Bound to her by that life debt, Diaval serves Maleficent primarily by acting as her new "wings". She benevolently protects her home, the forest kingdom over which she presides, but a betrayal turns her pure heart stone cold. 1 hr 38 min. Although still relatively unknown, Dickinson has recently appeared as Gurjin in Netflix's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

so much so that she actively tries to break her own curse.

She specified that no power on earth can change it. An earlier scene has Conall explaining that Maleficent is the latest step of the mythical bird's evolution. This leaves Maleficent and Aurora on opposing sides, and trying to figure out if they ever can be a family. (as Pik-Sen Lim), Prince Philip (Bulgarian)

(as Oliver Newman), Tundra Warrior Fey Child

(as Harry Newman), Forest Warrior Fey Grandfather orchestra contractor: Isobel Griffiths Ltd. musician: french horn (as Philippa Slack), script supervisor: splinter unit additional photography, assistant script supervisor: additional photography, financial controller: additional photography, assistant production coordinator / production coordinator: additional photography, Animation Assistant Department Manager: MPC, assistant: Duncan Henderson (as Rosie Cocker), additional floor runner / set production assistant, assistant asset manager / environment production assistant, Child Fey: Performance Capture / Motion Capture Performer, set production assistant: second unit - dailies, Safety Consultant for the Walt Disney Company, production assistant: additional photography, armourer/workshop manager / armoury workshop manager, assistant assets co-ordinator / key environmental assistant, production assistant / production secretary: additional photography. Fittle seems to still be alive after being turned into a flower, as she seems to turn Aurora's dress blue during the wedding, and Knottgrass and Thistlewitt turn to her and say they like the color. Also Downplayed, as once she gets her wings back, he immediately goes the practical route and orders them to kill her, Seeing his own daughter helping his enemy by giving her her wings back likely contributes to his. Lindsay is an extremely well-known British actor, with a wealth of TV roles to his name, including playing Ben Harper in My Family, one of the longest-running British sitcoms. Henry promised his people that during his reign he would conquer the Moors. Her true form turns out to be a phoenix, a creature that can be reborn from its ashes, which means Maleficent cannot be killed, her true form turns out to be a phoenix, instead of a dragon, though her phoenix form does have some draconic aspects, she gets them back at a pivotal moment thanks to Aurora. From playing a young Daisy in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, to playing Aurora, Fanning has also appeared in How to Talk To Girls at Parties, and played the titular role in Mary Shelley. She sheds the evil duds once Aurora's curse is broken and she regains her wings. After he proposes, and she accepts, Aurora and Maleficent discover that Phillip's mother, Queen Ingrith, intends to divide humans and fairies forever. The vain, cruel king of the humans at the onset of the film. | makes peace with the marriage — and the fact that now, she can care about the Dark Fae, especially their children, certainly helps. Angelina Jolie reprises her eponymous role from Maleficent, which has always been her favorite Disney character. Subverted at the end, where Maleficent walks her down the aisle to marry Phillip. Queen Ingrith. She has a degree in musical theater and performance and thinks that musical soundtracks should form a fundamental part of everyone's daily existence.

He gets his wish in the climax, as Maleficent turns him into one to attack some of Ingrith's men. Lesley Manville plays the final role in the fairy trio, Flittle. Just to rub it in more, Stefan sees Aurora, his knights around him have Maleficent beaten to the edge of death, but Stefan steps in intending to deal the killing blow. Diaval is Maleficent's servant, a shapeshifter who often assumes the form of a raven which can be seen perched on his Mistress' shoulder.

She kept saying she loved the sweet shadow that followed her around, that she wanted to invite it in for tea. If Aurora's narration is anything to go by, she eventually does. Becky has been writing for Screen Rant since 2014. Her response to Maleficent resurrected as a phoenix? Maleficent wears brown robes until she appears before Aurora for the first time, in which she starts wearing black. Towards Maleficent when he has her cornered in their final battle.

Company Credits To prevent that from happening, the king orders her sent away into the care of the three good fairies until the day after the curse is to take effect. up until Knotgrass and Thistlewhit attack her, she whimpers and flails her arms before screaming during her, Knotgrass and Thistlewit attack her and cause her to not only fall off the organ, but the balcony she's on as well, screaming during the fall, slaughters the fairies trapped in the chapel and plays the organ while doing so. Most recently, Temple has been playing the role of Veronica Newell in the Netflix series, Dirty John.

| It is restored to a fairy wonderland after Maleficent becomes good again. Looking for movie tickets? When she's crowned Queen, her dress is a brighter gold than previously, reflecting how happy she is again. From left to right: Knotgrass, Flittle, and Thistlewit.

Official Sites Filming & Production Her final moments in the film before being turned to a goat have her comically and powerlessy ranting at the fairies. Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil cast consists of top actors and actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and more.

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