Participate in class discussion and support their opinions and ideas with facts and information learned from prior classroom activities.

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Kalam For the poster board presentation, have students use drawings or pictures, diagrams, and/or charts. Luckiest Guy A coral reef is a type of ecosystem. This resource can be used to widen students’ knowledge about various plants and animals that live in coral reefs. Without significant action on climate change, our oceans could lose many of their colorful reefs by the end of the century. Lobster Two Use this worksheet with the … Continue reading →, Learn how high voter turnout among Philadelphia’s Black community has played a key role in Election 2020 Continue reading →, Now that the election is over, how are young people staying engaged? Learn the term symbiosis and be able to define it and give examples of it. Spell. Conduct a school-wide awareness campaign to tell others about the devastation to the world’s coral reefs. Jean-Michael Cousteau takes us to the Souther Pacific on a dive to the pristine coral reef. Multiple parts of the coral reef contribute to the life of this ecosystem. Write. It’s been estimated that up to 2 million species inhabit coral reefs, rivaling the biodiversity of the rain forest. 32 Make interactive worksheets: Tutorial: Video tutorial: Get started: Make interactive workbooks: Video tutorial: Community: Help: Students ... Log in: Username or email: Password: Remember me Register Forgot my password Close. STUDY. Can the destruction reefs are currently experiencing be reversed?

Warming waters result in prolonged coral bleaching that kill coral reefs or leave them vulnerable to other threats. After viewing, take time to discuss the answers to the questions. Watch a NOAA video Medicines from the Sea, Watch a video from 2018's Year of the Reef Medicine Chests of the Sea, Watch a NOAA video about the Coral Reef Economy. You may want to start with the “Memory Game” beginner unless you know an unusual amount of information about coral reefs. K-5 | Website 11 A4 Green Leaves Cut-Outs. In this lesson, students learn about sources of high-energy radiation and calculate student exposure to ionizing radiation over the past year. Fontdiner Swanky Would you classify any of these relationships as symbiotic? Coral Reef Adventure Tank MOST Syracuse, NY Sea Anemone Monterey, California Dancing Jellyfish Melbourne Aquarium Melbourne, Australia Activity: Coral Reef Reader’s Theatre 2. Beyond their brilliant appearance lies a hidden significance. Test. Orbitron 70 Coral reefs are important breeding and feeding grounds for many ocean species. Access to science-based library/Internet resource materials, Access to computers with presentation software such as Power Point (optional), Various art supplies for construction of projects and public awareness materials.

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