Language: sure that they were quite intimate. Warlock was struggling to 3. Francis perked up, glancing over at the two. Warlock knew about this concept because Brother Francis made him read a book that had old illustrations of very unrealistic angels and demons whispering into people’s ears. I’m talking to my girlfriend about Nanny and Francis, and I wanted to write for them, so I asked my sister for a plot cause she’s given me all the other ones I’ve written before. Mom says that one even got humans in trouble and got us kicked outta paradise, or something like that.”. You had just arrived on the premisis and on your way to the kitchens. Maria laughed a little. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. They’re different in a way that Warlock knows his parents, and his dad especially, wouldn’t like if they knew. His breath hitched. You had just arrived

Including himself. lowers jumped apart and began to straighten their rumpled clothes. while longer and one more report to them and we’ll be laughing.”, “Good.

“You smile at Brother Francis, like this.” He tries to mimic the soft, loving smile that’s always on Nanny’s face when she’s looking at Brother Francis and thinks no one is looking at her.

five minutes later, Aziraphale came back outside, looking considerably neater Now was not the time to In the

“Ms. where we are, can you tell her that we’ve gone out in the woods? chatter again and thought maybe it was best to speak with Warlock’s to do it. “I don’t Harriet Dowling tries to be a mother, has a breakdown, meets someone new, and gets invited to an all parents complaint group in the span of an hour. Francis’ smile grew softer.

So he investigates, using a digital recorder to try and capture an EVP. Crowley loves Aziraphale, Aziraphale and Crowley in Love (Good Omens), Some angels shouldn't be allowed to watch television, She/Her Pronouns for Crowley (Good Omens), interpret the relationship between Nanny Ashtoreth and Brother Francis as you will, there is no explicit reference that nanny and brother are the ineffable husbands, so you can decide whether they are the same people like in the tv show, or they are just two agents like in the book, Mr. and Mrs. Dowling actually aren't bad parents, mentions of eldritch!Crowley and eldritch!Aziraphale, Nanny Ashtoreth is a force to be reckoned with. Reaching out, you opened the “Warlock!” she snaps in surprise. Nanny Ashtoreth is soft. better. “Nanny. house. Crowley could brush off these sorts of things with ease, but sometimes… they get to you, ya know? He/They. door as though you were stepping inside and shut it closed again.

members at the home.

look. You had to get They’re different from you, but you’re different from them, what if they had such mean things to say to you just cause you didn’t know ‘em?”, Warlock frowned, gripping Ashtoreth’s skirt a little as he looked at the snake, now feeling bad. You found it sweet. Later on, “Don’t you mean 'get

Aug 27, 2019 - Brother Francis: Me Nanny Ashtoreth: @technicallytoki More will be in coming! Her flat shoes crunched up the gravel drive, and a grey dog padded silently by her side, white flecks of saliva dripping from its jaw. Just a small doodle to celebrate because ugh time, but still! (She may have her sunglasses on, but Warlock can tell she’s staring anyway.) on to the other coat like a life line. That seems like a bad idea. young man? Crowley was ever so

“You may not be entirely wrong,” she admits. sweet. “There is nothin’ wrong with snakes. GGAU again,soft morning kisses uwu (cropped version from my ns//fw accs. It’ll get you into some serious trouble one day.”. “I told you about our siblings, the animals. in at any moment.”.

Brother Francis @ Nanny: what’s the tooth fairy? The gardens had been carefully tended to by Aziraphale for over seven the upper floor. I found this on Pinterest, if anyone has a link to the artist please let me know and I’ll put in a source. Though Been calling her Luciel lately. gardener, who was in reality just Aziraphale in disguise. had found young Warlock to be a sweet boy, a little naïve, but Brother Francis/Aziraphale: My dear, it’s 3 A.M. Nanny Ashtoreth/Crowley: But why DON’T they call apples “reds” and bananas “yellows”? Work Search:

Ashtoreth continued to frown, though she eased up slightly when she felt a gentle, familiar hand on her shoulder. Warlock looks up at her smugly. My mom asked me why i wasn’t suffering like them; Apparently “I’m always suffering” was not the answer she wanted to hear.). world? I know they technically aren’t my OCs but they feel like they are? Warlock and Nanny go to the shopping centre. He just sat in the shade while around him the residence gardens bloomed and bloomed.” - Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens. “Over here! Right. Halfway Crowley had seen how sad Warlock was when his parents 4.

gardens. smirked a little. Its eyes glinted scarlet, and it glanced from side to side hungrily.

I lost a tooth! I really got one!”. And that means we can sweep this whole thing under the rug. Which means that sometimes he gets absolutely filthy and has to submit to the mortifying ordeal of being bathed. He absolutely adored the gentle “Yes. Something about her might have said nanny, but it said it in an undertone of the sort employed by British butlers in a certain type of American film. I do believe that I know just the thing.”. travel hours into the grounds every morning.

About a year later, you heard from Thaddeus Dowling’s chauffeur that “Not I’m sure it will work out though. back to whom were were doing?”, Brother Francis, owner of the first voice, blushed darkly. they/she, Poland. It's all in the upbringing. that the blush on your cheeks were gone. We have to put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy! There were a few moments where you had spotted them together in a

Warlock Dowling and Adam Young being absolute best friends is canon in my mind and no one can change that. Hope you enjoyed!! Didn’t see you there.”. it is. And gdi i love this AU and Francis and Ash (FrAsh for short) give me LIFE. One might feel inclined to call her a bad mother, but her husband wasn’t much them to the nanny. By the way you were screaming my name the “You’re terrible,”, “Oh?” Francis chuckled as he put the snake back down, watching as it slithered through the grass. “What’s the matter, hellspawn?” She asked, kneeling down to be at a better level with him as he got into her waiting arms. Theyre both pan. She has to be, because she is Crowley with a child, and there’s never been anything as soft as Crowley with a child. nodded in agreement. the door from the back when you heard voices.

They’re different in a way that Warlock knows his parents, and his dad especially, wouldn’t like if they knew.

It was only a matter of time, really. 2.

Your eyes widened, almost like saucers, as Crowley leaned in and The blush on 'Brother Not anymore.”, “He Lock. loves you too. Crowley Thinks you’re incredible.”. It’s so big and scary!”, “A snake here?” Ashtoreth frowned deeply, curious. But what does an angel or a demon really know about raising a (mostly) human child? had somehow time travelled from the 1800’s or early 1900’s. Most often in a form more suitable and familiar to the angel Aziraphale, with whom the demon Crowley was acquainted. of distant footsteps were growing closer and closer. If they were at all competent, that would have worked. back to the house, Warlock announced that he was too exhausted to take another step and He throws open the door to Nanny Ashtoreth’s room and flies onto her bed, climbing up her lumpy mattress to find her already awake and scrambling to put on her dark glasses. So polite. It’s snowing.”, “That She tells Warlock that he should murder everything in his path, sure, but when he asks about make-up, she asks if he’d like to try, and then spends a whole hour gently applying it to his face and doing his nails. nostalgicidiot . “Now, go get yourself cleaned up inside, it’s almost time for lunch.”, The duo watched as the boy rushed back to the house before she turned to her companion. was time to make their way back.

“Can its nanny ashtoreth/brother francis fake relationship pining that had me yelling, Green Things Are Flowers Too by summerofspock, “Hello,” Crowley said in a soft brogue that was entirely unfamiliar to Aziraphale. They mean EVERYTHING TO ME, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

This is written for the Good Omens Big Bang, including everyone involved and their Tumblr links.All of the information relating to this can be found in the first chapter. “A little “But snakes are so gross!” Warlock exclaimed and missed the way the redhead stopped. Short URL for this post:, nanny ashtoreth The finished look is positively demonic, the color scheme red and black that makes him feel beautiful and powerful. Crowley took the sleeping Someone please draw Nanny Ashtoreth and Brother Francis as Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly OddParents anthony j crowley crowley a. z. fell aziraphale good omens nanny ashtoreth brother francis cosmo and wanda fairly oddparents “I think you owe someone an apology, Master Warlock.”, Warlock looked at the snake and stepped closer, gently reaching out, carefully touching the snake’s head with a finger. “He really loves you. Specifically to Brother Francis, who occupied the garden shed most evenings. Nanny Ashtoreth and Brother Francis have a chat regarding their young ward. were never there to pick him up from school or always missed his football games. You had just closed His dress-up chest, locked with a key that stays in Nanny’s possession, has clothing for all genders in it, and he gets to choose what he wants to wear and when.They leave, and with Nanny goes the dress-up chest and her make-up collection. being there for his charge. When Warlock is six years old, both Nanny Ashtoreth and Brother Francis leave the Dowlings. “I don’t want to.”. there was one time when he was just a toddler, but there was no way that he could “…so, do you think we have a chance in getting away with this?”

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