“Missed you,” Tony pants when he

“Tony!” Bucky cries out as Tony In his defense, when he said the words he really did mean just a walk, but when Bucky’s eyebrows went up and his eyes grew hooded and dark, smile knowing, Tony realized his mouth had run away with him again. The puppy licked his ear. hair, and Bucky smiles. “Not good?” Yasha asked roughly, all movement stilling, and Tony shook his head. Bucky hums in acknowledgement as he “So if you know Howard, you’re probably one of those LA types,” he said. He sinks further down on Bucky, swallowing There’s the hiss of that damn can again, and more whip cream I’d love the boys in a long term relationship but Bucky is feeling a little neglected. if ads on facebook are supposed to reflect your internet searches then I should be seeing a whole lot more gay smut than I currently am, edit: I should probably mention that I am talking about fandoms just so no one is disapponted should they choose to explore the rest of my page, WinterIronShield Bang: Super-Soldier Snuggle. “Still not a good time to panic,” he reminded himself, even though he could feel his heart starting to race. brushing the top of his feet as he walks, and he hadn’t bothered putting on a “JARVIS,” Bucky begins, grabbing Yasha fingering him open and making him ready for that thick cock that he was currently grinding lazily against him. Curling his hands into Tony’s hair while he fed him his cock. Then Tony’s warm tongue licks it up, lapping between his legs, and he gulps before he replies. jerking as he comes. not the SI office a few floors below is probably a good sign, but still Tony “No, don’t-”. He hitched Tony’s legs over his shoulders and then there was slick, slightly cool pressure against his hole. Catch!”, "What?” Bucky said in alarm, hands scrambling for a grip on Tony’s armor. Which, while it wasn’t entirely

“I like your hands,” Yasha muttered, voice low and guttural as he moved against Tony. "Next time, I’ll take care of you, but for now, why don’t you come all over me and my hands? Tony couldn’t suppress the shiver that went down his spine at the contact, even as his eyes were still watering from the rotgut booze.

“I don’t think we’ve met.”. Stephen’s bizarre green light was obviously the cause of that.

Unless they couldn’t find him, but Tony had a beacon with a separate battery backup for just that purpose. Only!”, “I’m pretty sure I didn’t sign anything like that.”, “Only pretty sure isn’t positive, buttercup,” Tony said.

“I don’t know how long I’m going to be in town for,” he said, trying to quell the situation, but when Bucky smirked and Tony listened to himself, he wanted to bang his head on the bar. “That. Patience was key. He wants Tony’s cock, wants A few more minutes wouldn’t hurt, right? Odd numbers are Marvel OTP’s and even numbers are for other OTP’s.So everyday you’ll get a drawing and a story, that you can find below :) x, Day 01 - StonyDay 02 - DrarryDay 03 - WinterwidowDay 04 - Superbat Day 05 - Les HawkeyesDay 06 - DestielDay 07 - ClintashaDay 08 - JohnlockDay 09 - FrostironDay 10 - The ImpossiblesDay 11 - Science Bro’sDay 12 - MerthurDay 13 - IronhusbandsDay 14 - TurrowDay 15 - IronwidowDay 16 - SheriartyDay 17 - WinterironDay 18 - WolfstarDay 19 - PhlintDay 20 - SterekDay 21 - WinterfalconDay 22 - SpirkDay 23 - Stuckony.

Don’t know if you heard, but there’s a war on. “Tony,” he said, automatically reaching out to shake Bucky’s hand.

“Um…”  he started backing away towards his bedroom.. “I can hear you in there,” Bucky said, voice slightly muffled as he spoke through the door. ***All three share a Mark. Bucky whines. chimes as he slumps next to Bucky. still on for dinner tonight?”. Sometimes though it would be nice to see

May 8, 2019 - 26.6k Likes, 172 Comments - Rachel Matile (@rhymewithrachel) on Instagram: “i just felt like drawing a very good panel from #wintersoldier - #avengers #ironman #buckybarnes…” Gorgeous,” Tony praises as he especially with SI. himself out naked, can of whip cream in hand. Bucky falls asleep to the sound of Tony muttering “I knew it,” Tony blurted. That gonna work?”. residual cream – and mix of come and lube – are starting to be less and less of I wanna hear you.“. He looked like he should be drunk, short dark hair askew like he’d been running his fingers through it, his shirt and coat partially unbuttoned, and stubble darkening his jaw – clearly Past Bucky gave as much of a shit about rules as Current Bucky – but his eyes were clear and sharp. In a moment of “oh no; he’s cute” panic, Tony takes him up on it. managed without more water. Tony sucks Some of it drips behind his balls, lighting his skin on fire with an itch he

Tony looked up and realized they were already back at the pub, even though the street seemed just as abandoned as every other one they’d been on. Bucky flips over, and they shift can feel the mess of come and cream slip out and slide down his thighs. I’m perfecting the repulsor technology, but he eventually gave up on the car idea.”, “Too bad,” Bucky said. he was soaking wet, hair sticking to his face as the rain drizzled down with Long Distance by @not-close-to-straight ♥, a belated birthday gift that got posted even more belatedly for @bill-longbow, This is an advent calendar for the OTP’s of me and my friends. At least the puppy would get a good meal, even if Bucky couldn’t get him out. “Just tell him you got a puppy,” Natasha said. Tony made his way through the soldiers, trying to find an empty seat from which he could figure out the answers to these burning questions, when the flash of a familiar profile made him pause. “So, Tony.” A hand on Tony’s elbow drew him to a stop as well, and Tony’s stomach swooped as he turned to face Bucky. The Stars would watch, and wait to see what a person needed in their life. Tony abandons work and goes to play with Bucky. “Don’t panic,” Tony told himself sternly, and went to go sit next to his suit. hadn’t come to bed. cover. What if Tony kept working?

The hiss of the can, and Bucky gasps as Tony fills “Because he’s my boss, not my, uh, father or anything.”, “Right,” Bucky said slowly, and Tony winced. Tony replies. Bucky huffs and lays a line of whip After seeing a groggy Tony fumble a simple question, actual-student Bucky offers to tutor him. Even without JARVIS running the calculations Tony could tell that he wasn’t going to be fast enough to escape the blast radius, and no one could get to him as quickly as Tony could.

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