However, per various websites (such as this one) and other sources I have, you can get a “rough” estimate of the monthly hazard insurance premium by taking the value of the property ($3,002,890) and multiplying it by 0.0025, and dividing that by 12.

Steven Furtick is an excellent communicator. Original Mansion Mortgage for Steven Furtick, Current Loan Modification on Mansion Mortgage. WEDDINGTON, NC—Amazon’s hunt for a new U.S. headquarters has come to an end, as the online retailer and technology giant announced Wednesday it has selected the home of Steven Furtick … Please Keep This Pastor in Prayer ! The 19-acre property is valued at $1.6 million. I’m sorry that you feel how you do about another person who professes to follow Christ, and I hope that you will see your way to love those who differ from you rather than belittle and degrade them. Why not live in an humble home, Thats nothing compared to King Solomon and the Temple King David built.

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( Log Out /  That $ isn’t from preaching.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You’re too broke hearted to understand God’s blessings.

Stop calling it a 16K square foot house. In December of 2012, in the name of their Revocable Trust, the Furtick’s took out a construction mortgage on a new home. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Steven Furtick House In 2013, in Waxhaw, North Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte, Furtick and his wife constructed home on 19 acres of land. Per public records, as of 2014, Union County values this home and property at $3,002,890.

Why do these Pastors have to drive the Most expensive Cars,

Change ). It is located at 433 Lochaven Road, Waxhaw, NC.

He deserves it for making such an impact on so many lives such as my own. All information obtained and published through this site was obtained through public record. No one includes a garage, basement, or porch in any square foot assessment, no matter how big they are.

and have to answer for his choices No, not the money you’re happy to talk about, rather the money you’ve spent on things you’d be mortified if anyone ever found out. Meanwhile, where’s your expose’ on all the multimillionaire company owners’, whose hourly wage earners have barely scraped by for most of their years in servitude to a boss who exploits labor for profit?

He could have a big barn with nothing in it, and you’d probably include that too. The “home” is a 16,000 square foot mansion. Very few have the backbone to stand week after week and overlook the absurdities of mere humans, of how foulable we all are and recognize at the same time and admit – constantly – that he is not exempt and capable of the same. For those of you who do not know, the $6,555.25 principal and interest payment does not include annual property taxes, or the required hazard insurance payments.

Businesses, corporations that skirt labor and tax laws in the name of Greed have become experts in trade – the value of a human life for a mortgage payment that makes the Furtick mortgage look like change under the seat cushion.

8103 square feet heated, 4182 square feet serves as a basement (basements are very rare in North Carolina due to the soil), 902 square feet as a garage, and 2188 square feet as a open porch. So we give to Bless the Kingdom of God’s Children. And your Local Pastor ….

This home has been the source of great controversy for pastor Furtick. and live in the Most Expensive houses? Anyone who has made it their vocation to tolerate the gross, immoral hypocrisy of the human condition DESERVES 9,000sf to hide away in. Go ahead, because clearly your reach for “shame” and “shameful spending” is Ultimately the very thing in which you are trying to incite. Watch Steven Furtick Live Pastor Steven Furtick is the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church based in Charlotte, NC. Can YOU?? Seems to be More about them? Steven Furtick House Steven’s house is underway. 7,507.23 / 12 = $625.60 monthly. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Such is roughly 5 to 10 times more than the average attendee at Elevation church makes on their mortgage annually. than the people really in need…. Per tax records, the annual property tax due on this home is $22,864.00 (or $1,905.33 per month).

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