The present system has a vista of only four or five years. Individuals send their “output” (publications) to their faculty research office, and the material goes out for assessment – it gets reviewed internally, and then externally by an appointed “critical friend” of the department. HEFCE undertook a consultation exercise during September–December 2009, soliciting responses from stakeholders on the proposals. Quality that is world-leading in terms of originality, significance and rigour. According to University and College Union (UCU) Approximately 70,000 of these hold temporary contracts. However, since REF evaluation in cyclical (it takes place every 7 years), universities seem to be adjusting to the REF dyanmic. See our section on salaries for more information. Now all there is to do is make a cup of tea, grab yourself a snack, and wait… In the meantime, send your amusing #REFtips to @AcademiaObscura. If you absolutely must teach, at least amuse yourself and make it as low-effort as possible. Before 1992 there was a distinction between polytechnics and universities, but as a result of the 1992 Further and Higher Education Act, the UK has a unified system with 113 university institutions. Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland. To sit out the process would imply not being an active researcher, and this would have salary ramifications. Featuring most recent REF developments including policy updates and opinions. It also included employing large numbers of staff on 0.2 FTE contracts, the lowest level of employment that qualifies them for REF submission. Once appointed a permanent Lecturer position there are three ways to be promoted: 1) by applying for a vacant position 2) being nominated for promotion by heads of department 3) applying for promotion under the internal career advancement system with the institution. A survey among fixed term and hourly paid staff in 2006 came to the same conclusions (see 'Survey of Fixed Term and Hourly Paid Staff', Association of University Teachers 2006). From Lecturer level most university positions are permanent. [18] In this research intensity REF ranking, the top thirty universities, excluding three specialty institutions, are as follows.

REF, which stands for Research Excellence Framework, is the way that the UK assesses academics’ research output.

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is the successor to the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). In a nutshell, impact is the effect on, change or benefit your research makes to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life beyond academia. [citation needed] It is suggested that REF actually encourages mediocrity in published research, and discourages research which might have value in the long term.

37 subject-based units, 5 best publications in past 5 years, 1989 Research Selectivity Exercise  RSE Ultimately, what confuses most people is how to weigh quality against quantity. It works like this: you submit four publications from the … For this reason, 2015 should be a year with more job opportunities, as universities regain confidence.

This included "REF Poaching", in which staff with established research records were headhunted from their universities immediately before the REF, giving the poaching institution full credit for their publications without having taken the risk of supporting the researcher. As well as that, public engagement impact is very valuable to demonstrate to funders and employers, I am more … However, while it is true that many academic positions in the UK are temporary, the ratio of permanent positions is condired to be low when compared with the high level of permanent positions in a European context. In June 2007 the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) issued a circular letter announcing that a new framework for assessing research quality in UK universities would replace the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), following the 2008 RAE. It also seems that unscrupulous universities have been able to game the system. In some cases, this position stands for a post-doc that is affiliated to a specific project at an university or an institute. JRFs are very often, but not always, awarded to the internal. REF is undertaken every 7 years on behalf of the four UK higher education councils. The impact case studies, submitted as part for the REF, tell an interesting story about how UK academia interacts with policy at a local, national and international level.

With Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman.

As an ECR, I use Karen’s five-year plan as a good template. The UCA impact case studies submitted to the 2014 REF  can be viewed here. Unclassified Quality: that falls below the standard of nationally recognised work. In July 2010 the Universities and Science minister David Willetts announced that the REF will be delayed by a year in order to assess the efficacy of the impact measure. All universities are public in the UK, so research funding generally comes from government-funded agencies. One mechanism for public engagement is crowdfunding for research, where dedicated platforms host crowdfunding campaigns for university research, in a range of topics. The process takes 2-3 years. Postdocs and assistantships are temporary posts. The best advice therefore is to make sure that you do lots of it. I wanted to look at this impact on policy in more detail but with a particular focus on impact on Parliament. Particularly important is the Research Excellence Framework (REF) which has increased the importance of research productivity in assessing faculty performance. The REF is a process of expert review, carried out by expert panels for each of the 34 subject-based units of assessment (UOAs), under the guidance of four main panels. The same things that make a successful tenure portfolio make a good REF submission, so publishing one article in a top journal per year, plus finishing your book, will leave you in a good position. [11] In general, the review was supportive with the methodology used in 2014 to evaluate universities' research, however it emphasised the need for more engagement with the general public and the increase of number of case studies that undertook interdisciplinary approach.

There is no recognition of the difference between a book and an article in terms of research value. These strict discursive guidelines alongside the REF's dated notion of how research impact functions (teaching research impact excluded, linear model, etc.) The overseers are working to fix this imbalance, but slowly and largely ineffectively: For example, an Early Career Researcher (ECR – someone who finished within the past six to ten years, depending on the metric) is entitled to a reduced submission – 1 publication if they filed in 2011, 2 if they filed in 2010, and so forth. These fees have been dramatically increased since the early 2000s, and perhaps most notably in 2012 when it was introduced that the government would allow universities in England to charge up to £9,000 per year for undergraduate courses, raising the cap from its 2011/12 level of £3,375 (more information can be found here).

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