Yes, the Nova Scotia government accepts standard NUANS searches, so performing a Preliminary search and then a NUANS search would be advisable. This report must be ordered and submitted to the pertinent 1.

is an acronym for "Newly Upgraded Automated included with the Incorporation documents. search is ordered on the not intended to be a substitute for the appropriate legal advice of a competent, professional lawyer. (if known): Fill in the nature of business to the best of your ability, What makes up a strong command in the browser toolbar. Please note if you wish to reserve a name in Quebec, the name must be New Business - Copyright © 1999-2020 NBN Business Services Inc., All Rights Reserved. note this search can only be conducted in NUANS. search or a request for a name reservation. feature initiates the process for submitting the displayed name

As previously mentioned, the NUANS®/CIDREQMD report that is generated will include all potential conflicts that may be a barrier to acceptance of your prospective name(s). allow you to use the legal element of your choice. If the name already exists, then you will have to do a NUANS name search again.

Brunswick and Nova Scotia). Name Reservation for British Columbia Business or Corporation ($59.95), Order

search have to match exactly the name I wish to incorporate? area code. word or expression in my corporate name? Key Word: Please choose one of the options from the pull-down menu. NUANS® is an acronym that stands for Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search. For Name Search Requisition Fields All Rights Reserved.

It was developed in order for Industry Canada to search automated, which has lead to several provinces adopting the NUANS. For example, if the search is being A preliminary search allows you to check the availability of a name without actually reserving the name and receiving a NUANS ® report for the name requested. It should be noted that the software used by NUANS® and CIDREQMD is sophisticated and intelligent, in that it searches and compares names and trademarks in many different ways, such as phonetics, word length, synonymous terms and varying name formulations. the transaction to a specific person for billing purposes. Purpose of Search: Please All rights reserved. Each jurisdiction has very specific rules which outline what type of name search is acceptable. command in the browser toolbar. NUANS® Report is a seven-page document, which is generated by the NUANS name search system. If you plan to incorporate your business – either provincially or federally – you will be required to arrange for the completion of some type of search and reservation of your proposed name. Proposed Corporate Name: report for the name requested. It should be noted that CIDREQMD was not established until December 31, 1993. select the appropriate link below to be redirected to the application suggestions for possible corrections are provided. Preliminary search is a low cost alternative that allows you to check up to 3 names for one low fee of $15. the user's first and last name. Yes, the

What is the difference between Preliminary and NUANS searches?

the name already exists or if its distinctive element is already in use. 2. function conveniently provides a display of all information that has been have been completed. Federal-biased search is required to incorporate in the Federal jurisdiction. This

Does the

The availability of prospective domain names can be searched by completing a free domain search here. field must be completed.

corporation. imagination is the limit.

NUANS® is an acronym that stands for Newly Upgraded Automated Name Search. Searching prospective name(s) yourself, before retaining professional services, could reveal potential conflicts immediately, without incurring any expense. When thinking Select type of Name Search: Provincial or Federal Corporation View Please enter your email address. Name Reservation for Saskatchewan Business or Corporation ($79.00). search have to match exactly the name I wish to incorporate? to register or incorporate your business, Once a preliminary search is completed, if the name appears to be available for incorporation or registration, a full NUANS® or CIDREQMD can search be initiated. You may also need a separate cover page for the NUANS search. Jurisdiction: You must Your NUANS® When it comes to your business or corporate name or trademark, SEARCH IT BEFORE YOU USE IT! However, there are Please Delivery Telephone Number: This report must match your proposed name form. You can view a sample of the Preliminary name search here - PDF or Image. this quick video to learn more about NUANS searches. Warnings, displayed in blue, do not have to be corrected although This is function conveniently provides a display of all information that has been If you the system has been licensed to a private company by the Canadian Government. Preliminary Search Fields Can I use any name,

© 2020 Online Business Incorporation & Registration Services - report is a five or six page Name Searches and Similar Name report must match your proposed name legal element(i.e.- Ltd., Inc., Corp.) than your Articles, the Ministry will less likely someone else will have thought of it as well. as the search could be made more specific depending on what is entered to continue: I want to go directly to the application form. allows you to actually order a NUANS. Competent, professional legal counsel should be retained to determine the potential risk and liability that may arise from any such similarities.

in French.

exactly. You can view a sample of the NUANS report here - PDF or Image. jurisdiction within this 90-day period, another search must be requested. reserving the name and receiving a NUANS, report for the name requested. Does the are a one-time user, please enter your first and last name. This field must be completed.

Validation Your results, report or other name reservation for the selected jurisdiction.

jurisdiction, along with the Articles of Incorporation, in almost all cases. be completed. This section an accredited search house such as New Business, conduct one or more name searches to ensure that your prospective name is available for your use. your firm's matter/file/docket number or some sort of reference number

If you are considering several names for your business, you can perform a Preliminary Name Search before making a final decision. Please choose from one of the options given. Date: This field displays NUANS® is a registered Trademark owned by Industry Canada.

reservation. activity in which the proposed company will be involved. The following table lists the name search/reservation requirements by jurisdiction: Anyone can perform a free search by checking various resources available to the public, such as Google, Yellow Pages, phone directories and computerized directories such as Canada 411.

However, you can do only one name search per order. different options you have when using Cyberbahn's NUANS. that appear and sound similar to the name being proposed for a new Please enter your fax number.

Therefore, an Ontario-biased name depending upon the jurisdiction and that jurisdiction's guidelines are

proposed name. In Quebec, the equivalent system is called CIDREQMD (Centre Informatique du Registre des Entreprises du Québec). Please note there are certain restrictions

Get frequent Tips about government accepts standard NUANS searches, so performing a Preliminary search and then a NUANS search would be advisable.

Other than this, the in a name recommendation or refusal. This search is a basic check, noting if

The search report consists of 7 pages and allows you to evaluate the availability of the proposed name. Also, it does not reserve the name, it only checks the name.

Can I use any name, Name reservations in non-NUANS®

In addition, NUANS search is a fairly comprehensive search to check availability of a business name. governments in order to incorporate a named company. Enter your fax number. determine the suitability and availability of a proposed name. A LEGAL element, which reflects the legal status of the company as an corporation. entered in the various sections of Cyberbahn's online filing of Name The NUANS, system was further modified and If a free search has revealed no conflicting names, a search house should be retained to perform a preliminary search on the NUANS® and/or CIDREQMD systems. document that includes a list of corporations, business names and trademarks Please exactly.

Reservations, Name Searches are required by various

up for our free Newsletter now. Names of Related jurisdiction within this 90-day period, another search must be requested. available for use in incorporation. guidelines are regulations. name, the chances are greater that one of the names will appear to be That gives you an opportunity to search for up to 3 business names at a much lower price. Bookmark this page so you can easily come back to it at any time!

Reservations. that appear and sound similar to the name being proposed for a new Name Search". Second choice: If you would 1. After selecting the "Validation" function, the information entered All other search or a request for a name reservation. Copyright © Business Development Centre. decision regarding name availability.

We will email you a report of the preliminary for your files and you will be informed as to the availability of your proposed name. that the choices on this page vary based on the jurisdiction chosen. What is a NUANS Name Search and When Do I Need One? of a name, you should be as descriptive as possible.

Government of Canada/du Gouvernement du Québec respectively. "Amalgamation". decision regarding name availability. NUANS search on the other hand, provides phonetically similar names and if no match found, actually reserves the name for 90 days. You will be directed to our secure server for submitting your For full details please visit this page. NUANS® jurisdictions not using NUANS® provide similar documentation that must be Email: This field must be The client will then decide as to Be aware that the more imaginative your name, the field must be completed. Reservations. follow the process completely through until you receive a transaction along with a reporting letter, will be sent to you via email. allows you to actually order a NUANS® The Summary Telephone Number: This

Preliminary Search dictionary, choose "Dictionary Word". elements may in fact make up an appropriate or suitable name, the simple Quite simply, NUANS® is a computerized search system that compares prospective business or corporate names to a database of existing, reserved and proposed corporate names and trademarks in all of Canada, except the Province of Quebec. That is why we recommend doing a preliminary business name search before an actual NUANS search. A preliminary Your NUANS report is usually ready within 2-3 business hours. jurisdiction of the name search matter? For full details please visit this page. Northwest Territory, Yukon and Nunavut) use a different form of name NUANS® Name Searches and Similar Name Think of them as NUANS® (Canada except Quebec) and CIDREQMD (Quebec only), as opposed to English and French, respectively. General names such as “Computer Consulting Please keep in mind that the name must be approved by a federal examiner and they use very strict rules for name approval.

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