53/13. Text description of regulated areas found within the Regulation should supersede any mapping. ability to pass flows and minimize erosion). The first proposes changes to the Act and the second proposes changes to the regulatory scheme that governs how conservation authorities permit development and other activities. loss of natural areas, impacts to wildlife and species at risk). Not all retained wetlands need to have hydrologic function monitoring, as their risk for impacts to hydrologic function may be low (i.e., majority of catchment within retained natural area). Conservation Authorities Act Loi sur les offices de protection de la nature ONTARIO REGULATION 42/06. This extension of power results in duplication, a slow approvals process, unnecessary costs and conflict with the development industry and sometimes with the municipality. OHBA is supportive of outlining the scope of provincially mandated roles and responsibilities in regulation, which will serve to embed provincial expectations for the delivery of these programs and services into the CA Act legislative framework. To that end, OHBA supports that CAs only be able to regulate activities within 30 m of a wetland, regardless of its size or significance, as the area up to (and potentially beyond) 120 m considers ecological function. Significant woodlands in Ecoregions 6E and 7E (excluding islands in Lake Huron andthe St. Marys River) (municipal jurisdiction); Un-evaluated woodlands and non-significant woodlands (municipal jurisdiction); Significant valleylands in Ecoregions 6E and 7E (excluding islands in Lake Huron and the St. Marys River)1 (municipal jurisdiction); Un-evaluated valleylands and non-significant valleylands; Significant wildlife habitat (municipal jurisdiction); Significant areas of natural and scientific interest (municipal jurisdiction); Coastal wetlands ; Aquatic habitat (e.g.

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