[Supernatural] finally making Destiel canon on their final season?" 'Supernatural' fans are making 'Destiel' memes after the latest episode appears to confirm a long-awaited romance. "I just woke up to get a glass of water. Many countries throughout the world celebrate Christmas, but the food each one eats at Christmas dinner ranges from turkey to roasted reindeer. supernatural dean winchester destiel spn meta season gr8 dean is bisexual On season 8's build-up to Dean being openly bisexual. Many fans also commented on the dissatisfying nature of Castiel's confession, particularly compared to other LGBTQ relationships on television. [Supernatural] finally making Destiel canon on their final season?"

Fans had long-hoped that Dean (Ackles) and Castiel (Collins) would get together, "shipping" — hoping for a relationship between two characters — the couple as "Destiel.". It started with checking how Nevada was doing and ended with Destiel being canon," another person joked.

On Thursday night, an episode of the CW television show finally appeared to confirm an unrequited love between Castiel and Dean.

'Supernatural' Season 15 Episode 18: 'Despair' episode angers Destiel shippers and non-shippers alike. All of that news at once led to some crossed wires on social media, with people jokingly drawing a link between "Destiel" becoming canon and Putin unofficially resigning. Not everyone was excited about the revelation, however. Supernatural fans freak out over major character death and ‘Destiel’ as final season nears climax.

Fans of the show, which first started airing in 2005 and has 15 seasons, hoped the two characters would get together by the end of the series. While the final results from the Presidential Elections have yet to be determined, here are some notable moments from Election night.

On November 5, while news about the 2020 US presidential election results was still circulating, the keyword "Destiel" began to trend. Everyone seems to swear by a different pancake recipe.

On Thursday night, "Destiel" was trending on Twitter in the United States in the number two slot, with "#Supernatural" not far behind at number seven. The Tumblr response was similar.

Because "Supernatural" had long been accused of "queerbaiting" viewers, people were upset that one of its characters confessed his love in a way that could be written off as platonic and was immediately killed. While trapped together in a bunker, Castiel's confession triggered a deal that he had made with the Empty, a void afterlife for angels and demons, which would come to claim him once he became truly happy, per Entertainment Weekly's write-up of the episode. Episode 18 of Supernatural’s current season, titled Despair, has arguably been the most dramatic and heartwrenching of the season so far. Friendly reminder that Destiel is technically canon since we have the proof of Castiel’s love for Dean in the Gospel of the Winchester and Dean’s love for Castiel in the original script of season 8 ... Also Dean totally gets a boner for Cas in season 8 after Cas cleans himself up after Purgatory and you can’t convince me otherwise. Out of all three, however, "Supernatural" had arguably the most engaged fandom. Dean didn't immediately reciprocate with his own romantic feelings following the confession, and it appears that Castiel's death is permanent. After the episode, people on Twitter, Tumblr, and other platforms erupted with memes about the revelation. People accused the show of being guilty of the "Bury Your Gays" trope, in which LGBTQ characters (in many cases, women) are killed off on shows in the name of advancing a presumably heterosexual character's storyline.

What Christmas Dinner Looks Like Around The World. one tweet read from a fan, referencing that the couple now appeared to be "canon" or officially confirmed within the context of the show. It can be overwhelming to humans and so can my real voice.\" However, Castiel stated certain, \"special people\" are able to tolerate his true appearanc… Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, While the US is focused on the election, the Covid-19 pandemic keeps growing, This Map Shows Peoples’ Favorite Thanksgiving Side By State And There’s A Lot Of Love For Mashed Potatoes.

It was one of Tumblr's "top ships" in the early half of the decade, and the "Castiel/Dean Winchester" tag on fanfiction website Archive of Our Own has over 86,000 works to date. How can you griddle up the perfect pancakes for your Saturday morning breakfast? Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, per Entertainment Weekly's write-up of the episode, the "Supernatural" fandom appeared to be everywhere online, one of Tumblr's "top ships" in the early half of the decade, "Castiel/Dean Winchester" tag on fanfiction website Archive of Our Own, The Daily Dot's Gavia Baker-Whitelaw wrote, https://scrawnycatra.tumblr.com/post/634009850187268096/lexa-died-after-having-gay-sex-on-the-100-so-that, Newsweek reported, citing Russian state-owned TASS news agency), saying that they had been maintaining the blog for over four years, https://is-destiel-canon-yet.tumblr.com/post/633999455027429376/is-destiel-canon-yet-1152020-yes, https://caraldanvars.tumblr.com/post/634038330305150976/pov-ur-an-angel-an-actual-heavenly-entity, https://irlkenku.tumblr.com/post/634036471296376832, https://disc80s.tumblr.com/post/634009107861553152, https://iiporcelain-marionetteii.tumblr.com/post/634036149818638336/time-is-a-flat-circle, A Taylor Swift fan says it felt like a 'fever dream' when the singer welcomed her home after she went viral for missing the 'Folklore' release, Fans are covering or removing their 'Harry Potter' tattoos after J.K. Rowling's comments about trans people, K-pop stans have been heralded as digital heroes for fighting racists online, but Black fans are still getting left out of the conversation, TikTokers tried to sink Trump's town hall by streaming Biden's on multiple devices, drawing on K-pop fan tactics, Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Supernatural.". In an emotional one-sided admission, Castiel said he loved Dean before sacrificing himself.

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