@Suzan Hall You can also visit them online at www.accesscorrections.com and place money on an account. inmate call solutions is a scam!!! Collect calling service facilitates the families to receive calls from their incarcerated dear ones. Scarce telephones and system issues cause competition over resources that result in inmate aggression, broken property and worse.This probably volatile jail atmosphere ends up in augmented workers frustration. By mail: If you want to purchase prepaid phone services for a Prepaid Account using a check or money order, mail to. When I finally called after waiting so long they told me the call block was removed...Little did they know that I have a very close family member who works at the facility who was able to relay messages between myself and my husband who was incarcerated there and I found out that he had been calling and the phone was still blocked.

There was a block put on the facility I was recieving phone calls from by accident, mind you I just deposited 50 dollars on that account. IC Solutions is an inmate telephone service provider at the facility to keep in touch with your friend or family members. I have and i am waiting for reply from credit co. Slow paced with routine non changing tasks. you're expected to work hard, and that's ok. but that should go both ways.

The system recommended this company, By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. It's a shame I dont know where their facility is located or I'd go down there in person and give them a piece of my mind! 2200 Danbury Street, *** Save money on making and receiving inmate phone calls ***.

Still don't have a solution for contacting my inmate. All recording and observance of calls is completed via internet access which needs a secure login and firewall access data. The company provides an array of services that includes. Inmates will use the emergency facilitate communication system directly in emergency things and raise the relevant workers for facilitate. inmate call solutions is a scam!!! Users can directly visit the company website or call customer service team to set up an account with the company and start making inmate calls. Using the ip pbx system in the inmates solution, not only can achieve free calls, but also can manage and monitor the entire call system, limit outgoing calls, recording uploads and other functions. I was told after I paid the fee that I would receive a local number in 72 hrs. The service can be easily set up with IC solutions. If another Business Unit (commissary) was having a dispute, the telecom Rep. would be blamed.

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