Profitably. Search Knowledge Base, Forums, and Cases. \ ����Q xz(�c�³$Fhv NM���M@���w�'�.pD���Z}ҋDO�����kȁ��d۶�WLNm╺�#��a�2��3T(ȇ�l��bMl Learn how reliable, flexible LTE solutions are helping organizations get back to what they do best. Boise, ID 83702, Toll Free: +1 855-813-3385 Explore how organizations use Cradlepoint NetCloud and wireless edge solutions to deploy, scale, and manage Wireless WAN connectivity and security centrally. Today students and teachers at home are relying on connectivity for everything they do. Partner does not have a signed partner agreement with Deep Sentinel. Learn how different industries are leveraging wireless edge solutions. %��������� The HPE Partner Ready Portal delivers easier-to-find, personalized sales tools and resources to provide a faster and more collaborative sales engagement, training, demand generation and business management experience. Must be a NEW and VERIFIABLE opportunity. In sprawling areas where WiFi isn’t a viable option for wireless LAN, Private LTE that leverages CBRS spectrum is an emerging option because of its performance, control, and cost-effectiveness., Level 8, 401 Collins Street, The program is subject to change or termination at any time without notice. Explore the steps along the Pathway to 5G, and how your organization can stay ahead of the curve. Discover purpose-built LTE and 5G endpoints designed to meet your specific wireless branch, mobile, and IoT networking needs. Download Cradlepoint's mobile apps to manage your NetCloud Service, routers, and other Cradlepoint endpoints using any platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, or Mac). Cradlepoint solutions play a critical role in the shift toward remote work, social distancing, and temporary networks. Learn how LTE is transforming operations and the rider experience for a new era of public transit. Partner Information: *Partner Type: *Partner Name: *Partner Title: *Partner Email: *Partner Phone: * Partner Company Name: * Partner Company Address: * Partner Company Country: * Partner Company State/Province/Region: *Partner Company City: * Partner Company Zip Code/Postal Code: * Partner Contact Method: Customer Opportunity Information: *Customer Type: … '~��������͙ݦu43��NQdۦvɵ�?�l���(�"�� -�� Wi�� >a�*�7,v��P�v�.��-�k#�G%S^�F@Ժ�-Yq����ͅ*Y.�5�+3O =�J�F+��p�ZA�5���,�͜���e��\�kY j3��D8��I� ��0+���L]Aʛ�Y+�

Deal Registrations are subject to approval by Deep Sentinel Management. After which, the deal would need to be re-registered. Explore our learning portal for in-depth training and certifications regarding installation, management, and monitoring of Cradlepoint solutions. ©2020 Deep Sentinel Corp., 600 Main St. Ste C. Pleasanton, CA 94566 | A.I. This offer is valid for new purchases and does not apply to upgrades of existing systems. Then enter … 6 months under the registering partner. A subscription-based platform for Cradlepoint wireless edge routers and adapters that delivers cloud-based management and control, software-defined networking technologies, enterprise-class routing and security, robust analytics and insights, and extensibility tools. t Extension requests must be submitted to the Program Administrator at least one day prior to expiration of the initial registration. Partner Resources Deal Registration Approved registered deals will be eligible for account protection including Custom SKUs, pre-sales support, evaluation units and preferred pricing* Reseller will receive confirmation of approval/denial within 24 hours of the request.

Escalate to. After which, the deal would need to be re-registered. To register a deal complete the form below. We work closely with our network operator partners worldwide to help businesses and agencies unlock the power of LTE and 5G for enterprise networking. The reliability, security, flexibility, and continued advancement of wireless WAN is forcing organizations to re-envision the role of cellular technology in their network architecture. Learn about our various types of 5G solutions from these resources: Create or manage cases online, chat or call support. To register a new deal, go to Referrals > Deal registrations > Action required and select +New deal. To register a deal complete the form below. Deal registrations will be approved or denied within 3 business days, or follow-up scheduled. The rapid of rise of IoT deployments has been mirrored by every-evolving security risks. Powered Security Company, Already registered by same or another partner. �}L��ZC�1�ر�>l��CZ&Se�S����Pg�����k��NO��%\(��^�/�/����"�ɩ�1p�Ra�|�"�G����j�9�⶜۲

Because 5G is a collection of enhanced technologies, new spectrum, and advanced infrastructure, it’s a pathway. Find the right Cradlepoint-approved cellular and Wi-Fi antennas to ensure maximum reception, coverage, and performance for your specific application. Deal Registration Form with the new requested expiration date and justi!cation indicating why the deal will close within the next 30 days. Cradlepoint recently became the first to offer 5G wireless edge endpoints for businesses. Fax: +1 208-429-6852, 536 N Santa Cruz Avenue, Tell us about this opportunity. &����� �~ۯ���������,mIh�`����m6���ލ��ҙ)]t{\��S_��C���۱�����T�}�? Deal registrations will be approved or denied within 3 business days, or follow-up scheduled. Based on IDG and Cradlepoint's survey of IT decision-makers, this report explores the changing role of wireless WAN in the enterprise — and the future of network connectivity. From webinars and videos to white papers and customer stories, select the resources that best answer your questions and fit your preferred learning style. Deal Registration Form | Partners. 1111 W Jefferson Street, t Extension requests will be approved or denied at the discretion of Lock ‘n’ Charge. ���APZ|�� �������@����ـV4�]�T��d��Ն�6�Yb",�b��R�;�/m�衈LqB�F�Î���x���4P�����*q`���@�#s8��{W-~�j�o @a�S�I�B+�T�h'�D�!�u]�J. Whether in the office or on the go, centrally manage your wireless WAN with point-and-click ease and an array of helpful dashboards. Deal Registrations are subject to approval by Deep Sentinel Management. �[���3�I��kٜ�R�^�sl*.�Z�~���i�k���>�v@ST�m�n�v�_�)�nT[jl��L�\) Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia, Phone: 1300 295 134

Stay updated on Cradlepoint’s expertise and opinions on technology news and networking issues related to wireless WAN, digital transformation, network security, and beyond.

5.3 If a Partner submitted a deal registration request, or if Distributor submitted a deal registration request on behalf of a Partner, and if the deal registration request is approved, then only such Partner will be entitled to Deal Registration benefits for that opportunity. Escalate to or contact your Partner Account Manager; Please review Deal Registration Terms and Conditions for full set of requirements.

Connect with us virtually for these upcoming events across the globe! %PDF-1.3 Learn how government uses wireless edge solutions to connect and protect public networks. Find career opportunities and learn what employees throughout our company are saying about working on the Cradlepoint team. 5jb9v���&&�ҀW)��~V�+��V�4��7_:�Q�:�@���v�C�D�Ṡ�cZ��1 `��� p�/�xY�C��Y�h&U^���[���?��[%Wi�d���3ڼ.�ݭ���K��o3�s�t�t�wAW*�xc����3��3���/�g1�[��rvR��b�ˬ�큊(g��e�7�7)�d�R�R,�v\u=���A�ت��WD�Q�cwx'O�f��-��jef���R��uQ%2n���.��L⡬E�&(�(�I����V�V�f8欸�' �j�?\���V�Tnr2�$�sY�����*hn�^��F.�W�n;�Y*���vu-=�l����6��@λ��In~�� Direct access to the tools and information you need most 4 0 obj It’s true: A company born in Boise, Idaho, became the world’s foremost expert in wireless edge solutions that unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks for organizations’ people, places, and things.

Los Gatos, CA 95032, Cedar House, Apex Court, Camphill Road, ����N��v��n,`ī�w��2 ;�6���*}iG�M5�����ͽ�o�yX �Q���O �X2��_y���ۨ!e��4PpV��b�ML7��1p���4�pcf���ӂ��1� �Θ$��[�liV,z�}��e�a��jh�m$��s]�go����Md�������t�QS�6�6�g�5���Q �:1��|��XE�mbU�����/�o��� Sg�Ly���Y��l�[Ak3W�~?����������T�������Ow�Dn1F����$��F-z��ִ��xb:�/�n�,�H%L�4�R�t��l�>2� \�%�%K��4�d�Lj�� �9�֓]��&�4�����?�03�v%���7>���uQۭ��Q����bC}}�j�-�/[�b�σ���U��V�>��v=~��o�z�6���ti!�mjUo�*��@'�38��]�Dgf�J�'��"���[�S3���j��������v�S=��W���;������1�@�q�E3�32��c�}�Y���H%�����﷫��#x����d�SJ��¢u���қc�"KY�'�oj)�B~���� ����z��ܺ)*��0�;�*b�.9&�_4)2�;��]�@�,z(�"�i �E?�4� @UX�S ��3�V����[m;��!���ř2Ww�>�8���Sө=���\��h,������?�����?-�Ԏ Our partners work with you to conceptualize, design, launch, and support Cradlepoint services and solutions. Our resell, technology, and service provider partners can log in to access co-brandable marketing materials, request support, and access important sales tools.

Learn how SD-Perimeter technologies help organizations protect IoT data with unprecedented automation, ease of use, and control. stream 6��d��+���6��3�xS�T�cSe�Ś�b��?-������u����w��aw�p�h�F����(I.K�~�J��k�S)%W`������唦]H~�̧y�ܗ�6696�DuV��9�����Y�7����]ź2�MakNS6��B�J�x�6׏��VmpJ[+j,k�ڡ�i�Iœoc�;9F'#Gy#*?��n�Őo�� This offer is valid for new purchases and does not apply to upgrades of existing systems. ��nR�� �ڭX�ER�ץe��vu�Z��I��(�މ*�n/��������nEx֬TPO��T5��>\�[-�R����+�(�z�1�����0�U�1�hN�\$* E����d�TUc� 2�λ��p"[K]����#�L��-�Lھ*�N��jM2~?T�5X���Q�N��R�(`?T�Q�}�L~̤���sEV�.g���e�&_:������{�Q��uqQV�\m��ܻ��0�}��G���,������b�����;�X&5�թ��p�a�q�ݞE݈p���]����U���q�rh�J+�E��OHڣȭе������[�F�g>6�:�8��EM��+�I�6yi��u�r�Lߺ���r y,��oV4���p���Q���}����hT��Bx���ʼ�L$��y�����(��췄LΞW� Register a new deal. Deal Registration – Partner Sourced and Submitted Deal Registration rewards Resellers for identifying new opportunities and for the value that the Reseller delivers to sell and close an opportunity. Learn how Cradlepoint’s LTE solutions help students achieve their full potential — wherever the “classroom” may be. Partner Deal Registration Form. Learn how wireless edge solutions are applied in different networking situations. In the New deal page, provide the following information. Boise, ID 83702-5389

Possible reasons for registration ineligibility include: Add your deals below, and they will be stored in our database for 6 months under the registering partner.

New NetCloud for SOHO with E100 and IBR600C routers deliver a reliable, secure, enterprise-class network for remote work.

Our best-in-class program helps resell, technology, and service provider partners develop highly effective wireless and service-oriented practices. Simply. Customer details: Enter the Company name for your customer and select their Country/Region. Learn more on how to access customer resources: Cradlepoint Community, Cradlepoint University, and a wide range of support tools. From buses and trains to trolleys, Cradlepoint keeps public transportation connected. United States. Explore how organizations use Cradlepoint NetCloud and wireless edge solutions to deploy, scale, and manage wireless WAN connectivity and security centrally. West Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 6SQ, United Kingdom, Phone: +44 (0) 1932 548410 The program is subject to change or termination at any time without notice.

Partner company name * Your name * Work email * Phone * Prospect company name * Division or business unit * Contact name * Contact title * Contact phone number * Contact email address * Location (City / State / Country) * Prospects contact center infrastructure . Find the right components and accessories to make your deployment a success — from modular modems to power supplies, adapters, cables, and mounting kits. Predictably. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Do not sell my personal information, ERICSSON COMPLETES ACQUISITION OF CRADLEPOINT, Minimum opportunity size of quantity 5 NetCloud Solution Packages, Deal registration valid for 90 days (review Deal Reg T’s & C’s).

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