Environmental Objectives and Targets 2008 25/02/08 Page 1 of 2 Objective 2 Continue to improve the University’s environmental sustainability, prioritised by environmental risk. 1 0 obj environmental objectives and targets and environmental ma nagement programs. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 841.92 595.32] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> [�˻�/~?a����?^��p6�:g�ڈ;�������9�Q��)k������OF����(9y�����?�F���bt� |���5�7uu7:�O�����!�G)A܍b��#���:v���� ���ۥx����X�1*y�������Z�H�e!1^]^_�N����08ޯ�ܳ�@�Tp��b����o@9>���_��\x���d"ɳ���Ol$����@[��s�.� ���;�4���'��{���H�Mq�p�����TO11,�2���$���7M���a/M�@�fE�!����%�~���E| N��E�^0|�Etvu�������ݼe����[ �W�����h��Ϯ/�$�^�/�E���&��Q�v�A���0�Vo���Ay� �v�L��USbߐ'�;��D��w�1 �,䂌�#\���R �ͣ�;�,*�0K��Z�ZZ�?w���� ��;��p�謴�b ���[rs�37���(x���:��jCoȝ�!����k!�+�p/�ee֑Z�c�� "p��W�[�!4�4>��4(r�½��L�����i^9!�)��群��Y�������� ���r�~d��ش�\�{�H6CNv�ߚ��.�� ��]���t������n$�[]# ��4���+���s=HCy��Lp�b&�2m� �xj��"�r*\F2������T�|bLe�Sr#sϤ��^���HF� #_C:�����MO��]O�ռ++�(%���l�A2d���G��1( For example, you can modify your objectives… =�6��8���/[���V[K��]���-�d{7���n�V+I~)J��J�� �s)� Environmental 2020 – 2022/23 - Targets and Objectives part of EMS – ISO14001:2015 (measured against EMS baseline data) Impact Area Objective Target Indicators Responsibility Sustainable Food Limit the impact of food purchasing 1) To progress Sustainable Restaurant Association feedback report and Soil Association accreditation. �eZ�0Ѫ|3�6���@�����$�X�p��i��iG:��A�� �[2!E5ảl��4e�K�֊rȸ�i6��%�BZX�z�Z�

Objective SMART Targets Progress @ 2017 Target management Programme and / or LiFE Index Framework (bold and colour coded) Report and review structure (Primary x��]��6��n����0��e����,v���m܇�~虑ۓ��'=�����cR�Ň� departmental and facility specific levels and must support the City’s Environmental Policy. Objectives, Targets and Environmental Management Programs Page 3 of 5 . Purchase of Non-Sustainable Goods & Services Key Objective To reduce the demand for non-sustainable goods and services by reducing purchasing, using resource-efficient products and considering end of life. 2 0 obj Target: Reduce our carbon dioxide emissions from energy use in buildings by 43% by 2020 from a 2005/06 baseline. %����

��=�iZV/�ɓ�Zw��VTI�y5��k 2.0 Activities Affected All areas and departments 3.0 Forms Used 3.1 Environmental Aspects, Objectives & Targets Determination 3.2 4.0 4.1 4 0 obj Targets: 1) REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF OFFICE WASTE GOING TO LANDFILL BY RECYCLING 80% OF TOTAL WASTES ARISING BY DECEMBER 2012 To achieve our objective it is the policy of the Transway to: maintain records of baseline information locally for levels of recycled office …

endobj <>>> <>>> %PDF-1.5

endobj stream %PDF-1.5 Supporting Objectives 1.

)���;M� ?�������'������ �|eV����*�w8n�{�m��\�굸�U#�f� ?t�w�\��%*��]�6m���*� ij.��Nn��]'��D�U��xH�Xy��B8#��ds��j����4Q��ism�"ua��8���FM�8kf�x�Æg�/��� 8��N�����g�:��@��=�c�Āۍr�����&�lA"uX�bv��um짡3l���s�p����(w�N���e,���Xk �z��W���&|EF��Ҍ�}�?CP��XH���9�;��"�`�KU�C���~�},OZL��~�m��{�W�n�b�F��a���M1�1?k�N��7��-���r,��}q�,�� ]�X�i��W�7�m ��|.Uά]^�g8|YG��H�_l�M�H*!����v1Mf��g�I]��z3���t��ۭɈ�m��},N$�U�Y�c���!V��@�Gt۵�V��3q���gZ�i���E9 Different organizations adopt approaches that suite their needs and organizational structure. %����

:w�:�z�aw�icmd��I>��}��O���a9oʆ_1��&��`Nh6��oGOb�ҝF�lr�ّ�E�I�'9��8`%(�ORoa�.ό�U�ƘhK�%N��G�C)���}��I���z q�KS-*,�� ����d�z7*���e�

endobj ������ � !��/��%�Ի6��ڮ�/���l�F��%�~A�ڜ�5kM=�ӌ�V��S�P_��t�9�s����\O�$HT�F�X,%U\#�\���8ȼ�+�". ��D�|P����k�߰ ��-���ohvG� Ƭ�JuS.�_��.xh�������C���-�9v��}���qU���M����c��q��=X��Β`Ӟ���Z�ʘ�(Z���F�;4�'ۗ7�F}�C �����.���&h-O>�Yh���:�u�l\�=����;� T�1���Y���F��F���)���R�J����E��MP��jB���?l�i�8o� ؠ����j�$ѳFZK*iqv��r��ۺ�#鿂�θ�� ���b�TG�0�|hl� �`gP�b0|h�Mk�)��g��3�5�ə�L��hH��+,Q��ңq0{4�c� y6�o��Z����e[��v+AP��؎�]����\������}�{4�~g� �1Eu�. Environmental Policy objectives and targets MINIMISE WASTE BY REDUCTION, REUSE, REPAIR AND RECYCLING METHODS. But ultimate goal is to achieve best results and save some money that goes in different forms of penalties or lost working hours. �sؾ�gD�WK���٤˅ 3 0 obj 4 0 obj x��ko���{���E� 3\��pl%q�i���p�˒e6��#%'�_ߝ�}�Z�� �%����{fG��G��O���//X����㒝��޿|�Y(�q��A%,�x�œ��! endobj

CCCU Environmental Objectives & Targets - March 2018 Ref. Objectives & Targets . <> Aspect Objective Targets and Actions Responsible Person(s) Resources Energy Emissions to Air To minimise the University’s carbon dioxide and fugitive emissions. Targets Key Performance Indicators 1. emissions. endobj

Identify Roles & Responsibilities Reevaluation and Modification 6 Plan Components •Yard Waste Management •Hazardous Household Waste Collection •Water Quality Improvement •Greenhouse Gas Reduction •Recycling Services •Environmental Education Assessment .

3. 1 0 obj 3 0 obj Scope: NM Site-Specific This objective and target was established in FY2011 within the scope of the SNL/NM site only and is … Policy Statement . endobj Targets: 1) REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF OFFICE WASTE GOING TO … v�t��b�,֯�˯���wۻS��W/�>��w������N����|�������a�==�/��x|������ůϟUe%�Ǹhڢ*���/� ʚ������S��웷ϟ�����US�}����U���/�V~�Q���Ǯ�=�f���������7l����_�?�N���ϟ��{W��_�]���J���˖�|}}޴7���͋���e!��n���a�F~&n�����tܟ�� �n� �v�8~��m���09kˡ�q�o�f+J��|��z�b9�@?m^H�ܯ.�D94>&r��/壞�n7�����妻)�ۼPKGK�q��#��^��?

(��eXtUٶ>n��R����V�����x�jo^��ۢZ�”5}'�d�i������ʮh��풏o6����6)������o���(7k�F*y����}�k��O��|F�`厛��� [Ѥ�,њL�6���WU�M��E#���~uM��,kiԵO��I���$�H��ש:���nJ�eA����(�Z�0T�*�~����p���x��U��K1�o� �w��}2�����]�ߨ���(�o/��s���l���x{�3�w��9+��7֘��Z�T%�_�M?�v(�����M_4M-�������������n������Z�*��4��c]�ƶ����fҖ }��6��)�Z����1m�mx+W��q��\�w���J\���$z�Z�%�H�aB�E�QV==o! 8�l0H����0߂4��l�-�Gh�k��Y܎. 6.1.4 A preliminary list of objectives and targets, including EMPs, shall be submitted to OEQ for review by July 31. st. each year. y�31S�o�W1��Ȱ����8�xX��X�_3����j5�wL���'z� %-�I_Aʐ�'"����2��VFO�t���iMю�ީ����g������5X��̌���Y�ٮV�g�r��B�Z9�tC߮&�^�^� �>m�_��iZtڇs���%�M�����5I�zXm�~:W�2�a��Zh�#�a+?��H�Yr�y26oLJO�`���T\��ŧWz��H��F�^#�� :��1c�4��%�L��]/�b\*7��-oˎ�,_A%Hݓd����0b |h���0Bn{b�������d�1��#��=�8 ��L4��,r�5?L��_2+�W���? Environmental . Objective: Minimize Impact to the Environment from Land Use Target: Implement the Complete the Environmental Life-Cycle Management Form corporate procedure by January 15, 2011, and upon implementation, minimize environmental impacts through project evaluations. stream

Environmental Policy objectives and targets MINIMISE WASTE BY REDUCTION, REUSE, REPAIR AND RECYCLING METHODS. 2 0 obj



1 Author: Environmental Manager Approved by: Environmental Committee Date: November 2019 Birmingham City University’s Environmental Objectives and Targets 2019-20 Aspect Objective Targets and Actions Responsible !Ӂl �X���a/�i�o�������v:�C#2i��:U����:Q6�a,E��i`�E�oP���8�O ?�?�Jx��H絴}����N��� ��Oذ�~S3��|���]��������7!�\>겫i>�U_���՟�I�.W�+�+����H�k9�g�5*�z*8�7a29��H8�2y�����1d�S�e�F���h^��Y���qtDH���/ �:;� �j���c6ޠ���-Jޞ0^?���-��]��Y�/�6�Tz=u��W&s�L@t!��PE�����n�D�Q����#�~�O�S9�굊p�䍤�=72u%����E���� �n29��M�[�M�*�Q�)~�'��N�/��ɡ�@��/R�`�Z�A�_R� c̅�����5�Z�|ƾ��cm���Zb%��������q���̄V�i3A�p2gB9@h�q���ks�����d*7[�kD��H5��������[�k� �,,���~�=����=������B�6�YX(.٠'Nf��?�k���f�3mjd�%0��YL��1�1C�4Ƌ!�� �*����y_ͦ��:|��y«��C�0ϓ :�n,2�w��U�� Establishment of objectives and targets is very important for the success of environmental health and safety management system. For example, your environmental objective may be to reduce the generation of hazardous wastes. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>>

Environmental Objectives & Targets ver1407 5. Your may then set your target at 20 percent reduction within 12 months. Targets are the means for providing verifiable evidence that you have actually met the objective.

In the parlance of ISO 14001, objectives are “documents” whereas targets are “records.” Documents can be modified while records cannot. k�R���zS���-Q��(����xv��R��KJHJ�|����54�`j?��E�u�aDC�����8>`��qc �lb�=�5������͍rk�v����?�d�)���F��܊�Ai�Q���љnK�6 ��G{02ׇ���x7ƶ+��b���«sS&�h7|N"�F�y$W`��#��wh#����tA�O`���h��{��|���mk���7�� �M������!��T/Fa��6� C�L�06��\ʪm�Ql$����_����l����������y��F^Rb����FO���- �H�v'U�h�콖�:;I�M�%z�����j<1V�z�y�"��R��/E�(׺Z[�R� �g��f�c�ڋ1��@�S����a��<==l��>�a/?,�Qp�3a1F�\=H>��l��M��hj ����ɬ3Eb��qp{6GG߰���3��tWW���:�9��Aw��0��'��t�E��2�E_2Qt�p��� � %�2��wWF�I� xtw��wB�J� �`t�V��]Mof���0�ϸ�}�4.fH7��M�p���3��pN��p���6୪rX~V'�r��S����c����{��K�Ep��b���䟬Ru>x�{���Y

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