If you head over to TikTok now, you'll find teens laying on hardwood floors, staring at their ceilings and caroling the song as loud as they can. Her first album was released on July 22’ 2008.

When the waves Are flooding the shore and I can't Find my way home anymore That's when I, I I look at you This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sometimes there's fake raindrops to simulate peak drama, but what doesn't change is the testament to booming vocals to match Cyrus' intensity from a decade ago. The timing couldn't possibly be more ironic; Cyrus would probably love this attention levied to her recently released single, "Midnight Sky. TikTok Just Discovered Miley's 'When I Look at You', Miley & Noah Cyrus Release Their ‘I Got So High That I Saw Jesus’ Duet, ‘Plastic Hearts’: Miley Cyrus Announces Her Seventh Studio Album, Miley Cyrus Is Undeniably Having Her Best Era So Far, Eleni Foureira Rides the Disco Wave With “Light It Up”, Carly Rae Jepsen Made a Charming Tune About Christmas Unpleasantry, “Fever”: Dua Lipa Expands the ‘Future Nostalgia’ Universe With Angèle, Kylie Minogue Covers Troye Sivan’s “Cool”, ‘Positions’: Ariana Grande Is Horny on Main (Album Review), CL Announces Her Long-Awaited Debut & Performs on ‘The Late Late Show’, Dua Lipa Announces the Studio 2054 Live Experience. i feel like i owe this cover to y’all considering how many requests i’ve gotten <3 ##whenilookatyou ##foryou ##singing ##viral, Since "When I Look at You" became randomly popular again recently, it's shot up the charts at Spotify and Apple Music, even managing to become one of Cyrus' Top 10 most popular songs on Spotify. It is a loving and emotional song that touches everyone’s heart who listens. “Streaming the wrong song” – Miley Cyrus (2020).

This is not a new thing, social media made everything viral within a short time whether it is old or new. Related | Kreayshawn: 'Gucci Gucci' Has Been 'Completely Traumatizing', Miley Cyrus is the next artist in-line to have a blast from the past come back around with her 2010 song, "When I Look at You," that has become a sudden favorite for Gen Z's biggest platform. Well done on the #OldMiley nostalgia, everybody! Even it has become one of Cyrus`s top 10 most famous songs on Spotify. Which shows this is an open declaration of adoration for a partner. This is the reason the song is again hitting the hearts of many around the world. In another video, there are fake raindrops to fuel peak drama, but the booming vocals to match Miley’s intensity from ten years back. There is no doubt that anything can become viral.

Find the details here. Nowadays social media platforms are overwhelmed with so many entertainment, dancing, lip sing, creativity, and motivational videos. There is no doubt that anything can become viral.

That’s right: the teens have officially discovered “When I Look at You.”.

And while Kesha eventually jumped on the bandwagon and did the dance herself, Miley is…perhaps less enthusiastic to see where everyone’s energy’s at with her own music career. Following what TikTok did for Kreayshawn's "Gucci Gucci," it looks like TikTok could be on pace to breathe new life into decade-old songs at least once per week. The track was written by Hillary Lindsey (of Carrie Underwood‘s “Jesus Take The Wheel” and Lady Gaga‘s “Always Remember Us This Way” fame) and John Shanks, the pop-rock production king responsible for everything from tracks on Kelly Clarkson‘s Breakaway to Ashlee Simpson‘s Autobiography. Especially the generation Z’ on TikTok makes anything viral they want. And anyone can become famous overnight with the help of social media platforms.

This new song is her first single of 2020, which is seemingly based on her personal life experience.

Because of TikTok’s insane popularity pull with the charts, “When I Look at You” has since rocketed up the iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music charts, and has already slid into Miley’s Top 10 most popular songs on Spotify. "), "Midnight Sky" is Cyrus' first single of 2020. Everybody needs a song A beautiful melody When the night's so long 'Cause there is no guarantee That this life is easy. This track also appeared on a romantic drama ‘The Last Song’ back in 2010.

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