He positioned himself to stop disagreeing and to agree with the fact that indeed he is the father of a son disowned 20 years ago. Joshua prophesied that he had rejected a child born unto him. After hovering for two turbulent hours – fuel was low so we had to fly back to Abuja. This profound teaching was followed by a demonstration of the Spirit’s power as evil spirits that had tormented peoples’ lives for so long were exposed and cast out, in Jesus’ name. Samuel began experiencing terrible spiritual attacks with garish nightmares that robbed him of both peace and sleep. However, the law soon caught up with him and he was busted and thrown behind bars. “It Is God’s Will To Set You Free!” - T.B.

This physical assessment led him to conclude that the infant was not his and that he was not ready to enter into fatherhood at his school-attending age. Directing the question straight at the hearts of those who heard him, the man of God asked, “What is the state of your heart while reading the Bible?”.

To God be the glory! Joshua (November-03-2020), The Consequences of Non-expositional Preaching, Part 2 (Selected Scriptures) (November-07-2020), 'The Four Blood Moons' by John Hagee (November-07-2020), Don't Play Games With God - You Will Reap What You Sow - Christian Motivation, Joseph Prince - Receive Your 120 Percent Restoration Today!

Before she ministered the water, she prayed for forgiveness from God for all the negative things she had said about Prophet T.B.

Touching the once swollen feet, Lerato demonstrated that she is able to walk without any pain or discomfort!

All Rights Reserved. The prophet explained, “To develop your relationship with the Holy Ghost, you must read your Bible daily with a free spirit. The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. JOSHUA VIEWERS PRAYER!

He said a young woman he had an affair with claimed to have become pregnant and later gave birth to a child he felt did not bear any resemblance to him.

The comfort however never came because Mrs Olu’s pain never went away.

\"As a Christian - regardless of the circumstances - whether you are the accuser or the accused, whether you are the offender or the offended - in order to live in the freedom that God desires for you, you must forgive and let go of offence.\" - T.B. By continuing your navigation, you accept the use of cookies and other tracers by the SCOAN and third parties for the purposes of statistics, personalization of content, sharing on social networks, audience measurement. Upon going to the doctors, she was diagnosed to have lumbar spondylosis and osteo-degenerative disease. There, Samuel was initiated into the devilish act of internet scamming. However, the lifestyle came with drastic consequences.

During the time of prophecy, the Spirit of God located Mr Roland and Prophet T.B. Samuel too began to live large, driving the latest cars and womanizing at will. Joshua asking them ‘To fly back to Lagos and that everything will be fine’. As the prophet spoke, Roland had to come to terms with the fact that his rejection of the child he fathered was the root cause to all his problems. Lerato Motsoari from South Africa suffered a lot of pain and discomfort due to the problem of Lymphodema – an affliction that brought her to The SCOAN. Watch as God reconciles and restores the couple as forgiveness is released and deliverance comes in the name of Jesus Christ! Now a young adult, Mr. Roland’s son Kennedy Agbor and her mother arrived at The SCOAN in response to the invitation by Prophet T.B. “She would pour water on her body throughout the night,” explained her grown up daughter whose normal life was also affected by her mother’s severe pain.

With searing pain running up and down her legs, sleepless nights became the order of the day for Angela Emmanuel, a university lecturer at Cross River University of Technology. Dr Benjamin began to pray fervently. Speaking directly to the viewers who joined the service from all over the world, the prophet declared: “Those who wait upon the Lord shall NEVER be disappointed! “Your past life was very, very bad.

The evil that a man does lives after him.” The prophetic message struck right to the core.

As she did this, her body began to shake uncontrollably as the healing process took its course – an experience that Lerato says she could not explain. Joshua and the ministry.

“What came into my heart was the prayer point of Prophet T.B. FORGIVENESS IS NOT AN OPTION!!! The young Nigerian was living in South Africa but facing increasing challenges in his pursuit of money. At that same point there was a mighty roar from the engine and the plane rose back up. A shocking prophecy from T.B. HEALED OF DEGENERATIVE DISEASE THROUGH THE NEW MORNING WATER. It was later explained that they had been hovering over the sea due to bad weather conditions, preventing them from landing. Having one leg bigger than the other caused her to be self-conscious and worry about how her students would view her.

Thereafter, she begged God to heal her as He had healed other people with similar cases.

Watch as God reconciles and restores the couple as forgiveness is released and …

As a law abiding organisation, it is our duty to respect the privacy of our users and to treat their personal data in the strictest confidentiality and in accordance with the legislation in force. The prophet encouraged the congregation to not just be church goers but to get involved in God’s plan and projects because no state of being is as rewarding as living in tune with God.

Joshua was praying for the viewers. When her menstrual flow refused to come, she went to the doctors where various tests were conducted but there was no solution in sight. Buying shoes for her swollen feet was also a problem. Mr Roland Asho-Ojong, a Cameroonian, established himself abroad as a dealer in counterfeit money. Shedding tears of thanks and praise, Associate Professor (Dr) Benjamin from the University of Jos shared a thrilling testimony of how Jesus lifted up the plane he was in that was hurtling towards the sea!

THE EVIL THAT MAN DOES LIVES AFTER HIM!!! Mrs Favour Oganwu’s dislocated cervical spine became a thing of the past and now she can carry her baby.

TB Joshua (Nobember-05-2020) The POWER Of FORGIVENESS. The plane was refueled in Abuja and we boarded the aircraft for the second time but this time, the weather was excellent, the journey was smooth. I pray that Senior prophet ,the scoan , Emmanuel tv and all partiners of the ministry-live longer.Amen.

Joshua, ‘Start thanking Jesus Christ for having faith in Him for a more glorious answer to our prayer’”. The SCOAN & EMMANUEL GLOBAL NETWORK may modify at any time and without notice, but subject to special mention, all or part of this policy relating to cookies on services published by the SCOAN & EMMANUEL GLOBAL NETWORK.

Joshua reveals a man who has brought another man's wife with him to The SCOAN. Dr Benjamin called The SCOAN and received a message from Prophet T.B. After racketing up unsuspecting followers – mostly elderly, desperate single women – the scam would begin in earnest.

Joshua reveals a man who has brought another man's wife with him to The SCOAN. As an international traveler, he later travelled to Uzbekistan – a Central Asian nation – where he became very notorious but prominent in his underworld business dealings. With all human effort exhausted, she turned to the Master Healer, Jesus Christ and visited The SCOAN, where Prophet T.B. Iam blessed with the sermon,I wish to meet the man of God Senior prophet TB Joshua one day,May the Almighty God help me!Amen.

For four years, Mrs Favour Oganwu suffered excruciating pain from a dislocated cervical spine problem immediately after giving birth. To God be the glory, father and son hugged and through tears of joy, Kennedy said he had forgiven his father. Be delivered, in the name of Jesus, from the spirit that holds your health, family, finances, career and future!”.

Following her healing, she shared her testimony a week later. Fluid would not flow evenly in her legs and the swelling in her legs and feet caused her a lot of concern. “I had money but lost everything else,” Mr Obi recounted, realizing that he needed to visit The SCOAN for healing and deliverance. This Cookies Policy applies to the following Services: SCOAN.ORG, EMMANUEL GLOBAL NETWORK, and all their subdomains. Joshua prayed for her and her testimony was restored. To her amazement, the power of God rushed through her body and she began to vomit.

Joshua was in a very expansive mood when he joined the congregation on Sunday. | TB Joshua Sermon - YouTube Talking about what makes the Bible different from other books, the prophet said, “When you are reading the Bible, you are reading the Holy Ghost. Advising all to believe for their own miracle, she said, “Jesus, the Healer still lives”.

He delivered a message titled FORGIVENESS IS NOT AN OPTION.

Anna Lukong suffered from ceased menstruation for 1 year and 6 months, a time that seemed like eternity for the young woman from Cameroon.

Temitope Balogun Joshua (born June 12, 1963), commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua, is a Nigerian Pastor, televangelist and philanthropist.

Joshua is known for his popularity across Africa and his online presence with 3,000,000 fans on Facebook and over 700,000 YouTube subscribers. JESUS CAME ON THE SCENE AND HEALED ME! © 2014 - 2020 Sermons Online.

He faced 12 years of imprisonment but was released after serving 8 years and 9 months in jail. Joshua touched and prayed for her, the pain disappeared immediately and she felt light.


Open your heart to receive the answer in this heartfelt sermon with T.B.

Dr Benjamin was on a seemingly smooth journey from Abuja to Lagos State when turbulence hit.

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