[1] Yes, I understand.

[1] Who is it? (Sol), [1] T T You don’t trust me?

I was just thinking about you too. It’s half full, not half empty! (Leo)

[1] I think Sol is compassionate! (Jung Hi), [1] I think those who write negative comments online are all psychopaths (Sol) [2] I loved it as well… (Jung Hi), 02:22 – CHAT: Thought you could struggle to sleep…

[2] I understand T T You must feel left out… (Leo). [2] About you~. [Story Event] Ikémen Revolution: My Bodyguard Is My Boyfriend!? [1] Sol? [2] Oh! [2] Still not apologizing? The individual routes are slated to be out in December. [2] Why don’t you hang out with humans? Chatroom: Jung Hi, Leo, Sol, William, [1] This isn’t satisfying (Sol) [2] I don’t think you can take a shower right now, so why don’t we change your bandage? T T. What’s the matter. [2] T T Yes, I am so busy – any, [1] It’s not her fault that Cat is sick

[2] You are worried about me? [1] Hello, Hi. [2] Aiden and Won Seock are so strong.

[2] I know this smell (Jung Hi), [1] Take them off (Jung Hi)

Currently the most popular fashion model in the country, Leo has a pleasant, cool personality and a glib tongue that makes everyone feel good.


However, to become a fully fledged Unholyc, one must undergo a coming-of-age ceremony with their contracted partner for a week.

[2] I’m sorry, but there’s obviously a misunderstanding. (Any option is fine), I’m concerned about this devil’s dish… (Any option is fine), This is why I’ve been collecting acme! I will never stab you in the back, Jung Hi.

You must have been busy? [2] Leo’s brother…I’m curious what kind of person he is. [2] I’m also excited to see you… (Leo). – any, Your email address will not be published. [2] Oh! Then let’s chat with me!

How good is he exactly to act like that? An otome game is a video game with a romance theme that targets the female audience (乙女ゲーム otome gēmu means Maiden Game). [2] Hm?

Chatroom: Shallotte, William, Pierce, [1] Hey guys…? (Any option is fine), Perhaps…do you receive a penalty when you use your unique power? (Jung Hi) [1] But he said he’s really on my side. [1] Maybe it was someone who looked like her? He’s still talking. T^T • Ehem. I listen to you always.

(Any option is fine), I don’t think this is a laughing matter…(Any option is fine), I’m worried about you too… (Any option is fine), Aiden and Won Seock are so strong. [3] Choose Sol’s (Sol), 22:31 – CHAT: The last partner (Sol), [1] Sol has enemies? (Any option is fine), You waited to see me? hide. [2] Aren’t you a professional model?? + Jung Hi, Well, I don’t think Jung Hi did something that bad? Edit: You can also restart the game by going to Settings, Initialise Game, I won’t until you come [1] Its more complicated than just friends.

[3] I’m thinking about you around the clock (Leo), [1] lol. [2] See?


What plane?

[2] Mm…That’s where I feel weakest  – any, [1] …I hope you aren’t putting the crow’s eye balls inside this drink… – any; my choice (Don’t answer.)

[2] (Don’t answer), [1] Come in, William – game over [2] Yeah, Geonil seemed to be a real good guy. [1] .

[2] My love!!!

[2] You guys should be more devastated by what happened, [1] But he seemed pretty cold to her That’s part of his personal life. [2] Good things are lining up to happen for Hi! (none), Were’t you coming to see me tonight> T^T (L), I want to collect my acme as fast as possible…, I’m looking forward to meeting all of you…, Couldn’t you guys just have talked on a private convo… (none), Do you have something to do at night? (Sol), [1] Is it that easy? – any; my choice (Any option is fine), What if they suspect you? What’s that? [2] Sweet dreams, Leo.

+ Sol, I think your first impressions were pretty impressive as well + Jung Hi, You’ve been checking on it?

Sorry. (Sol)

William is considered an elite whose abilities are unrivalled within the butler association. +Sol, Yes, I believe I can do whatever it takes.

Chatroom: Sol, [1] Good morning! ❤ Feel free to add on if I missed out anything , I will help with everything I can this game is too awesome and has better timing than MM 18:39 chat has the options I am on your side! You are going to be late!! (Sol)

[2] Has he been looking for something casual and natural? [2] We met at Ripeato, [1] I think its too soon for you to ask me such a question – NYG002, Hi NYG002, I usually do guides and walkthroughs on games I like and am not really on reddit so I wasn’t aware that you did up a guide already! —, The one with “—” ? You are Leo’s brother! Did something happen to him? Please talk casually.

Why are you blaming yourself?

18:38 – CHAT: To protect what’s most valuable

[1] Do you have something to do at night? You’ve got to earn your keep when you’re young!

Chatroom: Leo, Sol.

+ Jung Hi. (Sol), [1] Thank you, Sol…!

– any; my choice + Jung Hi, Sol! –, But what’s done is done.

[3] Sol (Sol), [1] What…!

[2] Maybe you all can take a step back now…, 00:11 – CHAT: Welcome! [2] Wow! – any, [1] Sol, does this put you in danger? Knowing Jung Hi actually brought you a solid~! I am upset.

(L), Hi seems to be busy. This is South Korean company Prettybusy’s first otome mobile game. We need to respect his preference! + Jung Hi, Ah!

I’ve been dying to know! [2] Sure. Malicious comments?!

4)[1], [1] That’s relieving.

(Any option is fine), Liam… Do not test your master.

[2] I presume you discussed about Ripeato.

(Leo) + Leo [2] He seemed sweet (Sol), 21:32 – CHAT: Scariest person He sounded kind and nice. • Oh! (Sol) [2] Mm…what are we talking about? Chatroom: Shallote. + Sol, Turns out, Sol is quite interested on things concerning Leo hahahaha + Sol, He must really be a difficult person… (Any option is fine), Why is he so full of himself… (Any option is fine), Maybe he’s just an honest person?! Glad to hear it didn’t affect your shooting! (Any option is fine). [2] Huh? [1] Yes I did. (Jung Hi) [2] Are Hi’s fans surrounding Ripeato before the concert? [2] So he was tricked by them… – any; my choice, [1] How did he trick the officers with his tongue?

(H), All three of you aren’t exactly kids though. Chatroom: Jung Hi, [1] Chased down?? (Leo)

+ Leo, I also enjoy doing it with you guys + Leo. [2] Is Hi coming too? Doing so is to prepare you for Season 2 when individual routes are out.

[1] Knowing me is one of the good things right? [2] But what’s done is done. [1] Wow…your profile picture is so pretty… [1] Now I really want to get to know them!

Enough about that.

(Sol), [1] Has Leo ever fallen off the edge of the planet like this? [2] Aren’t you busy, Jung Hi? [2] Are the bad things happening because of me?

[2] Hi, how things are going with your work?

It feels like Mystic Messenger all over again.

[1] Where’s Hi? + Sol, Dear Otomelliee, I’m not partial to anything. (Sol). (Leo) [2] I survived thanks to Hi.

I did it!!

[2] It’s…our little secret.

Chatroom: Sol, William, [1] You don’t like being with me alone? [2] Yeah, it’s my voice.

[2] I didn’t hide anything. [2] What was he like back then?

• Something interesting?• No, I’m not busy~ + Leo. [2] How can you say like that about Jung Hi! [2] I was about to. (Sol), [1] Everything is centred on Jung Hi for you, Sujee – any [2] I’m so glad they found him T T (Jung Hi), [1] Maybe that’s what you want to believe? [1] Did it happened because you had turned down their offer? Why does he hate it so much? [2] Then why is she even in the chat room? (Leo) The guide has been amended, thank you Izza for spotting the mistake!

(Leo), [1] Was he Hi’s fan? All the employees at Ripeato used to be gangsters?

Chatroom: William, [1] Liam, Good morning!

[2] Alright, enough about that. 2 [1] I am a bit disoriented… (Jung Hi) [2] You didn’t do anything wrong. (Any option is fine), Yes, you are right…that’s what makes me worried. [1] William…Please stay with me T T

[2] You seem to take care of your friends before yourself, 13:47 – CHAT: An unwelcome letter

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. [2] Boss of Charisma lol.

(none), That’s great!


(Any option is fine), Maybe she’s taking it off a little longer (Any option is fine), Suhee, you must visit Ripeato pretty often? We’re fine. Chatroom: Jung Hi, Leo, Sol. – if u select (ch. [1] I think you are T T [2] Did you worry about me a lot? [1] Ah, Hi! (Leo)

– any; my choice Where?! I AM special indeed!

[2] What are you working on, Jung Hi? I don’t listen to anyone so cheer up William! [2] Well, no?

I don’t think you can take a shower right now, so why don’t we change your bandage?

– any; my choice [1] That’s a relief… (Leo) You can’t just throw your life away like that.

[1] Sol’s description of me isn’t entirely wrong…but…

Chatroom: Jung Hi, Leo, Sol, [1] That’s exactly why… (Any option is fine), Does Ripeato ever close? Does anyone know what just happened LOL. – any; my choice

– They say good things come to those who wait! Do you like playing games, Leo?

I don’t think i can remember all of them…. [2] It’s difficult because that’s not in our contract condition (Leo), [1] If that’s what you guys want, I will try (Leo) (Any option is fine), …Are you really Mr. Seojoon?

Aren’t you a bit rude? I was just thinking about you too. Its more complicated than just friends. [2] It was scary…But I’m fine (Jung Hi), 01:59 – CHAT: I think it actually hurts

Please talk casually.

[2] I’m over here!

(Sol), [1] …Chocolate cake, I love it too.

Can’t we simply get rid of all the pockets on my clothes? [2] Did you talk to your sisters today?

[2] Yeap, it’s what my usual day looks like (Leo), [1] I’m fine with that!

(Any option is fine), An important event? You worry about me being a girl like you?

(Jung Hi), [1] I am too T T I ‘ve got so much to do… (Jung Hi) (Any option is fine), I’m kind of building respect for him. [2] I will get used to it! [2] It looks ominous…, [1] What happens if I do?

[2] Why don’t you get both of them? [2] Do they make your life hard? Chatroom: Jung Hi, Leo, Sol.

[2] Hahaha why does Jung Hi think oral health is so important…?

[2] Hi’s a stronger person than I thought – any, 19:42 – CHAT: Strange SOS +_+ (Leo)

08:43 – CHAT: William’s heart

I want to hear more about the town that you’re risking your life to protect, Good things are lining up to happen for Hi!

(Leo) [2] Are you also worried for my wellbeing?

(Leo) [2] Then I simply won’t use the power!

[2] Sol must be aware how concerned you are, Leo. Is Leo a hard nut to crack?

[2] Oh wow…that’s a lot to take in. –. [2] Of course!

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