The creator of TF2 Air, Degroot Keepin', Unusual Times, Bad Trade, Foxer,, and many others. “Deeds that are horrific to hear, let alone to see, have been committed against our citizens.”. The video is dedicated to Kitty0706, who died four months before the video was released. von videogamedunkey. A Demoman throws up on one of the plane's seats for getting drunk like always, and Spy makes a disgusted sound, and the Team Captain Soldier was not happy about that and Demoman says "Sorry." Now, he is trying to restore calm. It then cuts back to a RED Heavy getting smacked by a RED Sniper, he points at his shoes, as the Sniper stares at a random person, resulting in the Heavy punching him in the back. No other updates on the project came after that, although it is rumored that the project may have been completed around 2014 or just after the start of 2015. 36 36. 22 hours ago, 326 Rivonia BoulevardRivonia, JohannesburgGauteng2128Republic of South Africa. Francis tries to ignore but the Scout continues. Specifically it is used, along with other antituberculosis medications, to treat active multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. The clashes began Wednesday, when a prominent activist from the Oromo ethnic group, Jawar Mohammed, publicly accused government security forces of plotting an attack against him, a claim denied by local police. I just realized I don't care". The Heavy only noticed New Weapon milliseconds before he was completely devoured.

And burns Demoman's face with the steaming hot teapot. As he attempts to take a capsule, Mario pulls out a pistol and says "I'ma don't think you can do that" and shoots him in the head. Francis shoots the Scout, a Spy was looking at Scout saying "Oh dear." A Sniper shows up along with another on.

Sixty-two protesters and five police officers were killed, Reuters reported. New Weapon has never been seen interacting with other TF2 Freaks, making the extent of his abilities uncertain. 2:20 Guy Fieri Dub: Slippery Sausage and The Cannoli Trolly. Mario dispenses some capsules of pills in which Louis appears. A RED spy using a vehicle flips off a security guard, and then drives away only to crash and explode, when calling for help, Wolf O'Donnell shows up and shoots him to death. He quickly closes distance between him and his target in a single bound with a maneuver that somewhat resembles gliding. 15 minutes later at 30,000 feet, a Scout all hyped up passes through the plane's hallway and goes up to Intelligent Heavy and does a pop quiz asking, "how long does it take to eat my sandwich?" “They are saying strangers from out of town descended on towns engaged in violence and attacks, and also hooligans in inner cities have been involved.

  Book review: Operation Relentless – The world’s Most Wanted Criminal; The... Wings over Langebaanweg. TF2 Air is a video created by EthioMod. Embassy spokesman Nicolas Barnette told VOA that U.S. diplomats are watching the situation closely. Louis get's ready to take his pills. 1:40 I'm Going to Kill You. Desalenge also told VOA that some of the protesters, "infuriated by the killings," set several trucks on fire. The video starts with Demoman opening his eye and slowly turns his head, only to see a Heavy holding a teapot saying, "it's tea time". After irritating a RED Scout, he was shot in the face with a revolver and presumed to be dead. Louis responds "no way man"! EthioMod is an African Gmodder who uses a mixture of puppeteering and raw stop motion in his videos. And the Spy enthusiastically takes the apple out of Sniper's hands with his mouth and starts nom-nom-noming away and his head randomly explodes. Like many Freaks, New Weapon revels in violently dismembering and eating people. TF2 Air 2 is a video created by EthioMod. He then announces on the intercom "Pootis SpennepS" and a Muscular Waluigi begins dancing, a deformed Scout touches his chin slowly with his hand while a toilet and loud flatulence can be heard, in which the Muscular Waluigi responds with a freaked out face. Other fan-suggested names for this Freak include "Brutal Heavy", "Pootis Cupcake", and "Heavy Dent". holozler235 Archivist. And back inside the plane, we see the Scout that was shot by Francis still alive and is sitting in one of the plane's seats looking at his wound. The scene cuts to the flight, where a woman messes with an intercom system which results in it exploding and setting the woman on fire, Bill runs with a fire extinguisher, but he however kills her when he hits her in the head with the fire extinguisher.

It is by far his most popular video. TF2 Crap Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. As a Blue Spy is looking at a flag with Robin Walker's face on it. Still, there is no denying that he enjoys all the carnage he creates, as he boisterously spreads gore with almost childlike glee and enthusiasm.

His theme is Metroid Prime - Thardus Battle. And pulls out an apple. As the plane lands, Heavy has a scenario on the gm_construction map that shows a RED spy randomly appear, it then shows Heavy sliding down a small hill into a pond, the final second of the video shows a close up of Pilot Heavy's face. Last year’s protests in Oromia were sparked by government plans for a development scheme that opponents said amounted to a land grab. The plane finally lands, and Heavy and Soldier gives each other thumbs up. "New Weapon" was next seen under the control of a RED Engineer and was ordered to attack a small faction of the BLU team. Stories from a South African Air Force Base, US aid worker released in Darfur: Sudan official, Central African Republic rebels free eight kidnapped officials. Until finally, he get's Francis's attention, and asks if he's seeing this. New Weapon is a physically imposing force.

His battle theme is Banjo-Kazooie-Final Battle. Which anger's RubberFruit. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "New Weapon" (in quotes because no official name has been confirmed) is a monstrous, cannibalistic RED Heavy Freak created by EthioMod.

Protestors, some from rival groups, took to the streets. ISS: Explosives smuggling: South Africa’s ticking time bomb, “Sufficient sanction” applied for Ministerial Harare flight, Hoefyster the biggest threat to Denel – Hlahla, Question for Public Works and Infrastructure Minister uses defenceWeb information, Coronavirus shows why the SANDF needs to be adequately funded, Presidential pep talk on Armed Forces Day, CAF goes diplomatic in his Prestige Day address, Book Review:  Ratels on the Lomba. It is the current sequel and was released on July 30 2015. January 14 2020 .

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