You have one thing wrong. He was also the only being outside of God who was able to stop The Darkness. Metatron was the scribe of God, and while this meant that he was a pencil pusher in Heaven, it also meant he had a ton of knowledge and power once God disappeared. How strong was Abaddon? Because of this, they will eat anything -- even former loved ones -- since they are unable to control themselves.

He sided with Michael and set out to take control of Earth. One of the earliest monsters introduced on Supernatural was the Wendigo, which was the monster that Sam and Dean Winchester had to defeat in the second episode of the series. However, there are doubts that the Entity can do as much outside of the Empty. Even if Lucifer might be a step below Michael on the chain of power, he is still one of the most powerful beings in existence. The Alpha Vampire has the same powers as other vampires but on a much higher level due to his age and experience. The world of Supernatural is full of dangerous and powerful beings. This was a huge mistake, and when he fell, it caused the extinction of the Princes of Hell. Supernatural has worked hard to make their vampires very dangerous. Meanwhile, Poltergeists are extremely dangerous.

Stories about the manticore spread across Europe in the Ancient and Medieval ages, when it was believed that manticores inhabited the deserts of what is now Iran. The Scarecrow was a monster that appeared in the first season of Supernatural in an episode of the same name. Shawn S. Lealos is a freelance writer who received his Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma with a minor in Film Studies. There are also times when ghouls will feed on the living and they can take on the forms of their victims even if the victim is still alive.

Walker's story was that he ended up a cold-blooded hunter after a vampire took down his sister. However, it took a very specific attack to defeat the Alpha Vampire and it wasn't until season 12 of Supernatural that he was finally taken down. The Rugaru is not only a powerful monster on Supernatural, but they also have a tragic history as well. The Knights Of Hell are extremely difficult to take down. When considering their power, there is no official word on where they rank, but most demons are in awe of the Knights of Hell, which means that they are possibly the most powerful demons. However, this happened when actor Curtis Armstrong was cast as Metatron on Supernatural.

However, she falls a little lower than many of those monsters because Dean was able to easily beat her with the Phoenix ashes -- a very unsatisfying defeat of a major villain. Let us know in the comments! Wikis. There are also monsters, Alphas, ghosts, and ghouls, as well as a good share of human villains that Dean and Sam must face throughout their journey. Asmodeus never matched up to any of the denizens of Hell that appeared on Supernatural before him. However, while he was stronger than Castiel in raw power, there is more to it than that when comparing characters and Castiel actually defeated him in the end. However, when they turn 30, they morph and change into a monster with animal instincts that make them hungry.

Lillith was the first demon and soon powerful demons, such as Azazel, Dagon, Ramiel, and Asmodeus rose. If the Entity gets more screentime in the future, it might end up topping this list. However, a Hunter can beat them by stabbing them in the back of the neck. They profited from their work by using their discoveries to help everyone from the Nazis to other evil entities. Our list of the most powerful legendary creatures - based on their strength, intelligence, danger and symbolic role - is quite limited, so you should share the ones we have missed in the comments section! The manticore is known as one of the most powerful legendary creatures due to its reputation for devouring humans. He proved how powerful he was when he took out Metatron, helped beat Dick Roman, and was able to even take down one of the Four Horsemen in Pestilence. In fact, the only thing that can harm him is his own Scythe. This is the same on Supernatural. Rowena is a perfect example of an extremely powerful witch. She existed before the start of time and spent a lot of time destroying what God created. La série. At the end of the day, he is arguably the most powerful hunter that the world has ever seen.

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