The main purposes of video-recording use of force interventions are safety, evidence and accountability. The goal of eliminating it from Ontario’s correctional facilities must be raised to the highest level of the Ministry’s corporate conscience, and pursued aggressively. 169        Helen was then taken to her cell. The Unit also found that an officer who saw her colleague use excessive force was untruthful and presented a version of events contrived to support her coworker’s story and cast Brian as assaultive. 598 (Ont. This manager also took the photographs of Frank’s injuries after the incident. There is no doubt that many are hardworking, conscientious and diligent public servants who understand the importance of their duty to respect and protect inmates under their charge, and do so in a very challenging environment. Inmates often lose privileges and earned remission (a reduction in the length of their sentence), for misconduct. When a planned use of force was not video-recorded from the onset, or a spontaneous use of force was not video-recorded as soon as it was possible, the Institutional Head or delegated reviewer will provide a written explanation as part of the institutional review. 307        Discussion and sharing of occurrence and other reports with union representatives in such cases should only be allowed in limited circumstances in which the reports have been submitted to and approved by management, and with the express approval of institution superintendents. Where are the nicks … Nothing. 199        Another recent policy change involves the use of “spit hoods” and other restraints used on inmates to prevent them from injuring themselves or others. After a level 2 or level 3 use of force, if the inmate refuses the offer of a physical or first aid assessment, a second offer will be made within an hour following the initial refusal pursuant to Guidelines for Health Services Responsibilities Related to Use of Force Incidents. There is a requirement to follow the workplace injury process, including reporting the injury to the staff member’s supervisor. The policy also warns against falsification of records, harassment and threatening behaviour of others, including co-workers, and failing to report witnessed acts or suspicion of assault, degrading treatment, neglect or any form of abuse. 145        As for the operational manager who did the right thing by telling the truth about the incident, the Unit commented on the lingering effects of whistleblowing in such an environment. The Ministry should actively monitor what is happening in the field and ensure that Ontario’s correctional institutions have the resources necessary to conduct timely local investigations. Yet he was responsible on a daily basis for supervising incidents in which force is applied. The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services should prohibit the practice of joint representation of correctional officers during local and external investigations of incidents of use of force. The Institutional Head will ensure that: all use of force interventions are reported and reviewed according to established procedures, all use of force interventions are managed pursuant to the. Since that time, the Ministry has substantiated that the use of force was excessive in close to half of the cases it investigated: 26 of 55. I don’t want to see a bunch of good people in my mind… sinking for … the actions of one person.[10]. The Ministry accepted these recommendations. 83           After the incident, the officers told the operational manager Brian had apologized for his behaviour. [1] Throughout this report, the term “assault” is used in the general sense to describe a non-consensual, unreasonable and excessive application of force against an inmate. The Unit criticized this fact, as well as the manager’s failure to capture images of Frank’s legs. From January 1, 2010 to January 1, 2013, the Ministry disciplined 108 staff in relation to these incidents, and dismissed five managers and 26 correctional officers. 250        A superintendent of a large institution also told us the code continues as a “purposeful, systemic way in which correctional officers protect other correctional officers.”  He said he is aware of cases where threats of death and physical violence have been made against those who told the truth in the face of the code: We have some seriously sociopathic individuals wearing blue right now who have no problem whatsoever in paying people back for breaking the blue code. The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services should install video cameras in vehicles used for inmate transportation. @jansescape, September 5, 2012. […] 127        It also found the situation was aggravated by the conduct of the acting operational manager, who admitted he convinced Edward not to complain about the incident. As one deputy superintendent put it: I’m going in and using force against an inmate as part of my job and then I’m going back to the inmate and saying, John, do you want to charge me?”. According to the institution, the inmate was intoxicated on “homemade brew” and became threatening and resistant while being escorted to segregation. The officer said he used force on Brian to defend against an attempted assault. The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services should require that images of inmate injuries should be taken prior to any areas of injury being cleansed, as well as after, to ensure accurate images.

153        The Unit found that correctional officers had removed George from his unit, left him in the weight room for about 50 minutes and then relocated him to the segregation unit, all without the requisite authorization from a manager. This is a source of considerable irritation for correctional staff. The whistleblower stuck by her story that staff had acted without cause or legal authority. However, the situation is murkier when retaliation for breach of the code of silence consists of the day-to-day accumulation of workplace snubs, stares, whispered remarks and social slights. Sentencing Mr. Rosa to jail sent a clear message to those in the correctional system that violence against inmates must not be tolerated.

249        In contrast, many correctional officers freely admitted to us that the instinct to remain silent and “stay solid” with co-workers continues to be an integral part of corrections culture. Correctional staff need the ability to exercise force to restrain inmates from harming themselves or others, and to manage the prison population. Some told us they work almost every day. It should be expressly stated that staff who fail to disclose information about inmate assaults, or who engage in attempts to retaliate against those who break the code, face discipline up to and including dismissal. ____________________ 373        Correctional staff responded to Jason’s escalating behaviour by calling an alarm, even though Jason did not pose an immediate risk to himself or others. 1               Prison guards are granted exceptional powers to manage inmates in their custody, including the right to use physical force. 129        The operational manager who witnessed the incident, failed to report it and actively participated in a conspiracy to conceal it received a 15-day suspension without pay.

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