Issuing Ministry of Forestry Regulation No. The level of 1993 production was a peak level, since then the production level has significantly decreased (Table 15). Every day, Mongabay reporters bring you news from nature’s frontline. Under Indonesian law, all NGOs with a permanent presence in the country need an MOU to carry out field work with the ministry. The distribution of community forests around the country is shown in Table 5.

The Ministry also has jurisdiction over national parks and management of national reserves. Bambang Hendroyono, secretary-general at the ministry, accused WWF in a statement to Reuters of allowing some of its concession to burn and also criticised a WWF social media campaign slamming the government over forest fires. The spread of Village Forests that have gained the approval is in West Kalimantan province, which has the biggest approved area, followed by Central Kalimantan, West Sumatra, South Sumatra, East Kalimantan, West Papua, and South Sulawesi.

The ministry is often headed by a minister for forestry. National Meeting on Community Forest and Village Forest, to ensure effective coordination in  achieving CF and VF. Directorate General of Forestry was forced to delegate much authority to the directorate of which should exceed. Domestic consumption, export and import of wood-based products are shown in Table 13, while Table 14 indicates the corresponding figures for paper and paperboard as well as consumption for pulp. Besides, small scale resin tapping by private companies take place in the province of North Sumatera and Aceh. Moreover, Indonesia Ecolabelling Institute (LEI) which was established in 1994 as a third independent body, is actively preparing the concept and implementation of C and I of sustainable forest management at the forest management unit level in the short run. Forestry agency level Directorate-General felt unable to overcome the problems and the development of forestry development activities are increasing. The Forestry Sector will increasingly become highly critical especially in the face of the ongoing threat of climate change and the need to sustainably manage our natural resources, and to grow our economy. Hkm in Sumberjaya, in West Lampung district has shown changes from coffee monoculture to shaded coffee in the past 15 years (Verbist, B., et. If you value this objective and impact-driven journalism, please consider becoming a sustaining member. Participatory Research on Potential NTFP to be developed in CF/HKm or VF/HD, to enhance commodities productivity and suitability of community forest, Developing NTFP for the community at CF/HKm and VF/HD, to develop the capacity of the community at HKm/HD, Development of partnership for private forest farmers, to improve income of the private forest farmers, Promoting leading commodity from community forestry in trade fair, to assist community receiving fair value of their products, Development of benchmark for community forest and village forest for ASEAN level, Enhance capacity of community forest involving renewable energy (Wood Pellet) in Madura, to improve community’s knowledge  on business sense with simple economic analyses tool on operating wood pellet production, Executive study tour on social forestry in Community Forest site to showcase viable and feasible economic activities in the community/village level to the policy makers within national and regional scope. Development of partnerships between forest farmers and forest product based industries.

P. 36/2009, concerning procedure for issuing permits for utilizing absorption and/or carbon stock in production forest and protection forest, Issuing Ministry of Forestry Regulation No.

Peru prosecutors probe Amazon deforestation linked to Mennonite communities, Mongabay’s most popular conservation news stories in October 2020, Frustration as Antarctic conservation summit fails to declare marine sanctuaries, In Brazil’s Sooretama, a piece of the Amazon thrives in the Atlantic Forest. TE therefore has four types of development programme. We’re wondering, but until now, there’s no answer. That same day, WWF Indonesia received another letter from the ministry, this one dated Oct. 4 and saying that the MOU was being terminated at the end of the year. 576 of 1993 concerning the Criteria and Indicators (C and I) of Natural Production Forest Sustainability at National Level. It is intended that the trend continue in the future in line with the efforts to implement sustainability scheme which partly requires certainty or assurance of tenure for forest land.

Therefore, the ministry said, WWF Indonesia was the party that had failed to protect the national park, which was also affected by fires in 2015.

As of year 1995 there are at least 494 units of concessionaire-wood-based industry in Indonesia. Developing intensive communication with local governmet (Governor and Head of District) and NGO, Encourage Local Goverment to propose SF and VF. Compared with 1989 when the length of forest boundary was only 51,019 kilometres, the achievement on forest boundary establishment during the last 6 years (1990-1996) has more than tripled or equivalent with 320 percent increase (Table 3). These consist of 303 sawmill units with total annual capacity of 8.3 million cu m; 113 plymill units with total annual capacity of 10.9 million cu m; and 78 blockboard mills with total annual capacity of 1.5 million cu m. Besides, there are 2,094 units of non-concessionaire wood-based industries consisting of 2,024 units of sawmill (total capacity 10.67 million cu m/year), 7 units plymill (total capacity 146,650 cu m/year), 24 units of blockboard mill (total capacity 427,650 cu m/year) and 39 units of particleboard mill with total annual capacity of 2.7 million cu m. Details on this are in Table 9. Technical functional relationship between local and central, conducted through the Regional Office of Department (Agriculture), which due to different nature of the activities of each sub-sector, causing kekurangserasian P. 30/2009, concerning mechanism of emission reduction from deforestation and forest degradation, Issuing Presidential Regulation No.16/2011 concerning National Action Plan for reducing emission, Issuing Instruction of the President of Indonesia No.10/2011 concerning delay issuance of new permits and improvement of natural forest and peat land forest governance, Issuing Ministry of Forestry Decree No. Image by by Rhett A. Butler/Mongabay. ASEAN – Swiss Partnership on Social Forestry and Climate Change (ASFCC) Programme support for SF in Indonesia, CF Permit for 10 Farmer Groups consisting in total of 1987 farmers and covering about 5,094 ha, has been issued, Internship Learning on CF Practices at Aik Berik, Central Lombok  – West Nusa Tenggara/NTB, Developing CF operational plan for 2012 and 2014, Training on Carbon Measurement and providing measurement tools for Farmer Groups, Training on institutional strengthening for Farmer Groups who have received SF Permit, Training on Community Livelihood Appraisal and Products Scanning (CLAPS), Identification of NTFP Potential using CLAPS tools, Training on NTFP Production Process and providing modest equipment for NTFP production process, Training on Financial administration for Farmer Groups. It was observed that the issuance of the C and I has improved the concession performance.

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