The episode airing two weeks from now is called “Election Day.” With that kind of timeline, you have to assume Claire’s on her way to victory, at which point the potential cost of her lying about Ben will presumably come with much graver consequences. Some police departments might regard that as a massive PR disaster and conflict of interest, but not the Red Pines PD! Already a subscriber?

“I can’t decide the outcome of this election, but I can make the choice for myself, to vote him out of my creative life.”, Stephen Colbert Getting Emotional Won Late Night This Week, “What I didn’t know is that it would hurt so much. SIGNUP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER, HERE!! By Jack Mirkinson. Willa on Claire’s Good Wife routine: “Bill and Hillary. Doug also comes to Hank’s house as soon as the speed limit will allow because he can’t resist the chance to be near Ben, or at least Ben’s new home.

But when she’s not trouncing her smug 1 Percent opponent in this episode, Claire is spiraling over Ben’s existence and what little she actually knows about it.

Ben had told Willa that he didn’t have a family, but he meant in the traditional sense.

Do not exploit children on Detective Meyer’s watch, sir. He’s gaming the foster system for money; when Ben “ran off,” he didn’t report it because any attention to his situation would have revealed his violations.

“No more parks, no more kids,” she tells him.

Willa’s weakness has been buried under years of stiff smiles and iCal updates. He’s a manager at a cell phone store and he’s also lighter than she usually dates. Check out The Family recap, a video filled catch up on all of the drama that you may have missed.. Nina and Clements design a plan to lure the pock-marked man, Doug, using Adam as bait.. Will Adam's kidnapper fall into Nina's trap? She’s committed to the charade for now, but she’s not signed up to pretend that Ben is actually her son. What did Doug want from him? On tonight’s The Family Chantel season 2 episode 3 “Ugly Sweaters and Painted Beards,” as per the TLC synopsis, “The family photo shoot turns ugly, leaving Chantel and Winter at odds; Pedro and Chantel head to NYC to meet … Whatever it was, it took precedence over taking Ben again.

Of course, Clements’ sad, continued existence doesn’t make much sense when it comes to the wellbeing and freedom of Doug and Jane, the kidnapping Bonnie & Clyde of New England. Detective Meyer will probably ask that question when she finds out who Ben truly is.

Those details about Adam that Ben studied on the bus to his foster home are laid out and built upon for Claire’s benefit. Meyer catches wise to Ben’s regular bus rides (thanks to an smitten and appropriately intimidated uniformed cop) but doesn’t know the location of his ultimate destination. Meyer can’t wait for Clements to reappear to follow up on a hunch. We Have The Answer HERE! A “close contact” of the MSNBC anchor tested positive for the coronavirus.

But they talk about more than likes and dislikes. Pedro still did his driving lessons. She also shaves about 10 years off of Willa’s life when she announces that the Adam the world knows is “not [her] son.” But Claire veers into metaphorical territory, talking about how trauma alienates and how she will never regain the boy she lost.

She’s always putting down Chantel and Chantel doesn’t even have to be in the room for Nicole to insult her. And by the end of the season, Doug’s downfall will probably come courtesy of his propensity for gloating and for failing How to Be a Criminal 101.

Even when Jane’s face fell after her talk with Meyer about the mall sting because she’s clearly started putting some pieces together about Doug’s behavior, I pitied her for her lack of worldliness.

mar. Distracted by his therapist’s Fishtank of Symbolism, Ben uses the wrong pronoun in a statement about his time in the bunker. She even thanks mournful pedophile Hank for keeping an eye on this fake kid. Especially when he finds out she’s behind it! The next one is a doozy: Did Ben kill Adam? © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. She even gets to interrogate Ben, coming very close to accusing him of not being the real deal.

She claimed Pedro couldn’t be trusted and so her conversation with Chantel turned into another argument against Chantel’s husband. Or the internet. (Interesting that she was holding that text history to retain power over John but relinquished it for a greater cause.) He told his wife that they could go to New York as part of her graduation present and he only later admitted his real reason for wanting to go to New York. Claire magnificently counters that every politician uses the tools at their disposal to get their ideas in front of people and that her notoriety was no less earned than Lang’s rich boy lineage.

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