These colleges are given below: The graph below is showing the percentage of Marine Engineering colleges in India with their fees break up: In India, the students who want to get admission to the Marine Engineering colleges are required to clear various national/ state/ university/ college-level entrance exams. and after complete my 12 th std then what I want to study,plz email to my mailThank u , I am sakthi studying 11th standard I want to be a marine engineer, Thanks for the above information . What is Power Balancing of Marine Engines?

After gaining a good amount of experience and on the basis of performance, a company will provide promotion to the third engineer. Marine engineers are land jobs in Shipping firms, Indian Navy, Shipyards, Engine manufacturing companies, Ship building firms, Ship design firms, Maritime universities, Research Institutions etc. With the advancement of technology, the amount of time a ship stays at the port has drastically reduced, leaving the ship’s crew with no time to go out on shore-leave. i need a sponsorship, I WANT BY NEXT YEAR , I WILL BE ADMIT TO LOGISTICS NIGERIA NAVY FINANCE SCHOOL BUT FOR NOW IF I SEE SOMEONE WHO WILL HELP ME OR SUPPORT ME IN IT OR IN MARINE ENGINEER STUDY , PLEASE THAT MY NUMBER +2348095462694 , PLZ IF YOU ARE INTEREST WANT TO HELP ME , GOD WILL HELP YOU, THANKS. Some of the important duties that people who have done marine engineering (maritime engineering) perform are: Monitoring and maintenance of mechanical systems – Engineers of each rank on board ship is allocated specific machinery and systems for maintenance and monitoring purpose.

Taylor General Engineering Knowledge (Marine Engineering) – H.D McGeorge Marine Auxiliary Machinery – H.D McGeorge Pounder’s Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines – Doug Woodyard Marine Boilers – G.T.H Flanagan Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge – Dennis T.Hall Ship Construction – David J.Eyres. Learn about a variety of marine engineering technology, aspects related to engine room performance, and workshop tools and systems in the articles list below: List of Processes Used in Marine Workshop of Ships, Different Types of Mechanical Measuring Tools and Gauges Used on Ships, A Guide to Welding Electrodes on Ships – Part 1, A Guide to Welding Electrodes on Ships – Part 2, The Urgent Need to Reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Emissions from Ships. They are the main supporting system of the ship’s engine and other important machinery in the engine room.

Pls.reply. Boiler is one of the main supporting machinery systems in the ship’s engine room. As centrifugal pump is not a self priming pump,separate priming arrangement is required…generally,a separate axial pump is provided for this purpose.The discharge v/v of the centrifugal pump is closed,and the inlet v/v is opened.The discharge v/v is opened only after the … They have responsibilities for the construction and maintenance of ships machinery that include steam turbines, gas turbines and engine room. If you completed a three year diploma in marine engineering, you can apply for UG course in marine engineering.

Emergency breakdown and repair – The study of marine engineering also teaches how to deal with major maintenance and breakdown of machinery systems at sea. Today’s ships are technologically highly advanced and the engineer needs to understand various disciplines including mechanical, electrical, electronics, hydraulic, structural and naval architectural concepts. Preferential Trips on Ship : Construction and Working, Single Phasing in Electrical Motors: Causes, Effects, and Protection Methods, Construction and Operation of Megger Explained, Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instrument (PMMC) – Working and Application on Ship. Marine Engineering opens the gates for job opportunities in India as well as abroad. A Chief Engineer’s Concern Regarding Slow Steaming of Ships, Slow Steaming of Ships: Optimization of Ship’s Main Engine.

Your age should be 17-25 years.

Both merchant navy and armed navy have immense opportunities for the students of this field. Reasons for Cylinder Liner Wear and Ways to Measure it, Intelligent Engines – The New Generation Machines, An Overview of Common Rail System of Marine Engines, Piston Skirt, Piston Rod and Trunk Piston, Types of Piston Rings and Piston Ring Maintenance, Understanding Indicator Diagram and Different Types of Indicator Diagram Deficiencies.

AND I REALLY LOVE THIS FIELD OF ENGINEERING, please i need a sponsor to educate GOD for marine engeeneereng, What are the details for me to study marine engineering, @Michael: Please check this article:, I am a student at delta state school of marine burutu I study marine engineering its a good course.

Filter by location, fees, exams, degree, branch etc. How to become marine engineer after doing mechanical engineering? Can I join to some good marine collages…through dis….? What are the Main Safety Devices for Main Switch Board on Ship? Trade Marks belong to the respective owners. wishes to you. Chevron, Stena Shipping, NYK, Maersk and so on, Indian Maritime University (IMU), Kolkata, Science, NYK, Chevron, Synergy, Skorpian, Fleet management, Anglo-Eastern ship management and so on, Hindustan Institute of Marine Technology (HIMT College), Chennai, MOL, MOLTA, Goodwood, Chellaram, PCL, Torm, Ocean Sparkle and so on. Can i get direct entry in marine engineering will my salary be 60 to 70 thousand. so how can i take a start from now to acchieve my goal ? The increase in the employment opportunities in this field has added to the lure of a job as a marine engineer.

THANKs. Q 3. The cardiovascular system is also ... To be declared fit for selection, a candidate must be in good mental and physical health and free from any deficiency likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duties. If you have any other queries about Marine Engineering, you can ask your query in the comment box. Please I want to ask how much would it cost.

Entrance Exam – JEE Main 2020, IMU CET 2020. After completing the degree course, one can work on ships for a six-month working contract as a Trainee/ Junior Engineer. To grow in this field, the Marine Engineer should obtain the USCG license. And for how many months we will be on ship and away from home?? Why are Transformer and Alternator Ratings in kVA on Ships? A Marine Engineer can also go for jobs in the Defence sector which gives the opportunity of the candidate to travel around the world. There are a few new fields in Marine Engineering such as alternative energy from wind, work on the oil platform,etc. An average salary ranges from 64000 to 96000/year will be provided to the marine engineers. Further research and development are also in progress and newer details emerge every now and then. Judging by the developments and the interest it would not be wrong to assume that this field of study would continue to leave an indelible mark on the world.

Am really mad with this marine engineering, I love it, I need it but my education background has been a collection of different coins from different parts of my location ….to support my O-level education and in our village after one is through with the FORM 4 education, the help is being cut off and now am hire …yawning for marine engineering! @Anamitra: As you are in 8th standard, you still have 4 years to see if the job situation improves or worsens.

marine engineers from India have salaries in the range mentioned below ( in USD$/month): Fifth engineer – $350-800 Marlex Marine is a well established marine engineering / servicing company based within the grounds of Buckden marina in Cambridgeshire.. We look after all the boating needs of both customers on site and those from other marinas having boat lifting and compound storage facilities for …

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