A man has erupted in an explosive rant at Victoria Police in his driveway in the southwestern Melbourne suburb of Point Cook, which was all caught on video. 0000001913 00000 n He said details of specific instances were classified but there had been cases where police found methamphetamine labs strapped with explosives and ready to blow up if police arrived. "I don't understand any of your laws and I don't understand any of your s***. From July, the Environmental Risk Management Authority will require anyone handling explosives to undergo police checks before being granted a new controlled substances licence, in an effort to reduce the potential use of homemade bombs, terrorism and criminal misuse. "And your address?"

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It is not a substitute licence allowing the disqualified person to drive whenever and wherever they want. Possessing a controlled substance licence Persons in possession of a controlled vertebrate toxic agent, fumigant or explosive are required to hold a current CSL. "I don't understand any of your charges … get off my property please," Robert says. Email: explosives@epa.govt.nz If a substance is not already approved for import into or manufacture in New Zealand, you must first apply to us for an approval so we can assess the risks of the explosive … 3 0 obj When the officer says, "yes please if you would", the man tells them his name is Robert and supplies his last name. 0000002923 00000 n

Call our contact centre on 0800 822 422 for further information.


Jk_p������L�i��L��7v�:� The dramatic incident was filmed by another woman, news.com.au reported. 0000003779 00000 n H�TU��$7��+�N��+7`84�,�������L�f��`�S-Jb��5����cy����x{̽o�9zx�[�k��6B�߽=g0�1�[�ep�;���O���0����Ytgp�JBm�41�bX����&! �Yd��~��_�fn�W�b���=F� ��^/�E��"��.�X�d��*6�cP�# The controlled substances licence would tidy up the legislation, bringing explosives in line with the rules on firearms and deadly poisons such as cyanide. A licence that allows you to use and purchase blasting explosives and may authorise the limited manufacture of ammonium nitrate - fuel oil (up to 50kgs) for your own use. He then calls the group of four officers "a bunch of gutless cowards … who pick on old ladies. 1 0 obj acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present. 0000006287 00000 n 0 RedBull’s technical team brings extensive experience in construction, mining and quarrying to provide a range of services to support your requirements. �.�#���� @�����:���\˫�_��܂SH�rR�S�-��X4��m�Œ�5�s��Θ�J�8��A+���oKwf��*���ʺ—��a���v��_�&����/K!`RdL,�J�XS�]�{��| Because this is f***ing harassament," Robert says.

", When a female officer turns up, Robert says "here we go, another one. �4�hS��Z������8����y��� p�$��-�)��U��Qg��8F9�J����b���ݱv���H���H65|�…~��D��>���n�#MD���֠���A�+P(���1z��;�r��Ç�0�o P)�σl b"\���G��͑A6�7k��f��Y�^�K�+-��3�S�vx kh�f-@�\I�9�l�@�O��?��n0kB�����u���@n��dSG��u1ILY�e�������J-��]� �.m:��e��(��F��g�;����цNt,���Y��ك΀�#{xG�"h���9U[��=�ӻ� ��jv=G�sw�.r�v`՘�0j$�,����o��`� 3P� �?�-�P��}|�#6���:�O�p��ل�m�@!E, ����h�[�o(f6s��=�r5ੱ�!�c�� ���~^��4��v�I�%)��s�g�#;��A�'�[q@MҺCa�Y�D J��F�٭��":b�Ê��Щ���&����)��-�e��Ԡ�+X)"�6�s��������T�us:��G���v����{k,uȕ�LŅ�Tg�mV�m�l�m�7� ����S8�ѵz�!

Both require police vetting. This article was co-authored by Clinton M. Sandvick, JD, PhD.Clinton M. Sandvick worked as a civil litigator in California for over 7 years. Before applying for a Limited Licence, you need to think about: which car you need to … Blasting explosives licence A licence that allows you to use and purchase blasting explosives and may authorise the limited manufacture of ammonium nitrate - fuel oil (up to 50kgs) for your own use. 0000007615 00000 n

The policeman calmly asks if he is finished but the man demands to know why he has been pulled over.

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