and washing them to the underground waters will cause outbreak of environmental hazards which should be.

But on the other hand, development and progress of human communities is impossible without using chemicals. contaminate the soil, An Introduction on Identification of Environment. possible handy options available, to curb its rate. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. Therefore, it is of great interest to study the current state of the cultivated soils and the sources and types of contaminants derived from mining activity in order to program its decontamination, where appropriate, according to legislation. Pollution is defined as the chemical or natural materials, entered into the soil, which has caused interference in the natural balance of the soil. The health of all life forms is associated with the health of soil. 0000003749 00000 n 53 0 obj<>stream The most unambiguous effect of neutralizing substances was determined for cocksfoot and spring barley, where they depressed the content of sodium in aerial parts of cocksfoot and in spring barley grain, while raising it in roots of these plants.

7.5.1 Steel production.

Methods for estimating the mean concentration of pollutants in ecologically sensitive zones and preventing their dangerous levels through a control of emission rates of sources are described. Control of pollution 7.7 Iron foundries. Soil fertility depletion and soil quality decline have been threatening the ecological and economic sustainability of crop production. ► Pb and Zn smelting activities is the leading source to the soil metal(loid)s contamination. 33 0 obj <> endobj Soil profiles demonstrated the pollutants were mostly accumulated in the upper 20 cm layer. The origin of trace elements in soils can be either geogenic or anthropogenic, but only the latter is interesting from a legal point of view. industries, wastes of leather prod, repeatedly caused environmental disasters [8], There are three main methods for soil decontamination. Goldman, Marshall I., Environmental Disruption in the Soviet Union, New York, McGraw-Hill, 1971. Kordovani, Parviz, Natural Ecosystems, Ghoms Publications, 1996. Mining activity is one of the most important anthropogenic causes of soil pollution. Total. Integrated Soil Fertility Management involves the use of both chemicals and organic matter. This is because the goal of NEPA is to identify any techniques (pollution prevention, recycling, or control) that will ultimately minimize environmental impacts. Changing climates are found to affect various soil processes that can alter

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