Watch Animal Planet for an hour each day. Wearing a hidden camera, Pete spent six weeks secretly videotaping the horrors of abuse: squealing piglets being hurled like bags of rice into overcrowded crates, a sickly piglet "euthanized" by slamming it against the wall, and a sick hog being hung by a chain from a fork-lift until it choked to death. Most state laws are weak and rarely enforced" -- many others treat their commodities as such. You have a large backyard, a beautiful house, and a quiet street. In these situations, factory farmers treat animals like widgets on a conveyor belt. When you hear about a documentary like this, you're probably expecting to be overloaded with nonstop visuals of horrific treatment to animals - and animal activists shouting familiar slogans. … The framers see their livestock as just that -- commodities to be produced and sold. Ammonia has highly corrosive properties that can damage animals’ respiratory tracts as well as their eyes, noses, and throats. Rubika Shah's savvy documentary, White Riot, shows punk music's casual flirtation with fascism and the rise of anti-racist punks' hugely popular response headlined by the Clash, Rock Against Racism. What Can I Do About Climate Change? Animals, from pigs and cows to chicks and ducks, are bred ceaselessly in factory farmers’ pursuit of the “perfect” animal for maximum sales. Grant is the co-founder of Sentient Media. There’s no denying that animals are sentient creatures. Do you think you would suffer under those conditions? And in most cases, the differences between factory farming styles are mere nuances where animals still suffer greatly. However, farm animal welfare is just the beginning. As defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a factory farm is a large industrialized farm, especially a farm on which large numbers of livestock are raised indoors in conditions intended to maximize production at minimal cost. This premise, Pete surmises, allows them to toss the pigs like sacks into bins and against walls, pile them on top of one another, keep sows in breeding and farrowing crates for months, such that the animals cannot move and develop sores from rubbing against crate walls and suffering the unstoppable demands of their hungry litters. The powerful film follows the undercover investigation of Wiles Hog Farm by the animal rights group The Humane Farming Association and the resulting court case against some of the farm's practices. If you’ve ever sent a child to daycare or school, you have probably experienced him or her coming home with the sniffles. Animals should have rights. Death on a Factory Farm follows the undercover investigation of Wiles Hog Farm by the animal rights group: The Humane Farming Association (HFA), and the resulting court case against it. And, in most cases, the death of the animal is required for these goods to be produced. Alarmingly, factory farms are setting up operations closer and closer to residences, schools, and nurseries across the country. In exposing this behavior, both viscerally and sentimentally, Death on a Factory Farm inspires your outrage, a first step toward changing those laws. Worse, those diseases don’t necessarily stop factory farmers from butchering the animals and shipping them off for human consumption. The same goes for businesses. ISBN 0-691-00696-2 (doth : alk For more info go to Some farms use methods that are arguably much more cruel than necessary to contain and “process” animals, while others provide the animals with more freedom. This Heat's last statement prior to their dissolution, Deceit saw the trio continuing to plot a path that harkened to other sounds of the moment, while remaining thoroughly unique. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Animal Farm and what it means. It’s caused when a person or animal consumes too many antibiotics, allowing the bacteria targeted to adapt.

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