Looking at their horoscopes, I think the Stark children combined, with Jon's lineage at the center and Sansa, Arya, and Bran rallying around, have the best chance to "win" Game of Thrones.

The last season of Game of Thrones has us all obsessing over the remaining characters and their impending doom in the series. This is basically Bronn, who is obsessed with money and getting himself all of the riches he can get - it takes over everything else. Martin knows it, because the creatures of the zodiac have been spotted in the books of his epic saga, A Song of Ice and Fire (made famous by the HBO show Game of Thrones, the title of the first book of the series). Hilariously, one of the HBO character posters had him on there, but I can't see it. He’s very affectionate – the Dornish don’t have hangups about sexuality like some of the Westerosi do. Dothraki Archers can make fantastic lovers when they’ve found the right person who will explore with them and not try to tie them down. Sansa Stark Could Win the 'Game of Thrones', Game of Thrones Season Five Gossip Galore, The Emotional Stages of Watching 'Game of Thrones', Say Buh-Bye to Two Game of Thrones Regulars. Thank you. They are pretty people with eyes that remind you of rivers or oceans. Dedicated the Daenerys, Missandei refuses to allow cruelty and injustice to happen around her.

He came to King’s Landing to get justice for the death of his sister, Elia, who was raped and killed by Ser Gregor Clegane. Some have gone through drastic changes such as Sansa Stark (from being a soft feminine character to a badass queen). Pisces are most like the empathetic Missandei and Jaime Lannister might just represent Geminis everywhere. Just as Jon ceded power to Sansa when he left Winterfell, I can see her taking on responsibility (and power) where others might balk at the prospect. Here’s which ‘Game of Thrones’ house you belong in based on your zodiac sign. Although not every member of the Night’s Watch is dependable, as a group they can be counted on to protect the Wall. With a sensitive heart that he tries to mask in order to receive respect from those around him, Jon is one of the greatest heroes of the series. Everything Cersei does, every decision she makes, centers around her total loyalty and devotion to her family members and her children, and that alone makes her a Cancer. Give them space to make wise decisions, and, if possible, keep them far from the fighting and the hostages. Lannister Leos are happiest when they have the spotlight and an endless supply of wine. "She's proven herself to be resilient — an attribute that only Capricorn Seagoats can truly understand.". "Jon has a resolute sense of right and wrong and, like any good Aquarius, [he] will not compromise his morals ... no matter the cost," said Kelly. Capricorns are determined, practical, and responsible. Luckily for us, Kyle Thomas, astrologer for Love By Luna, matched the characters to their astrological sign, which might help you figure it out. Her challenges have made her one of the most reasonable and diplomatic in this show. For their brothers. She's too socially inept for comic cons, so she does her cosplays in the privacy of her own home. A romantic Baratheon Bull will go batshit if the object of his affection is killed, and it won’t be enough to punish one person; they’ll want to wipe the offender’s entire house from the earth. Targaryen Scorpios reflect danger in their hypnotic eyes. She doesn't have the political know-how to maneuver her way to the throne, but she could totally support a sibling who might... "With a deep loyalty to family and his “chosen family,” Jon Snow possesses many qualities of Cancer. Yes, of course, that seems to make it obvious – but there’s far more. DOTHRAKI WARRIORS sound much like both of us. What really makes GoT characters feel so real is that they are complex characters who go through changes, transformations, and lots of character building.

Project Fandom is a site for fans, run by fans, and you are always welcome and free to geek. If you ever watch the show, you might want to give the podcasts a listen after each episode. Baelish is always one step ahead of his enemies and his allies, gathering information and strategically putting that knowledge to use.

Despite his humble beginnings, he worked hard and eventually became one of the most powerful officials in King’s Landing. Watch out for: Do not wake the dragon! I love love love Tormund with all my heart, but good-hearted, independent characters don't seem to do very well on this show. I have to keep moving and always have to a have a plan of what to do next. So far, there have been two seasons of the show and each one following book 1 and 2 respectively. Ever the practical man, he always puts his ambitions before sentiment. A wildling himself, Tormund Giantsbane does what he wants and goes wherever he wants just like a true Sagittarius. From what I know about you, I would say yes! They know instinctively how to make people love them, be it throwing food to the starving people of King’s Landing or winning tourneys as a handsome knight. The land of GoT is full of magic and superstition, a land where the designs of fate are evident in everyday life and where witches and dragons dictate the course of history, so what better way to honor it than to reveal which character you would be according to the personality traits of your Zodiac sign. Aquarius is typically more eccentric and mythical; they are also very independent, aloof, and don't really show off their emotions. We’re up to S1E4 now. Martin knows it, because the creatures of the zodiac have been spotted in the books of his epic saga, A Song of Ice and Fire (made famous by the HBO show Game of Thrones, the title of the first book of the series). There may be no other sign that is as loyal, hardworking, and practical as a Virgo is.

One might even argue that it was Margaery's Virgo-like attention to detail that helped her stand up to Cersei Lannister and become the queen consort of King's Landing. They’re also practical, making the best out of their less than ideal situation. Like Pisces, Missandei's emotional intelligence and compassion are what draw people to her. Cosmopolitan's resident tarot expert, TarotBella, reveals which character your star sign would be in Game of Thrones. Geminis represent two different personalities, which we have certainly seen from Sansa: she knows how to play the obedient, kind part just as well as she can play the ruthless and manipulative part. My favorite show growing up was Xena – I've tried to emulate the Warrior Princess in every way (see current hairstyle). Tyrion also craves power, and he uses his intelligence to obtain it. The former King of the Iron Throne loved a night of drinking and partaking in pleasures of the flesh. Tyrion is someone who always manages to put some sort of spotlight on himself, and he has never shied away from being in some sort of leadership position.

“When you play a game of thrones you win or you die.” When you play the Game of Thrones zodiac game, you learn whether you’re the type of person who’s more inclined to go on a wine-induced (and totally justifiable) power-trip like Cersei, or whether you’re honorable and stubborn like many of the Starks.

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