Educate your kids. The most challenging aspect to investigate multiple environmental threats, including plastic pollution, is securing research and conservation funding, which is incredibly limited. 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I'm sad to say that my generation and the generation before, are responsible for polluting the world to the brink of destruction. We live in a plasticised world, all of those plastic products are sources of pollution, and eliminating or reducing use as much as possible is the only solution.

We all need to do our part now - everyone can make a difference. You currently have JavaScript disabled. To ensure you receive the best possible browsing experience, please make sure JavaScript is enabled and reload the page. Over 170 days a year, as documented in a report, the speed of wind gusts at Wellington is greater than 60 km/h. 2018 "Green, clean New Zealand"? If we don't change our ways rapidly, we will kill our marine life and leave a total mess for our kids to deal with. Although it is a grim statistic and there may be some truth to it, unfortunately we don't have the data yet to be able to make that claim without a large amount of uncertainty. Our air 2018 showed there had been an improvement with levels of some pollutants declining, however there are persistent problems such as heat sources. We have produced over nine billion tonnes of plastic in the past 50 years – more than half of that in the past 13 years – while some is recycled, perhaps 8 per cent globally, and much less is incinerated, some is contained in landfill, but that still leaves an awful lot of plastic in the world. We have produced billions of metric tons of plastic waste in the last 50 years. The microbead ban is a great start, and it will indeed cause a reduction in microplastics entering our waterways and ocean – every little bit counts.

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