Recipes are listed by their craft item. But I added many new features and other scripts and made improvements.

You get a notification when items are ready to collect. Wenn ein Crafting-Gegenstand für eine Quest benötigt wird, kann man direkt das Handwerksfenster dazu öffnen. It is not like a wardrobe in the game - you will not wear all things by one click but you will have to click all things manually - its something like tw-db clothcalc which creates bests sets for jobs. Changes are effective immediately for new accounts. This Wiki has been designed to aid you in the struggle to colonise the West. Einige werden das Zeugs sicher gebrauchen können. Kompletní přehled informací o chystané akci naleznete již i na naší Wiki. I think it would be pretty easy to translate if you look at the script. ChatProfessions TW Battle Stars

Click on the wiki symbol to open the quest page. Hide completed achievements Use the script on your mobile browser to activate touch controls: FbRankingChar

Odteraz je možné zverejňovanie bonusu v boji o pevnosť. MarketRights Danke für den Hinweis, funktioniert nun wieder. Market utility for highlighting the best bids! Reminder at market Opět nám West zaplaví srdíčka. But don’t click to fast ;) You can find here many useful calculators (like Battle Calc or Duel calc), charts, quests, crafting, jobs, tombola and many other features. Show results for all languages. Na maďarském fóru mají hezký .xls soubor týkající se pouze pevností - mají tam nejrůznější tabulky a výpočty, třeba by tě to zajímalo.. Čemu nerozumíš ? Du musst dich anmelden oder registrieren, um hier zu antworten. This is an updated and extremly enhanced version of TWLeoTools once made by Leotas. Open chests and cards with one click. TW-Calc liest doch jede Menge Statistiken aus. You always get a little notification when a friend comes online.

This script, just make inventory biggest! JavaScript ist deaktiviert. Die Kistenstatistik von twdb wird am Anfang auch einmal exportiert. » more info Upozorňujeme, že může dojít ke změně data i obsahu aktualizace. Čo to znamená?

TW Kick-o-Matic (Disabled by default), Supported languages: See the character classes in the fortbattle world ranking. Hold the ALT key while clicking on an item (no matter where) and it will be displayed on Novej hlavne po tej programátorskej stránke, keďže web je kompletne prerobený do yii frameworku. With live fort fights and duels you will soon be a true legend too.

Ich mache übrigens seit neustem die Übersetzung der Seite und des Scripts ins Deutsche. Disclaimer: The results given by this WHR calculator should be used only as a guide and should not replace medical advice. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. To not miss the daily login bonus at day 5 it will be highlighted. Portuguese (português) (Idea from Bluep)

Chýba mi doplniť už iba plovicu úloh, inak script je plne funkčný. CTRL key will open the item at the TW-Calc website. You get a message when you stand at a market where are items or money to pick up. You can choose to only see recipes of a specific profession. Dutch (Nederlands) (The provincial doctor), An unforgettable evening (The travelling circus), The Half-Indian Stranger (The fate of the Cunninghams), Arrival at Saltwater (Once upon a time in "The West"). Hide “Friend online” pop-ups (Disabled by default) Click here to install.

Very nice! Sry but this is a german forum, please write german.

It looks like it mimics a premium feature. JavaScript is disabled. You can import your battle stats, skills, inventory and share it with you friends using import script. Move queued jobs and script button There’s a link in the menu where you can see all you friends at once.

Settings This is an updated and extremly enhanced version of TWLeoTools once made by Leotas. The ghost town, Indian village, market and town forum are linked on the right side. Send event gifts & EventRewards (Only active at Events) Czech (čeština) Or just hide all non-auctionable items. Das mit den Rangliste finde ich wie Testee nicht wirklich optimal. Chceš-li získat lepší zážitek, před pokračováním povol ve svém prohlížeči JavaScript. Slovak (slovenčina) In the blackboard window you can see now the travel time to every city. German (Deutsch) TW Color tchat You can see the number of miles next to the travel time. Fan website dedicated to the popular InnoGames browser game - The West. You can cancel importing skills in Script settings.

Please be advised that The West's game rules have been updated. InventoryCompare Duelmap, The West - Cloth Calc [ro] - The West Script: Cloth Calculation. Plays a notification sound, when specified events are triggered in the browser game The West.

When clicking on the logout button you will be redirected to the main page of The West. TraderSell TW Minimap NPC locator English BetterSheriff The West - Cloth Calc [ro] - The West Script: Cloth Calculation. Also ich hab mir mal die Rechner angeschaut (Einige davon sind schon bei anderen Scripts vorhanden). Remove fort battle reminder (Disabled by default) Description & Screenshots. Once your town is established you will be able to truly get involve in taming the west! The West Night and day 20:00-05:00 dark mode, German (Deutsch) Translation - TW-Collections (Hanya & Tom Robert), English Translation - TW-Collections - see below, Polish Translation - TW-Collections - Dun from Darius II mod, Italian Translation - TW-Collections - see below, Shows the list of all silver and gold jobs, Ускоряет процесс раздачи погон (Acelera el proceso de asignación de rangos en batallas). A very nice script. New hat for new possibilities: TouchControl Showing English results only. Gives you the possibility to rearrange the menus of The West!

Russian (русский) Description & Screenshots. Now you can deactivate that. Compare your inventory on with the one from your trading partner.

Quest on wiki Do you have any IM? All achievements are hidden except them in the ‘Most recent’ and ‘Heroic deeds’ sections. This is practical when you have many scripts installed and there are already many buttons on the right side. The-West-Essentials Install URL.

Fan website dedicated to the popular InnoGames browser game - The West. You can import your battle stats, skills, inventory … Including Being able to check out crafting recipes / materials and All quests from the main screen is really really nice. Remove taskbar (Disabled by default) Install first the browser extension for your browser: javascript:document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src='', The-West-Essentials maintained by The-West-Scripts, Zoom the map (move your finger on the minimap icon), Middle touch on items: show pop up / Long touch on items: show on, Create a new bookmark in your mobile browser. See in the job pop-up how many products you already have in your inventory.

If the requirements are already complete, you can finish the quest with one click. For more information on the new game rules and ways to withdraw from this agreement, please see the game forum. You can disable and enable most features manually and choose your language. Nová verzia je už takmer celá hotová. CityTravel For better overview you can hide your completed achievements. Der clothcalc gehört ja auch zu You may loose health points during the process! Kann man da nicht auch die ganzen Kistenstatistiken erfassen und vor allem veröffentlichen (ähnlich wie bei den Tombolas), wo man mal einen genauen Überblick bekommt, was wie oft in den Kisten ist? It’s possible to make the window smaller and bigger. Greek (ελληνικά)

Click here to install. JavaScript je zakázán.

Also the calculators work fine too. Turkish (Türkçe). Ausserdem könnt ihr weiterhin eure Kisten öffnen. Stop button blinking (Disabled by default) Vždyť je to jen ugrofinský jazyk (maďarština). One click to login all your worlds. Highlight daily login bonus day 5 Fórum - Nápověda - Znovu potvrdit email - Pravidla hry - Support - Team - Facebook - Timeline.

Pop-ups have to be allowed on https://www.the-west.xy!

Kann man da nicht auch die ganzen Kistenstatistiken erfassen und vor allem veröffentlichen (ähnlich wie bei den Tombolas), wo man mal einen genauen Überblick bekommt, was wie oft in den Kisten ist?

Let me know if you want it translated in Romanian :razz: Just stumbled over this script, impressed. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Switch the title and player name in the town hall like it was long time ago. QuestBookSearch Also ich werd das Ding nicht installieren, da ich mein Skill nicht der Öffentlichkeit präsentieren möchte. Find all sets and items with specified bonus. Spanish (español) You can see, if the market offer is public or only for your town/alliance members. Each language is just a separate array.

Edit the bookmark and copy this to its address field: Now open the game and click the bookmark to start the script.

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