However, sawyers eventually discovered that quartersawing sycamore essentially converts it into a “domestic exotic” with a flecked figure that rivals many overseas imports, and at a much better price. LOL.

Among the largest trees in the eastern United States, sycamores typically grow over 100 feet tall and 3-8 feet in diameter. It readily accepts stains and can be dyed to many colors, most popularly a silver gray.

"To the pioneer the sight of it was welcome, since in general its presence and enormous growth were correctly taken to denote rich soil. I picked up the cherry maple and sycamore wood from trees cut down in the neighborhood couple years ago. Great Job on a really classy box Dave, love it! What the Australians, on the third hand, call maple (actually Queensland maple, Flidersia braleyana) is part of the satinwood family (rutaceae).". It turns well on a lathe and has good bending qualities. MAIN USES Furniture, furniture parts (drawer sides), millwork, paneling and moulding, flooring, kitchenware, butcher blocks, toys, and fruit crates.

Well done. The authors of the Encyclopedia of Wood try to make sense of the situation. Quartersawn and riftsawn stock is preferred over flatsawn, because it’s not only much more stable, but also far more attractive with its distinctive ray fleck.

DIY Sycamore Wood Slabs Blank Lumber for projects, crafts, woodworking, rustic decor, live edge NutsAnywhere.

Grand Rapids, MI 49512. I think it will look better too after it darkens some.

-- Lee - Northern idaho~"If the women don't find you handsome, at least they ought to find you handy"~ Red Green.

Sam Talarico, owner of Talarico Hardwoods in Mohnton, PA, says quarter-sawn sycamore has a highly decorative figure. Specializing in woodworking, finishing, cabinetry, custom designed furniture, installin I really liked the stain it had across it. But before plastics became ubiquitous, the lumber was used for myriad utilitarian objects including barber poles, washing machines, lard pails, trunks, and butcher blocks (the wood is very difficult to split).

"The quarter-sawn timber is two-tone because it includes 5 or 7 inches of the sapwood, which is white to creamy. It is used by woodworkers making high-end furniture or for architectural uses such as paneling and cabinetry. gtag('config', 'UA-1658554-11', { -- Mike in Concord, NH---Unpleasant tasks are simply worthy challenges to improve skills. Although few woodworkers become acquainted with the wood of the American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis), that wasn't always so.Back when the United States was still a new nation, and its western frontier was just beyond the Allegheny Mountains, sycamore was the giant of the forest. Very nicely done, I like the way grain pops out on the top, and yes the inside handle looks great. THIS WEEKEND ONLY! The pioneer cut trunks of great dimension into cross-sections which he then bored through the center, to make primitive solid wheels for his ox cart.

COMMON NAMESAmerican sycamore, buttonwood, buttonball, plane, ghost tree, American planetree, water beech, whitewood and Virginia maple. Variety is the Spice of Life!! I have neighbors that always ask me if I’m interested in taking part of their tree. If the trunk was hollow, as it often was, he sawed it in lengths of three to four feet, nailed a bottom in it and so had a stout hogs-head for grain.".

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