(3) Despite subsections (1) and (2), a person subject to the duty set out in clause 92 (1) (a) or (b) or subsection 92 (3) or of the Act shall give the notice required by the provision immediately on the moment that the person becomes aware of any of the following in respect of a Class X spill: 1. 5. Reporting to Environment Canada. Spill Reporting Table by States The spill reporting requirements at the state level are summarized here based information available from the state agencies’ websites.

Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), the EPA established a designated list of reportable quantities for approximately 800 hazardous substances which can be found at 40 CFR 302.4.EPA also maintains a "list of lists" which is a consolidated list of chemicals subject to reporting under EPCRA, CERCLA and the CWA. In these cases, the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 provides that any person who has the charge, management or control of a means of containment (you, e.g. This assessment tool does not replace good judgement, Chapter 6.95, or other state or federal release report-ing requirements. Any person in charge of vessels or facilities that discharge oil in such quantities is required to report the spill to the federal government.

Incident Reporting Requirements April 2018 Page 4 of 15 1. EPA provides several exemptions from the oil spill reporting requirements. Handlers of hazardous materials are required to report releases. The number in parentheses is the metric equivalent in kilograms. a driver, a company representative, a shipmaster, a train operator etc.) You should then prepare a written report which will be sent as soon as possible to the appropriate authorities. shall report any release or anticipated release (e.g. Time of detection of spill or leak. Introduction This Directive sets out the requirements of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources (ER) for regulating the reporting of spills and other incidents in relation to wells, facilities, flowlines and pipelines. 4. You should consider the possible scenarios or spill incidents that could occur at your facility Ontario, 1990 (Wells) made under the Ontario Water Resources Act, or any other excavation that is made to monitor conditions of the natural environment, x. ground water and surface water supplies used at the plant, xi. equipment for capturing and removing spilled pollutants, (1) A Class X spill is a spill that, immediately before it occurs, is identified as “non-reportable” under subsection 6 (2) of Ontario Regulation 224/07 (Spill Prevention and Contingency Plans) made under the Act, in spill prevention and contingency … 13 NEW - SECTION 91.1 Spill Prevention and Spill Contingency Plans • Persons prescribed by regulation shall develop and implement plans to: –Prevent or reduce the risk of spills –Prevent, eliminate or ameliorate any adverse effects from spills including • Plans to notify the Ministry, municipality and others • Plans to ensure appropriate equipment, material and personnel Document all events. structures that are designed to contain any spills that may occur, xii. Some states require reporting of spills of any amount regardless of the federal reportable quantities. For convenience, the table contains a column headed “Category” which lists the code letters “X”, “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D” associated with reportable quantities … “Every person having control of a pollutant that is spilled and every person who spills or causes or permits a spill of a pollutant that causes or is likely to cause and adverse effect shall forthwith notify the Ministry” [EPA, Section 92(1)]There are no minimum reportable quantities. Reportable Quantities for EPCRA EHSs. The RQs for EHSs are based on the substance's acute lethal toxicity. Section 201 of CEPA 1999 requires that, when an environmental emergency occurs for any of the substances on the list established on Schedule 1 under the Environmental Emergency Regulations, any person who owns or has the charge, management or control of the substance immediately before the emergency shall, as soon as possible, notify an enforcement … A Guide to the Spill Contingency Planning and Reporting Regulations Updated March 2011 Page 4 of 6 Clean-up is the removal of the contaminant from the environment. Report the spill. You should include pertinent information on the spill occurrence in the report as follows: Name and phone number of reporter.

The requirement for reporting oil spills stems from the Discharge of Oil Regulation, known as the "sheen rule."

EHSs and their RQs are codified in 40 CFR Part 355, Appendix A and B.

The following is a tool to be used for assessing if a release is potentially reportable as required by Chapter 6.95 of the California Health and Safety Code. As required by EPCRA Section 302(a)(2), EPA published a list of extremely hazardous substances (EHSs) that require the reporting of releases to state and local authorities. Always check with your state to confirm the state’s reporting requirements. Time of spill or leak. The first number under the column headed “RQ” is the reportable quantity in pounds. That the quantity spilled is more than the quantity specified for the given pollutant under clause 6 (2) (c) of … spills reporting ministry of the environment in ontario report spills (s.92 epa) and discharges (s.15 epa) to the ministry of the environment’s spills action centre 1 - 800 - 268 - 6060 (toll-free, province-wide, 24/7) 416 - 325 - 3000 (toronto area) spills must also be reported to the municipality in which a spill occurs • Materials and reportable quantity specified in Contingency Plan ... • Memorandum of Understanding between agencies.

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