One thing I’ve always loved about anime is how it can surprise me. Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul l AMV - Nina and Charioce. In the capital city, Charioce notices a girl winning arm-wrestling matches.
Ruling.Enslaving and torturing demons.Going in public under "Chris". He reveals his intention to capture the boy before the gods did, but now that the gods have him, Charioce believes the gods are now overconfident, so he will simply kill them all along with the boy. Nina, who is disguised as a demon, stalks him for a while. Bahamut seems to have been neutered power-wise this season compared to Genesis. [Reminder: any sort of plot logic and consistency is null and void in VS.]. They stay frozen like that with pained expressions doing nothing until the end while Charioce uses Dromos to kill of Bahamut and fulfill his destiny. He brushes off any thought of the gods, demons and humans working together in his talk with Kaisar. The name Charioce is a combination of the word "Char" meaning to become black or to burn, and "Rioce" meaning royalty. human realm is the dominant force in the world, lead under the ruthless King Charioce XVII. When Jeanne asks how Charioce XVII can guarantee his promise to her, he states that her choice will save a number of lives. Nina and Kaisar are presented before Charioce at the royal castle where they are informed of their sentencing.

Sitemap. Considering both Bahamut and Dromos are considered world-obliterating things I’m hard pressed to think that either is that powerful based on what I saw. However, Kaisar makes a sudden appearance and shields Charioce from a lethal attack.

I loved Kaisar from the beginning and I did rather like the dynamic he had going on with Rita, but to make them zombies together by the end? It felt like the side characters had more development than her. It really did not need a second season at all. I’m glad I didn’t finish it. The two then visit the demon slums and spend some time together, although Charioce tries to stay away from the Onyx Knights who are spying on them. #2: "Walk This Way" by THE BEAT GARDEN (eps 14-23), #1: "Haikei Goodbye Sayounara (拝啓グッバイさようなら)" by DAOKO. Shortly after, two gods make an unannounced visit and request the return of the objects Charioce had stolen from them, along with Jeanne d'Arc. Charioce releases Bahamut from Eibos and somehow leads the dragon of all world destruction to the capital where Dromos is waiting, because, you know, of course Bahamut is going to follow Charioce even though it singed the shit out of Beelzebub in Genesis when trying to be controlled. with Virgin Soul. Oh right, she’s just watching everything and when she sees her precious Chris go sacrifice himself to use Dromos she flees to his side.

Charioce threatens to kill the hostages again if he doesn't return, but the "Red Dragon" is the one to respond. Charioce XVII/Chris is noted as handsome with a tall lean muscular body. In a interview with screenplay writer Oishiki Shizen, describes Nina as " A compassionate girl who is seeking peace". I’m assuming the only reason why he sacked the demon base was to use the demons as slave labor to create Dromos and build up the capital’s economy. Since the gods, demons and humans are all convinced Charioce had successfully killed Bahamut, he is revered as a hero and his enemies cease their attacks. Charioce XVII/Chris has the most wardrobe changes in the show. Boost to charge bar if HP is full. Chris Overall, I agree with everything you’ve said. Three years later, Charioce discovers Jeanne had a son with a non-human. Charioce XVII, also known as Chris, is the main antagonist of the anime sequel series Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul. They are fiery, majestic, powerful, towering beasts... and they are here to make you shiver in your socks!

I feel like the show missed a huge opportunity to create something awesome with Azazel’s character and completely missed the mark by turning him into such a throw-away at the end. They had previous characters from season one bacchus,jean,zombie girl,kaisar and favaro even back when favaro came back i was hyped but then he didn't really contribute much to the season even though in the moments where he did help nina out they were great but having nina as the main character and having favaro exist being a much better fleshed out character also made the series suffer. The King’s court then decided they needed a BAMF to take charge after the last weak-sauce King’s reign so they took orphaned bastard child Chris and made him Charioce,  The Genocidal Asshat.

When Nina shows up, Azazel blurts out that she is the Red Dragon. A decade ago, humans, gods, and demons joined forces to stand against the threat of the colossal dragon, Bahamut. Hobby Origin

When Nina arrives, Charioce goes to dance with her. ( Log Out /  During the war, Charioce sends many green-stone powered ships at Gabriel's vessel. Sep 14, 2017 - Explore Jazmine Meyers's board "Virgin Soul" on Pinterest.

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