The exact coordinates for the monument site here on Patrija Hill are N45°04'45.5", E16°43'46.1".

Nacionalni park Kozara se nalazi u sjeverozapadnom dijelu Bosne i Hercegovine.Za nacionalni park je proglašena 6. aprila 1967. godine, sa ciljem zaštite kulturno-historijskih i prirodnih vrijednosti planine Kozare. During the Yugoslav-era, Patrija was not only the town's most popular department store, it was also considered to be a landmark of Prijedor and was featured prominately and proudly on the town's postcards.

Meanwhile, the anti-fascist Partisan opposition forces were only made up of roughly 3,000 soldiers, while aided by 60,000 recruited untrained civilians from the freed land who volunteered to aid in the fight. During the final throes of battle, Tito and a small handful of Partisans were able to retreat just as the enemy closed in, escaping towards Grmeč Mountain. In fact, up until the 1990s, an integral part of celebratory events at this monument was performing large kolo dances in the grassy field in front of the sculpture (Photo 16). Please feel free to leave a message if you have any comments, if you have any questions, if you have corrections or if you have any additional information or insight you feel might be appropriate or pertinent to this spomenik's profile page. An inscription on the base of the monument reads in English roughly as: "We are brothers under Kozara, where mothers do not give birth to traitors". Finding the monument here at Gornji Jelovac is a relatively easy task. In addition, it is not completely clear what the monument's creator meant to convey by including the horse-and-rider carving as the centerpiece element of the sculpture.

On the front of the wall are two large metal relief sculptures abstractly depicting the two opposing military forces, while there is a Yugoslav star relief at the top of the structure. [1], Other parts of the memorial complex include a museum and the memorial wall with the names of 9,921 Yugoslav partisans killed in battles on Kozara during World War II in Yugoslavia. From the center of Prijedor, follow highway M-15 north.

The fighting at Kozara began on June 10th, 1942, with the Axis coalition of forces, under the command of German General Friedrich Stahl, descending upon the region of Kozara from all directions. At the entrance to the large sanctum area, there are two long vertical bronze plaques next to each other (Slide 2), which bear verses from the traditional dance song "Kozaracko kolo" that originated in the region. All elements at this memorial site are in a state of disuse and neglect, while the grounds and landscape do not seem to be regularly maintained. Oh, Mladen, my dear friend, you were a good hero.

The central element of this cemetery is a figurative wire sculpture of seven male and female Partisans all holding hands and waving their flag (, ). The exact coordinates for this cemetery are N44°59'08.3", E16°44'00.3". The site in in good condition and annual, continue to be held here. Take this highway roughly 12km.

The film was submitted as Yugoslavia's entry for the 'Best Foreign Language Film' in the 1963 US Academy Awards, however, it was not selected for consideration.

As a result, you may need to keep an eye out for reaching the exact coordinates on your navigation device, at which point you will need to hike through the overgrown vegetation to reach the site, as the monument itself is offset from the main road to the east roughly 50 meters or so. Over the first 10 days Partisans were met with some success defending their positions, however, they began to tire and lose their fighting momentum. By 2018, the vegetation had returned (Photo 3). However, keep in mind that if the site has reach a state of being considerably overgrown, it may be very difficult (or impossible) to identify from the road. One change that was made after the end of the wars was the addition of a Serbian Orthodox cross within the entrance circle at the base of the amphitheatre. This is a view of the Kozara spomenik museum, which is directly adjacent to the Kozara spomenik. The monument complex was constructed by not only professional workers, but also members of Youth Work Action (Omladinske radne akcije - ORA) groups (Photo 7). Kozara was visited every year by a million visitors, in tens years it is ten millions, it is a very isolated place, you have to want it.". A historic view of the original appearance of this museum complex from the 1970s can be seen in Slide 11. While Stojanović is widely known for his leadership within the Partisan movement in Bosnia, but he is most often remembered for his efforts orchestrating the people's uprising in the areas of Kozara, Grmeč and other places across the Krajina. It was the beginning of the greatest struggle for brotherhood and unity in our country.". The construction of this sculpture required 1000 tons of cement, 4000 cubic meters of aggregate and 200 tons of structural steel to create. Built in the early 1970s during the original touristic development of Kozara National Park, this modernist chalet-style hotel was a popular destination during the Yugoslav-era, both for tourists visiting the Kozara monument, as well as those coming here in the winter for skiing. However, from all indications, it is more than likely completely abstract creations and non-representational. Džamonja experimented with this form in several incarnations before settling on his final design (Photo 14). The ORA groups not only aided in building this monument complex, but they also continued their engagement with it after completion by spearheading maintence projects and further development efforts. He moved on to west Bosnia to reorganize his remaining forces after this loss. Furthermore, I found many signs of veterans, family and locals in the surrounding community leaving honorific wreaths, candles and flowers at the memorial wall in the rear of the central monument. In addition to visitors, another group who spent a significant amount of time at the Kozara memorial park were the Youth Work Action (Omladinske radne akcije - ORA) groups. Ovo je mjesto gdje možete dišući punim plućima uživati u prelijepim ambijentima kozaračkih šuma, baveći se raznim aktivnostima.Planina Kozara nalazi se u sjeverozapadnom dijelu Bosne i Hercegovine.

He continues to be one of the most celebrated WWII Partisan folk heroes in Bosnia.

Here we will examine the Monument to Fallen Fighters on Patrija Hill, as well as the Monument to Mladen Stojanović. Its designer. It is dedicated to the fierce battle and 2,500 Yugoslav partisan fighters and 68,500 predominantly Serb civilians killed or deported to Ustaše concentration camps during the German-Ustaše-Hungarian Kozara Offensive from June to July 1942. The Yugoslav tradition of ORA reached its peak in the late 70s and early 80s, by the end of the 80s and the lead up to the dismantling of Yugoslavia, the tradition was all but dead. Created in 1960 by Croatian sculptor Marijan Kocković [profile page], the central elements of this cemetery are a 11m long wall bearing relief engravings of scenes from the Partisan's daily lives during WWII, while a bronze figurative sculpture in the sitting position is situated on the left side of the wall. Kozara je «mitska» planinina u severnozapadnom delu Bosne i Hercegovine, poznata po svom istorijskom značaju. A Yugoslav film about the events which took place during the 'Battle of Kozara' was released in 1962, which was titled ', The first engraved image visible at this spomenik is the large horse-and-rider carving on the front side of the monument (, Meanwhile, on the panel to the right of the horse carving, there are two engraved marble panels (which are in surprisingly good condition compared to the rest of the complex), that bear the names of the many dozens of local Serbian citizens who died during the battle at Kozara (, Finally, there is an additional engraved marble plaque (. For the foreseeable future, all indications I see point to this monument remaining well maintained and in good shape. Ovo je mjesto gdje možete dišući punim plućima uživati u prelijepim ambijentima kozaračkih šuma, baveći se raznim aktivnostima.Planina Kozara nalazi se u sjeverozapadnom dijelu Bosne i Hercegovine. Of the original 3,000 actual Partisan soldiers who engaged in the battle, roughly 900 fighters survived, leaving the vast majority killed in action. When constructed in 1979, this unique and distinctive red modernist complex stood as a bold testament to the ambitiousness of 70s era Yugoslav commercial artchitecture and design asthetics (Photo 8). Massive facilities were built at Kozara to accommodate over 1,500 young people at a time, who would all voluntarily spend their summers here engaged in various construction, maintenance and development projects aimed at improving the site.

The spomenik complex here at Kozara consists of three main elements, the primary monument structure, a memorial wall to the rear of the monument and a small museum. Photo 1: Ustaše soldiers standing over a pile of killed Partisan fighters, 1942, Photo 2: Yugoslav poster for the 1962 film 'Kozara'. It is not apparent what, if any, symbolic significance this concrete monument might have. The official website for the museum can be found at THIS link, while its exact coordinates are N44°58'37.9", E16°42'33.5".

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing. It is important to note, do NOT take any other secondary route into the park, as many GPS units may try to take you on one of these alternative routes. However, a significant amount of tree and brush overgrowth was removed and cleaned out around the monument in 2015 (which had grown higher than the monument itself), but it is not clear what group was responsible for this maintenance or if it was part of a regular vegetation removal effort.

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