John Carpenter. Glad to hear! Great article.

This looks wonderful. I was able to shoot inside a car with no sunroof and very little light hitting the talents faces, and still pickup detail both inside and outside the car.

I see that male actor in a lot of your features, he has a great look to him that makes him really stand out in a lot of your films. What’s your opinion on the C100 II?

Neither will give you the flexibility of raw, but 99% of the time you don’t need it anyways!

I totally agree. – Any sharpening done in post? On paper it might be a half stop (or even a stop) less than the BMCC which already has fantastic DR, but in a real world shooting environment, I really couldn’t tell the difference. Great post! Thank you for your help in advance

With the lens being heavy enough (and giving interesting flares to) I shoot handheld with my eye on the viewfinder. Hi Noam, I am currently doing a lot of corporate talking head videos, and not too many moving shots, or handheld stuff, and I am still using the 5d mark 3, with cinestyle, and a 70-200 @2.8 I love the look of this combo, but, there isn’t much I can do with it once it’s done.

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Even though i was not part of the Film minor group (i'm a Mech engineer student at The Hague University) i took the opportunity to learn by helping them with their film minor since this is what i'm really passionate about.

What picture style did u use?

Lost Gernation - A Film by DIRECTORS DUOShot on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K\"Are we the next lost generationLost in the endless sea of opportunities?We weren’t born to follow but follow strangers everyday.Are we just jaded spoiled kidsWith dreams to big to capture?We want it all but forget what we want at all.The world came so close it suddenly feels out of reach.We don’t wanna waste time cause we ain’t got no time to waste anymore.We hate rushing around, running in circles.We seek the straight line on all these detours.But overwhelmed by inspiration we didn’t find space left for our own fantasies.So we challenge ourselves everyday, overcome obstacles and try to articulate our goals. Gh4 is amazing for 4k and slo-mo, but in low light it looked more like video than filmic. I love canon, and have all Canon glass, is this the camera to go with, even now, in 2019?? But we will make sure to shine bright to be found.\"CAST: Johannes Bartl, Benjamin Kratzin, Christopher SchlierfDIRECTOR + DOP: Benjamin Kratzin \u0026 Christopher SchlierfADDITIONAL CINEMATOGRAPHY: Til Wittneben, Jan VerborgPOSTPRODUCTION: Directors Duo ( SUPPORT: Framestore LA ( Blackmagicdesign ( WeAreModular ( THANKS:Blackmagic DesignJohannes BartlJan VerborgTil WittnebenCadillacCadillac EuropeBENEagle RidersPorscheWeAreModularUsed Equipment:Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K ProRes und RAW, Olympus 12-40mm M.Zuiko f/2.8 Objektiv, Voigtlander Nokton 10,5 mm, 17,5 mm, 25mm, 45mm AngelBird CFast Cards 256GB, Tilta Gravity G2, DJI Ronin SFollow Blackmagic Design's Youtube Channel: Johannes Bartl: more video content from us and more info about our experience working with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera subscribe to our Directors Duo channel: #blackmagicdesign #pocketcinemacamera4k #pocket4k I currently use the Sigma 18-35 for most of my work but I also will use the Lumix 12-35 if I need to be really lightweight and get that lens stabilization. This is not normally a problem as most cinema cameras are designed to be worked with in this way, but for this particular project it just wouldn’t have worked. 3 Movies Shot On Blackmagic Production 4K Camera - Epen Cupen the Movie, III, Kingsman: The Secret Service

Thank you! It would have been a better choice than both the BMCC and RED EPIC in that it would be much smaller and more low key (even fully rigged up), but there were some other issues that kept me from choosing it – mainly relating to ease of use while shooting in a run and gun style narrative environment. Loved your work!!! Just one more question… do you think there would be an observable difference is shooting to SD cards as opposed to an Atomos? It's not a film though, it's just nice b-roll.

When it came time to actually choose the camera that would be used for this film there were a number of options I was considering, but in the end it boiled down to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, RED EPIC, Lumix GH4, and Canon C100. Yes, I have collaborated with him a number of times – fantastic actor, and currently working on some big projects!

The only reason that I love shooting in 4K is so that I can get the best possible 2K or HD image, and the C100 effectively does all this work for me. Thanks a lot Xiong, so glad you enjoyed it. I may have read this wrong, but you said…, “Not to mention the resolution is staggering on this camera too. The last month (May-June) I've been working on my first ever short film EYES for InHolland's film minor. The camera would be bulky and require another body on set – both of which were issues that I didn’t want to deal with given the nature and small scope of this project. I'm grateful for them having me as their cinematographer and editor.EYES was written and directed by Jenna Silver. It’s an incredible camera. I did use the AVCHD codec, but in an ideal world I would have used a Ninja.

No brainer! 84. And we’ve had great success with the 60i work around for slo mo. A lot has changed since you wrote this article. Hey Andrew! I just had the same decision to make filming an ad, c300 or gh4. Any noise issues or de-noising in post? 24 comments.

From my experience, the C100 grades way better than the 5D, even though the original is still 8bit.

Did you have the dual pixel AF on your c100. 1/2.

Blackmagic Design would like to congratulate the large number of films in the 2015 Sundance Film Festival competition that were shot and finished using Blackmagic Design products. – The grading was done by first adding a contrast curve, then pushing the mids and highlights to yellow/green, and finally desaturating it overall. Lost Gernation - A Film by DIRECTORS DUO. I find if I upload to YouTube i get these weird horizontal lines that travel from top to bottom randomly, no idea whats causing the issue. Couple questions if you don’t mind

Depends on what you’re shooting exactly… Hope this helps! I used just the Canon 24-105mm F4 lens on this, except for one shot which I used the Tokina 11-16.

Cant wait to hear more about the shoot. Great post Noam, I would agree built in ND are a great thing to have and saves a lot of time. Ultimately choosing between the two comes down to ergonomics in my opinion.

Thanks Clay!

No, unfortunately it’s not possible to get 4K off the camera, but there is always the Canon C200 or C100 MK II if that’s a critical feature for you…. Which ones? Typically I like to keep the camera at the base ISO of 850 whenever I can, but I have comfortably shot up to 5000 with very little noise! On some shots, yes.

I may choose it for narrative work.

Exlusive filmmaking content delivered every Sunday.

I’m not sure if this was more related to the ergonomics of the camera body, or the stabilization of the lenses themselves, but for whatever reason the Canon combination just worked better. Bottom line: it’s $5K camera with a 4K sensor technology, so it’s cheaper then a pro DSLR. save. In the end, it would have just been too much hassle to shoot with the EPIC.

Honored to have been invited by American Film Mark.

Also, is there links to your work on YouTube??? I already own a collection of Canon primes so it works great for me. That we can take the chance and sneak through.

You’re not the first person to say that my car snow films could do with some narration, maybe I’ll start working that in. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What IS lenses did you use?

Initially I had considered shooting the film on many different cameras including the RED EPIC, BMCC, and GH4, but ultimately chose my C100 and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I believe I used Wide DR for this project as I wanted to test it out and hadn’t used it before. Hope this helps! Art directed by Natalia Carrillo and Ravina Ilahi.

Lost in the endless sea of opportunities?

Did you use the default AVCHD codec, or did you use an external recorder (e.g. His work can be seen at international film festivals, on network television, and in various publications across the globe. I did some tests using the C100 and my 24-105 F/4 L-Series lens and the GH4 with the Lumix 12-35 and 35 – 100 F2.8 stabilized lenses, and the 24-105 on the C100 undeniably gave better results. Hi Noam.. Tnx for the great spot

Some of the most anticipated movies at the upcoming festival were shot using Blackmagic Design cameras, including Oscar winner Daniel Junge and Johnny Knoxville’s “Being Evel,” while more than 20 …

Stills from upcoming horror. I am loving the C100… Such a great camera. Initially I really wanted to shoot on the BMCC, as I’ve shot some of my favorite material on that camera and the image quality is just staggering. hide. Does it really grade well even though it’s not able to shoot in Raw? Since I was going handheld and wanted to avoid a big rig, I knew that having stabilization on my lenses was a must. There wasn’t any noise issue, other than on one shot (I can’t remember which off the top of my head), where I had to bump up the ISO higher and de-noised using neat idea. Very different cameras… Low light is a bit better on A7S, but C100 is still incredible. Shot on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Sound directed and Thumbnail art by Caleb Mahomed. That said, even if we were shooting in a studio environment or with permits and the size of the camera wasn’t as much of an issue, I still wouldn’t have chosen the EPIC for this film based on the style of shooting.

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