Restrooms available up road to left. See park page for more information. The road crosses Shellburg Creek on a short bridge. For this hike, head up the single track Shellburg Falls Trail. Please note you will have to cross private property to enter the hiking area. Here are the two main areas to stay while exploring Silver Falls State Park. Trail routing and conditions are subject to change. in later summer, bring a container to collect blackberries along the way.

I already love the new trails you guys have built with your Dirt Mechanics partnership – namely, the Newt Loop and Catamount Extension. Massive ant hills are all over the Shellburg Falls and Silver Creek Falls trail systems. Easy to moderate hike to two waterfalls in the Santiam Foothills. Of course, a post-ride beer must happen before any unpacking really happens. Shellburg Falls Trail to Shellburg Falls is the most popular. Access via private road: Stay on the road!

Climb up that about 100 feet to Shellburg Trail and take that all the way down to August Mountain Trail. Trip Reports . Before heading up the steps and starting the loop section, check out the Lower Falls from both sides of the bridge; a picnic table can be found on the east side with a nice view of the falls. On the opposite side of the river, climb a couple of gentle switchbacks to the plateau above Upper Falls, and continue along flat trail for a half mile to a trail detour sign turning to the right (E). Continuing up the trail, pass behind the falls through a cavern beneath the lava flow, eroded away by the falls. Go for a dayhike or an easy overnight to one of these quiet cascade lakes, both in the shadow of towering volcanic peaks. If you’re in Silver Falls, I would head up Trail 214 to the Catamount Trail and then either ride it up to the top or else take the gravel road to the top, where there is a trail called the Lost Mountain Trail. Take the route on the left of the bridge that starts from the wooden staircase and hike up 0.3 miles straight along the creek side. The gravel road passes through a cattle pastures, passes a distant sheep barn and a small tree farm. Silver Falls State Park Campground. This page was last modified on 25 September 2020, at 15:35. Perhaps a few more overnight mountain bike experiences are in order before I push her into the realm of bikepacking, but I think my job as MTB initiator is over; Trish is hooked!

Both wilderness areas can be linked together using fire roads, which is one of Shellburg Falls’ little known secrets.

The trail starts up a gated, closed road. For Trish, I wanted her first overnight experience to have some less technical singletrack while also providing a true MTB experience, with nasty climbs and short stints of technical riding thrown in periodically for the purpose of character building, and the Silver Creek Falls/Shellburg Falls trail system provides just that. Access via private road: Stay on the road. © 2020 Pocket Outdoor Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. From the lower viewpoint, Upper Shellberg Falls spills over an ancient lava flow. Silver Falls State Park Campground is a high-trafficked but gorgeous facility that offers tent-camping, RV camping, and even cabin camping; but reserve weeks in advance, especially in the busy summer season. After an easy quarter-mile climb, fork left to the lower viewpoint of Upper Shellberg Falls, a 100' curtain that spills over an ancient lava flow.

Shellberg Road; turn right (S) and walk down road.

This is doable by experienced bushwackers, but it's not recommended for kids or newcomers to hiking. Shellburg Falls slowly grew to fame as a mini-version of Silver Falls State Park, except with a quicker drive, easy access and fewer rules, such as … Hood National forest. Stay on the designated route for Shellburg falls only. After the ride, we locked our bikes to the back of the car and began to unpack.

Get beyond the crowds on this 5.4-mile loop hike that visits 6 waterfalls - one of them "secret" - and tops out above 620' Multnomah Falls, the 2nd-highest year-round waterfall in the U.S.

Shellburg Falls Campground is a beautiful campground in the Shellburg Falls Trail system that offers secluded campsites with relatively low use. Just know that if you brave the Silver Creek Falls trail system in the winter, mud is a major problem and can quickly gunk up your gears if you’re not careful. The campsite is like most in the state, a parking area with a picnic table and a firepit.

Plunging into a 200' deep gorge, Stassel Falls is a short detour off the Shellberg Falls loop. Categories: Oregon Bikepacking, Pedals and Packs, Tagged as: bikepacking, Catamount Trail, Giant Liv Lust, Marin Pine Mountain 2, mountain bike, oregon, Salem Area Trail Alliance, shellburg falls, silver creek falls. Veer right to falls overlook; private property straight ahead. As many MTB rides often do, this one started on pavement. In addition, before the fire there were plans to relocate the trailhead. The Kalapuya and Molalla, whose ancestors came to the Willamette Valley about 14,000 years ago, were the native people in the Silver Falls area when settlers arrived as early as 1812. Note: as of September 2020, trails in this area are closed due to wildfire.

Silver Creek Falls and Shellburg Falls provide the perfect opportunity for new MTB riders to hone their skills on the trail, with over 35 miles of singletrack and relatively low traffic on weekdays and weekends alike. This waterfall hike up Cold Spring Creek, on the east side of Mt. Camping and Lodging at Silver Falls State Park. SEPTEMBER 2020: This area was hit hard by the Beachie Creek Fire and is closed. Heading up trail (N), enter more Douglas fir forest, now decorated with bleeding heart and solomonseal. The Catamount Trail is a must-ride for beginner and advanced MTB riders alike: it is a 3.4 mile two-way trail designed, created, and maintained by the Salem Area Trail Alliance which features many optional jumps, drops, and alternate side trails as it winds its way parallel to Lookout Mountain Road, a gravel connector road between the Shellburg Falls and Silver Creek Falls trail systems.

Easily accessible loop hike to two waterfalls in the Mt.

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