Learn more about our planet’s species from experts. Unlike the case with food (see previous), it's fine to keep your garden stocked with fresh water because animals can have a hard time slaking their thirst in the heat of summer or freezing cold of winter. Tell your friends how they can help. Pitch In.

Maybe they want to help the 6.5 million animals that enter U.S. shelters every year by promoting adoption. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. If you have just purchased or inherited a house or a piece of land, you might be tempted to chop down unsightly trees, pull up weeds and ivy, or drain puddles and swamps. Follow @world_wildlife for a visual look at the work of WWF around the world. To get you started, here are 17 ways you can help endangered species. Before you start hammering and sawing, though, study your local regulations; some municipalities restrict the kind of animals you can keep on your property.

Use alternative biodegradable products like paper bags and straws or reusable water bottles to reduce your waste and the likelihood that your single-use plastic will create long-term problems. There are numerous groups that are working to help, with some focused on specific animals or regions, and others taking a global approach. Join. This is a great way to help animals if you can’t leave your home or foster/adopt an animal. A shelter that recently received an abandoned litter of puppies or kittens might need milk replacer, or perhaps they’re running low on blankets and toys to help keep animals cozy and occupied in their kennels. According to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), at least 10,000 species go extinct each year. Join nature lovers across the country and participate in WWF's Virtual Panda Paddle from August 21-23. Become part of the difference and discussion with @world_wildlife.

Shelters and animal rescue organizations rely heavily on donated items to help care for animals, and no donation is too small. Fish & Wildlife Service offers a map of endangered species by state. Increased phone recycling has been found to help reduce the incentives for mining. You should take steps to ensure that your home is friendly to surrounding wildlife. When it’s time to drop off the donations, invite the children along (if allowed) so they can see the animals that will benefit from their donations. You probably know to avoid fur and ivory products, but there are plenty of other goods that are created by destroying endangered creatures, including products using tortoiseshell, coral, and even cactus. According to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), at least 10,000 species go extinct each year. There are plenty of ways to help animal shelters, from fostering to setting up a facebook page for your favorite local rescue. The creations of Dr. Moreau weren't supposed to be this adorable. Check with your local animal shelter or animal sanctuary to see if they offer day camps or other fun summer activities that involve working with animals. Visit a national wildlife refuge or park.

It might seem so much easier to toss your old phone in the trash or leave it on your dresser instead of recycling it, but that laziness might be inadvertently killing animals halfway across the world. palm oil causes the deforestation and destruction. Lead image source: Andrew Laskin for Farm Sanctuary/Facebook. They might kill pests and weeds, but these products can also cause other issues up and down the food chain.

Get conservation news and learn how to protect our planet in your own way. Restore. Discover how to stand up for nature, join our community, interact with our work, and spread the word. Fish can get stuck in nets. Share the information on social media and tell your friends and family about the species that are threatened. Or perhaps educate people about how wild habitats are being destroyed by plastic pollution, climate change, and deforestation.

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