And besides, you said it yourself. The snow's halfway up our front door! John says something else before dashing off, everything is so mumbled I cannot decipher it. My mouth is dry as heck and all I want is to sleep, take a shower, eat, and at least have a clue as to why I feel like dying. He started at his flatmate turned close friend with equal parts shock and curiosity.Sherlock hardly glanced over from his current position of lying on his back, hands pressed together, fingers tucked under his chin. "The midwives did say it could be any time now.". A 'no' then. I don't want my disgusting knock off of a drink anymore, but since John's paying I finish it off anyway. The words got Sherlock's attention, and though there was a haze of pain and exhaustion, their eyes connected. And you probably will, John thought to himself.

", "You're alright, love.

Sorry it took me like a whole freaking year to fill it... if you're still out there, here it is!

The lines in his face got deeper when she turned to his frustrated boyfriend. Sherlock growled against his Adam's apple, his threat cut off but a sharp shout. And though they were plump with newborn baby fat, there was no doubt of where his lips and cheeks had come from. I'm in Westminster, and I have not seen one emergency vehicle since this snow started. Lestrade had to bite down on the inside of his cheek to prevent the shout at the strength of his grasp. "I never did like snow, it was always so dull. I would much rather be there than puking my empty stomache on Mrs. Hudson's nice wooden floors and antique rugs.

The heavily pregnant detective leaned his arm against the wall, and he ran a palm across his forehead as he let out a soft sigh.

Lets see how this plays out, shall we?" ", "Fuck!" It seems the universe is determined to make me go mad." He is disgusted to see his best friend and lover with his greatest enemy, he's angry at John and wants Moriarty dead like he should be. John offered her a cuppa and promised to look at the furnace once the snow let up. "Regrettably, that is what they always turn out to be. The pain started to recede a bit, and the detective wilted against the wall, a new sheen of sweat on his brow.

Greg, I swear to you, I wouldn't even be asking if I wasn't completely desperate.

English - Staff: 11 - Archive: 1467 - Followers: 258 - Since: 11-19-10 - Founder: Arlothia. ", "No fear," said John, but before he could go on, Sherlock lunged for his hand, his grunts increasing until they were a high scream behind clenched teeth. After all, he did technically still have a week before his due date. They had been through worse situations than this, and they always came back alright in the end.

"How are you feeling?" Just hang in there.". Stories involving John and Sherlock as children. Also, definitely check out constantlyfreemaned. Greg Lestrade gasped for air as he pulled off his puffy jacket. I want to say 'yes' for his amusement, but I know the times, I have saved them in my memory for his use only. See more ideas about Johnlock, Johnlock fanart, Sherlock fanart. Could I actually take advantage of this situation?

Only thing I don't include are genderbenders or death fics where John/Sherlock remain dead. "Another few hours, and my bins will be gone." John swallowed hard, the pained look on his partner's face making him feel like he was going to be sick, and his mind raced.

Was John ready to coach Sherlock through the pain? Only a few hours in, and we are already receiving reports of major auto accidents on the main roads, killing at least three people. Fluff, sex, Omegaverse, you know the drill. The ticket reads thirty, not forty. Made it.

Get out. Founder: Carpie Noctrum - Stories: 9 - Followers: 0 - id: 108651 This is all my fav Johnlock Stories as well and just plain Sherlock stories :D hope you agree with my selection. With all the stubbornness and willpower in his being, he forced himself to speak past the crushing pain building up in his stomach. John no necesita que Sherlock cuelgue un cartel gigante diciéndole cuánto le ama. "He'll get us out of here. This story originally started out a possible ending to a longer fic that I have yet to even start. "Are you sure that you boys don't mind if I stay up here for the night?" English - Staff: 10 - Archive: 589 - Followers: 97 - Since: 07-11-10 - Founder: GhostlyAuroras.

John and I seat ourselves in at a safe table near the doorway.

snapped Sherlock, though he did take in deep, rattled gasps of air through his nose. "Mrs. Hudson," John began as he pulled out a set of latex gloves. John, try and see if you can call a cab. "He would have found out no matter what we did, John. Ever attentive, Mrs. Hudson came over to place a comforting hand on the small of Sherlock's back. "Yes Sherlock, great job," John joined in. A collection of stories, both slash and gen, featuring John Watson and Mycroft Holmes. They were no more painful than they usually were, and they were spaced out by almost a full hour, but they just felt different.

In the chaos that was assaulting him mentally, he almost forgot what was happening, that is until Mrs. Hudson chirped at him loudly from Sherlock's side.

He shifted his head in the direction of the open bedroom door.

"Oh dear, are you sure? Wondering why I am staring. ", John gave a long sigh, and he smiled at the worn-out detective. You're doing so well," John encouraged, stroking the back of Sherlock's head. He quickly decided that he wouldn't bring this up with John. John placed Sherlock's refilled mug on a table where the heavily pregnant detective could reach it, and he set aside the tray on his desk, choosing to stand in the middle of the room as Mrs. Hudson turned on the television. John watched her leave out of the corner of his eye as he pounded out the number on his keypad, and he almost couldn't breathe as he listened to the call tone.

John tottered over to the sofa, and he bent over to let Sherlock get an arm around his neck. Sherlock texts John about happiness, which results in addressing feelings other than happiness.

Neither of them expected this too go this far, but they couldn't be any happier. "Breathe Sherlock," instructed John. Whatever sort of glitterized, gun pointing the two of us were doing ten minutes ago is of no relevance.

He doesn't move just yet. Whatever face I had twisted on dropped dramatically and I threw a 'no' look at him. As my eyes flutter close, I pray John doesn't come looking for me. "My partner is thirty-nine weeks pregnant, and he's gone into labour. ", "Well, if getting out is all you wanted, I should have let you get all that shopping yesterday," John cracked, browsing through the business section of yesterday's paper. Mrs. Hudson floated over to the window, and she gently pulled back the curtain to look out over Baker Street.

"I need to know how dilated you are, so we can tell how much longer we'll be at this." ", "I'm in labour, John. He needed to make sure that everything would be alright for Sherlock and their little boy. John goes straight to eating and chugging both food and drink.

I manage, because frankly I don't give a fucking damn about them.

Those were possibly the exact words to describe how he was feeling. He sat back slightly and thought for a moment. Just then there was a sharp tapping and a "Woho!"

It's also slightly fluffy, though I tried my best to keep it at a minimum. It’s fine.”, “I know it’s fine.” Sherlock hadn’t removed her eyes from Jane. Help me!" Sherlock, come with me.

When the evening starts with slow kisses that dissolve into the night. Stahp. Instead, he simply sat himself back down at the table, and he tucked back into his meal.

"Oh Sherlock, you're five centimeters dilated," he informed them, pulling his hand out as quickly as he was careful. Surely, this would pass over them; this was a problem for the northern folk. John works at his undershirt and belt smoothly, and I have to reconsider this a minute. Because John just doesn't get enough love. If you aren't doing well in the morning then you are definitely going!" "He said he's had his fill," replied Mrs. Hudson.

The Yard is on their bloody storm patrol. "Have you been paying attention to those Braxton-Hicks contractions like I told you?" Sherlock swallowed hard, glancing at the old woman out of the corner of his eye. John was at his side before they could blink, and he immediately offered his hand to his boyfriend. “A boyfriend?” Sherlock scoffed. ", "Six minutes, Sherlock! “She’s not coming whilst we’re on holiday,” Sherlock insisted, and his tone brooked no argument. The trick is getting home." You'll have more precedence in the streets than just any sod driving out there.

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