$ $ Salary $ Name

Auto tags and license Dry cleaning and laundry IF NECESSARY. Other $ Do not include other deductions such as for health, dental, vision or life insurance premium in calculating your net monthly income. Lawn care

List all assets in Section 4, including both non-marital and marital property.

Value The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. 1. This is a Georgia form and can be use in Gwinnett Local County. AFFIANT’S OTHER EXPENSES Life Insurance (cash value) Notary Public

$ $ Save the sample to your gadget for further submission. AUTOMOBILE Credibility is often very important in divorce hearings and trials so please keep that in mind when completing  the DRFA. American LegalNet, Inc. $ Lunch money Why Do I Need to Complete a Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit? How long does it take to get divorce if both parties agree? of Husband

Money owed you pro se DR $ Affidavit for new USCR24 approved corrected 2 - Tech rev 2015-10.wpd Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit - rev. $ $


$ Other income of a recurring nature (specify source)

$ $$ $ (last 4 digits) Publications step of the way. %PDF-1.5 $ $ $ Age $ If there is a history of overtime and commission pay, but such pay just recently stopped then that situation will be closely scrutinized by the court to determine if the lack of overtime hours was determined and controlled by the employee or by the employer. $

$ $

$ Section 3 of the DRFA list a number of other possible income sources that you must fill out if they are applicable such as commissions, tips, self-employment income, rental income, bonuses, overtime pay, severance pay, interest and dividends, certain monthly benefits, alimony and certain fringe benefits.

Our professional team of attorneys are ready to help you learn more about rates associated with your specific divorce case. $

Be sure you calculate your gross monthly income accurately.


It may very well be necessary to hire a qualified appraiser to obtain a more accurate fair market value of any real estate and/or business that you may own. 1. (d) Amount of spousal/ child support needed by Affiant USLegal fulfills industry-leading security and compliance standards. 5B. Instantly send and print them with secure and safe US Legal Forms platform! When you provide your two most recent wage statements be sure to mark out your social security number if it appears on the statements. ��†�F)�a�W2�~�Z���C>i1n�n�K�ÂH���i��ڴ�1�t9\ %�^����1 $ School tuition Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit .

$ $ $ Real Estate: home/other endstream endobj 2118 0 obj <.

I swear and affirm under oath that the following financial information is true and complete: Bonuses, commissions, allowances, overtime, tips and similar payments Open the sample with the help of the full-fledged on-line editor.

Grooming/hygiene #1 Internet-trusted security seal. Rental income (gross receipts minus ordinary and necessary expenses

$ Family Violence . gwinnett county uncontested divorce forms rating, Ensure the security of your data and transactions, GA Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit - Gwinnett County 2007. My philosophy is to treat you with the same care and respect as I would for one of my own family.

Mortgage or rent payments

<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> Other (attach sheet) You must state your MONTHLY gross income, not your weekly or annual income. If you receive a salary with no other additional compensation then the calculation of your gross monthly income is easy. March 2007. auto allowance, insurance (auto, life, disability, etc. �Qϵ_� �1��c�6Ė�P��`�������`��/�u�9~�ghpE#�� ��A7�W�{(0��H�k��P�C����_�;9��ˇ���m7=!�q�k�C���n8F���(�p��:^Ŷ�������6�Vw�� ��w�D�hٕZHI,|"��\XtM�! $ There is a $50.00 fee for the Sheriff's service (if required) for each party. $ $ $ Balance Due Name USLegal has been awarded the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award 9 years in a row as the most comprehensive and helpful online legal forms services on the market today. domestic relations financial affidavit 2 3. $ I strongly suggest that you consider obtaining your own credit report so that you can be sure that you have included all of the debt in your name and to also determine if there is any debt in your name that you did not authorize.

Dues, Clubs Be the first and Add your Comment below. $ $ $ However, past income does not always dictate current income as there are situation where certain bonuses, commissions and overtime pay that was previously received are no longer offered by the employer. A DRFA is also required to be filed before a mediation session takes place. However, you may have to adjust your calculation if required by any unusual events that might have occurred during that period (change in pay structure, receiving a raise, elimination of certain compensation, change of job, an unusually high commission or bonus, seasonal work; etc.). Basically, it is a snapshot of your financial condition. The solution will save you effort and time in creating legal documents while guaranteeing safety.

Names and birth dates of children of this marriage:

(e) Amount of child support indicated by Child Support Guidelines

taxes and FICA)

Child care You are required to attach a copy of your two most recent wage statements (paystubs, statement of earnings, etc.). You will fill out this section once you complete the other sections of the DRFA as it is a summary of the information from the other sections of the Financial Affidavit. You can obtain a free annual credit report at DOMESTIC RELATIONS FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT $

How much does it cost to file for divorce in Cobb County GA? $ Note: Summary data for 2(a), (b), (c) calculates automatically – begin with next section;

$ $ Domestic Relations Financial Affidavits are officially required by Georgia Uniform Rule of Superior Court 24.2. Other assets: $ $ The total value of each asset must be listed in the “value” column. The information requested in Section 1 is self-explanatory: your name and age; your spouse's name and age; date of marriage; and date of separation. $ The Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit (DRFA) that is used in Gwinnett County divorce cases is a sworn financial statement that is signed before notary public. US Legal Forms focuses to assist you through the procedure of GA Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit - Gwinnett County completion and simultaneously makes it faster and more hassle-free. $

$ Disability (All income must be entered based on monthly average regardless of date of receipt. DOMESTIC RELATIONS FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT At the time of filing any action for temporary or permanent child support, alimony, equitable division of property, modification of child support or alimony or attorneys fees, the filing party shall file with the Clerk of Court the affidavit $

and necessary expenses required to produce income) The DRFA is also required to be filed in contempt and modification cases that involve child support and alimony issues.

As a family lawyer, he has represented a wide range of clients in nearly every type of situation, including, complex and simple divorces, custody disputes, contentious move away proceedings, modification of child support and custody cases, contempt actions and restraining/protective order proceedings.

10-2015 Page 6 of 6 Provided by the DeKalb County Superior Court and the Atlanta Legal Aid Society

$ $ $ <> $ ), deferred compensation, There are some circumstances that may require that a longer or shorter period of time is used to calculate an average gross monthly income figure.

A Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit is a sworn statement (under oath) that lists your assets and summarizing your monthly income, expenses and the debts that you owe. “Value” means what you feel the item of property would be worth if it were offered for sale.) The Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit must be as accurate as possible because it is a sworn document and because the financial information you put in the DRFA will be scrutinized by the judge and your spouse or your spouse's attorney. You can think of the Financial Affidavit as a ‘financial snapshot' of each party's current financial condition that the judge can review and consider during a hearing or trial. $ What is the average cost for a divorce lawyer? This is a Georgia form and can be use in Gwinnett Local County. American LegalNet, Inc. Gas endobj If you have any other children then list each child along with their date of birth and with whom they primarily live. (If you can claim or agree that all or part of an asset is non-marital, indicate the non-marital portion under Total Monthly Payments to Creditors Furniture/furnishings TopTenReviews wrote "there is such an extensive range of documents covering so many topics that it is unlikely you would need to look anywhere else". Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ee54a884b831e9d Insurance If something does not apply to your situation, write, “N/A”. Checks are to be made payable to Cobb County Clerk of Superior Court. C. TOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSES Obtain the necessary petition that opens a divorce case by going down to your local courthouse and requesting a blank form.

Other $ If the Defendant does not file an acknowledgement of service, and the Sheriff has to serve a copy of the complaint and summons on the Defendant, the Plaintiff must still file a copy of the Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit …

$ $ $

Doug is an experienced trial lawyer and advocate with a particular emphasis in family law, civil litigation and criminal defense matters. Download Free Print-Only PDF OR Purchase Interactive PDF Version of this Form.

If you and your spouse are physically separated and living in two different residences then under the ‘Resides with' column state with whom each child primarily lives. $ In reviewing each party's DRFA the judge can better understand the parties' current financial situation and use that information in helping to decide such issues as child support, alimony and division of property during a divorce hearing or trial.

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