It's the same with Giovanni. Should we just pick the name we like and deal with it or choose something more simple?

In English it is translated as Joann or Joanna.

She is Gianna, and we were told to call her Gee-Ahn-Uh.

Used in: English speaking countries, Italian speaking countries. Gianna Nannini - Gianna Nannini (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒanna nanˈniːni]; born 14 June 1954) is an Italian recording artist and singer-songwriter. I'm Italian, DH is not but baby will have both last names (I know I know I am one of those people... As a teacher you would think I would know better!.). I will be pronouncing it the 'American' way, as that's the only way I've heard it and love it.

Gender: Girl Names. Naming a a tiny human is so hard!

Gianna is bay unisex name, main origion is Hebrew.

I think Gianna Rose is gorgeous!

I've just never ever heard it pronounced any other way then, IVF #2 14 retrieved, 12 mature, 9 fertilized, 3 frozen (5AB).

The name Gianna can pronounced as " JAHN-nah " in text or letters. Beta #3 10/01 6,899!! 1st U/S 10/08 showed one baby with a HB of 122. I say JAHN-na. It is one of those names that is …

I know several and all pronounce Gee-On-Uh. Gorgeous name!

Too bad our last name is Irish...that would've been my 1st choice! Gender: Female Pronunciation: JAHN-ah Meaning of Gianna: "the Lord is gracious" Origin of Gianna: Italian, diminutive of Giovanna Gianna's Popularity in 2019: … As a preschool teacher, I have had three Gee-Ahn-Na's ... Two of which were full Italians . Little things like uploading a profile picture make the community a better place. It goes nicely with my Italian last name. English meanings of Gianna is " # God is gracious " and popular in Christian religion. Good lord, do my aunt and uncle know they pronounce my cousin's name incorrectly?

[url=][img][/img][/url]. Jahn-ah, though both of the Giannas I know say it the "wrong" way. One of our favorite names for our baby girl is Gianna Rose. The meaning of the name “Gianna” is: “God is gracious”. Here are some names close to Gianna: Gia, Gina and Jenna. Our back up is Layla/Laila Rose. Gee-ah-na.

Jian - The jian (pronunciation [tɕjɛ̂n], English approximation: jyehn, simplified Chinese: 剑; traditional Chinese: 劍; pinyin: jiàn; Cantonese: Gim) is a double-edged straight sword used during the Gianna Beretta Molla - Saint Gianna Beretta Molla (4 October 1922 – 28 April 1962) was an Italian Roman Catholic pediatrician.

pronounced jahn nah by most of my italian family, i do not care...i love it and so does she...she is older than most other giannas, I have a crap ton of students named Gianna Rose - no joke - and they all pronounce it Gee-AH-nuh.

Origins: Greek, Hebrew. I know many very Italian families who have used this name and every single one of them pronounces it gee-AHN-a. Now is the perfect time to start your Baby Registry!

Beta #2 9/24 657!! Well, it comes down to how much correcting you can bear. Gianna Nannini - Gianna Nannini (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒanna nanˈniːni]; born 14 June 1954) is an Italian recording artist and singer-songwriter. I'd also weigh in the pronounceability of the last names. And it's so much prettier that way!

Starts … Beta #1 9/19 BFP 90!!

Pronunciation of the name Gianna (20 language audio files) Start by selecting which of these best describes you!

See also "John (given name)" for the origin. Categories: English Names, Italian Names, Nicknames or Pet Names, Twilight Names. If I came across this name "on paper", I'd say Gee Ah Nah, but as soon as I was corrected, I would be conscious of it and say JAHN Na from that point forward. It won't annoy me to correct people since we are in the US and I can't expect people to say an Italian name the way I would, I am just not sure I want to have to correct everyone outside my family...which is looking like I would have to.

Thanks for your thoughts ladies!

One of my best friends in middle school was Johna, though, but spelled that way.

I automatically say Gee-AH-Na. I'd say it the Americanized way. Thanks!

BFP 1- EDD 2/09/11 Missed MC DX @11 weeks D&C- 7/25/10 BFP 2- EDD 12/22/11 Natural MC @ 5w 2d BFP 3- EDD 1/25/12 DD Josephine born 1/16/12.

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