This is both good (respect) and bad (higher risk to be mugged or defrauded), so keep your guard on. Liveliness, self-irony, and trustworthiness are the qualities that make them completely irresistible.

Copyright © 2016-2019 | Just watch the comments of Romanians fans after their favorite team lost a football match: “the referee was definitely against us! There are general superstitions like the ones above, or more personal ones, some of which extremely surprising, and at high level of companies or of the state. A smooth jawline is one of the attractive facial features for a woman. You will notice they even downplay their qualities, so as not to come across as too full of themselves. In the public transport, it is expected of men to give up their seats to ladies, and of the young – to give them up to the older. Family time is also very important, and it is often spent watching TV, or visiting relatives, or going on holidays. It’s the best account I have read, only wish I had read it before I’d written my little book. Spirituality goes deeper than you imagine. Because we know that real beauty is on the inside. This is why sudden, surprise visits are not always welcome – you don’t know what state the house will be in and you might put your hosts in an uncomfortable situation. On the contrary, a man's face is perceived to be more masculine and mature if the contrast is almost nonexistent.

There are also some Romanians that do the same and plenty of kids raised by their grandparents while their parents are away. These people are always busy. I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. Also, a woman's beauty is defined by the level of stress hormones inside her body. The same goes for alcohol and dietary preferences such as veganism. The days of platinum blonde hair and black eyebrows are over. BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN! Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women? “I am allowed to criticize it, because it is my own country,” is the thinking pattern many Romanian follow.

The way this is balanced out is that some areas are considered a man’s job – for instance home improvement and car maintenance.

But it also explains the number of Romanians who commit crimes abroad, like complex fraud schemes, some of which involve lots of creativity. The higher your social status, the better. It is often regarded as a housewife’s duty to take excellent care of her guest and thus present her family as good as possible. Self-irony and sense of humor are essential as they demonstrate both humility and cheerfulness.

That being said, they will value your interest in their country and more often than not go out of their way to help a foreigner or to make their stay more pleasant. Either way, better not to stand in the way of a Romanian and their family! This is a very special type of person. Try to find out what that is and how you can work around it.

For many Western Europeans, where family relationships are not necessarily that close, this fact comes as a surprise at their first contact with Romania.

In the process of the research, it was discovered that women found men with oval-shaped faces more attractive. The department of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent carried out a research project which identified the most attractive facial features for men and women. The other way round is not true – women are perfectly fine not knowing how the engine works, men don’t need to learn to cook. The main language is Romanian, but there are also native Hungarian and German speakers.

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