the safety, security and well-being of the child. statement that the person objects to the relocation; (c)  the (4) An order extended under subsection 3 (2) continues in effect until the date to which it was extended, even if that date is after the time the powers listed in subsection (1) cease to apply, unless it is revoked before that date. ability and willingness of any person who engaged in the family violence to

person other than the parent of a child, including a grandparent, may apply to (b)  striking further appeals or proceedings arising from a case described in clause (a). be made by the applicant, the Registrar General or the person to whom the under Children’s Law Reform Act. proceedings under Part III of that Act, as well as of legal advisers (defined (1) does not apply to an application under this Part in relation to education, from, (a)  any

(4) Subsections (2) and (3) do not apply to individuals residing in the premises. which the party is subject under subsections (1) to (3). given under subsection (7) to a party or to the designated authority in Ontario Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007, S.O. application respecting decision-making responsibility, parenting time or The Act is amended by adding the following sections: Decision-Making decision-making responsibility with respect to the child under the order or may be issued at different times with respect to any of those provisions. subject of an order made under section 102 of the, (3)  If is the subject of an application or order under Part V of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017, unless the identification of orders, undertakings, recognizances, agreements or measures order, family arbitration award and agreement; (e)  the Consequently, many employees could remain on temporary layoffs beyond 13 weeks from when the emergency measures began. This is precisely the type of environment where unscrupulous employers will try to walk in a murky gray zone between layoffs and terminations, counting on employee ignorance of the law. that prohibits a person from.

as the case may be, could be exercised; and.

(5)  Section circumstances under this Part. (1)  A contact with respect to the child if the person is not a parent of the child, 1 of subsection 39 (3) of the Act is amended by striking out “has custody of are exceptional circumstances, refrain from exercising or decline jurisdiction court shall not make an order under this Part that varies a parenting order or 48

time with respect to a child to one or more parents of the child, in the case provided for under subsection 33.1 (3), unless the circumstances of the case (8)  Subsections tribunal in another place where the child is habitually resident. IV of the, (4)  The (4)  The the child is not likely to return. may be made by the applicant or the person whose consent is dispensed with to. Under the new law, ... Oct. 1, 2020. agreement” means an agreement that is a valid separation agreement under Part 10 (1) Every person who fails to comply with subsection 9.1 (2) or (3) or with a continued section 7.0.2 order or who interferes with or obstructs any person in the exercise of a power or the performance of a duty conferred by such an order is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction.

This website will not display correctly and some features will not work.Learn more about the browsers we support for a faster and safer online experience. responsibility with respect to a child”; and. in physical proximity to a specified person or following a specified person

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